OLS Weekly Update: 09/3/96

OLS Weekly Update: 09/3/96

OLS SOUTHERN SECTOR UPDATE 96/35, 3 September 1996

A weekly report on major developments concerning relief operations in southern Sudan

SIX MISSIONARIES RELEASED FROM DETENTION... Six Diocese of Rumbek missionaries were released on 28 August after being detained for 11 days in Mapourdit, some 35km southeast of Akot. The six (three Australian nuns, one Sudanese priest, one US priest, and one Italian brother) were released under the direct orders of SPLA command. It was reported that all were in good mental and physical condition, and that the security situation had returned to normal. Five of the six missionaries flew to Nairobi on 30 August.

NGO STRANDED IN AKOBO; AIRSTRIP UNLANDABLE DUE TO RAIN... Staff from OLS NGOs in Akobo asked to be relocated on 2 September due to mounting tension and threats of fighting in the area. The Security Officer flew to Akobo early this morning but was unable to land as the airstrip was almost completely covered in water. OLS staff have been advised to take security precautions until they are able to be relocated. The Security Officer will land in Akobo tomorrow if the airstrip permits.

OLS STAFF RELOCATED FROM TURALEI... On 30 August, staff of OLS agencies Action Contre la Faim (ACF), VetAid, and WFP were relocated from Turalei to Maper due to fighting near Wunrok. The staff returned to the location the following morning but had to relocate to Lokichokio later that day.

OLS STAFF ACCOSTED ON NATINGA ROAD... A UNICEF vehicle carrying two UNICEF staff members and five SRRA personnel was stopped by a group of eight armed Toposa men on the road between Natinga and Narus on 1 September. The gunmen demanded water and cigarettes but did not harm any of the people traveling in the car.

SHOTS FIRED INTO OLS BASE CAMP... Unknown gunmen fired four shots into the OLS base camp in Lokichokio on the night of 29 August narrowly missing three occupants sleeping inside a tent belonging to African Expeditions, the camp caterers. The shots were fired in the direction of the radio room, which they missed. A protective wall is being built to shield the radio room from any further attacks. Local police are investigating the shooting.

INTEREACT VEHICLE ROBBED EN ROUTE TO LOKICHOKIO... On 28 August, an Intereact transport vehicle was stopped by armed gunmen 30km south of Lokichokio on the main Lodwar road. The four occupants were robbed of money and personal possessions and the three passengers were detained for three hours. Police are investigating the robbery.

A training workshop for the OLS annual needs assessment has been completed and the first two assessment teams have left for Napotpot and Akop. Training included discussion of food economy issues as well as training tools for collection of information. Teams also received training on Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) techniques and were introduced to the questionnaire on water, health and education. All teams were briefed on security by the OLS Security Advisor. There is a high degree of NGO participation reported in the assessment as well as staff input from WFP and UNICEF.

OLS PROGRAMMES UPDATE... -The Carter Center and UNICEF held a guinea worm coordination meeting in Lokichokio this week attended by 16 NGO representatives, most accompanied by their SRRA or RASS counterparts. The main recommendations of the workshop include increased support and supervision; a strengthening of dialogue between Lokichokio, Nairobi and locations in the field; closer collaboration with water programmes; the use of existing committees and structures for community mobilization; and the consideration of gender issues in guinea worm programme activities.

-Preparation is ongoing for the transport of 168 unaccompanied children from New Cush to their home areas of Tonj, Rumbek and Yirol. The reunification of the children with their families is scheduled for 10-12 September.

-Two education coordination meetings are taking place this month in Nairobi. A special meeting on adult education will be held on 4 September with the regular education coordination meeting scheduled for 5 September.

-The UNICEF-OLS nutritionist is in southern Sudan this week for nutrition status surveys and plans to work jointly with OLS assessment teams when possible.


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