OLS Weekly Update: 9/24/96

OLS Weekly Update: 9/24/96

OLS SOUTHERN SECTOR UPDATE 96/38,24 September 1996

A weekly report on major developments concerning relief operations in southern Sudan

UNICEF WATER AND MDM VISIT AYOD... An OLS mobile team, comprised of UNICEF and Medecins du Monde, visited Ayod from 12-18 September to start an interim mobile health programme in the area. During the visit, UNICEF (water) completed the rehabilitation of two water-pumps and MDM held medical consultations and meetings to plan for health interventions. The local authorities agreed to begin community projects such as clearing the airstrip and repairing the clinic, schools and OLS compound.

UPDATE ON ANNUAL OLS NEEDS ASSESSMENT... The annual OLS needs assessment continues this week with six teams working in various areas of southern Sudan.

- The mobile assessment team, with staff from UNICEF, WFP, SRRA and the Catholic Relief Services (CRS), is in Narus after having visited Chukudum. They will travel to Mogos and Loronyo next week.

- Team one, with staff from UNICEF, Save the Children Fund - UK (SCF-UK), SRRA, World Vision International (WVI), and WFP, is in Lokichokio compiling information having completed their assessment of Agaigai.

- Team two, with staff from WFP, SRRA and UNICEF, is in Marial Bai. An assessment of Maper will be completed next week.

- Team three, with staff from WFP and RASS, is in Nhialdiu.

- Team four, with staff from WFP, RASS and FRRA, is in Mogok. An assessment of Yuai will be completed next week.

- Team five, with staff from WFP, SRRA and UNICEF, is in Panyagor.

- Team six, with staff from the Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere, Inc. (CARE), WFP and SRRA will be in Tambura on 24 September.

1996 GUINEA WORM ERADICATION PROGRAMME MEETING IN SESSION... The 1996 guinea worm eradication programme review meeting -- focused on Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Sudan, Uganda and Yemen -- is being held in Nairobi from 23-26 September. The first day's session included a review of the guinea worm programmes in Sudan and ended with the provisional 1997 action plan for the country. For more information about the meeting or specifics regarding the guinea worm programme, contact Ross Cox, The Carter Center, tel. 245690, Nairobi.

QUARTERLY HEALTH COORDINATION MEETING SETS PRIORITIES FOR 1997... The OLS quarterly health coordination meeting was held in Naro Moru, Kenya, last week with the objective of planning 1997 activities. NGOs involved agreed to target the top five health issues in southern Sudan -- malaria, acute respiratory infections, diarrhoeal diseases, skin diseases, and physical trauma -- and focus on training community health workers in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of these diseases. It was also agreed to consider the inclusion of a water component in every health programme in the coming year.

OLS STAFF RELOCATED FROM THIEK THOU AND AJIEP... Two WFP staff fled by foot from Thiek Thou to Agaigai last week and were airlifted to Lokichokio on 18 September due to insecurity interrupting food aid distribution. WFP staff in Ajiep were also relocated the same day as a precautionary measure.

VSF-CH STAFF MEMBER DETAINED IN MANKIEN... A staff member of the OLS NGO Veternaires sans Frontieres-Switzerland (VSF-CH) was prevented from leaving Mankien by plane on 19 September. She was allowed to leave the following day after the matter was resolved with the RASS office in Lokichokio.

SECURITY WORKSHOP TO BE HELD IN LOKICHOKIO... The next OLS security workshop will be held on 11 and 12 October in the Resource Centre, Lokichokio. The workshop will cover topics such as compound security, basic survival techniques, airstrip maintenance, and other issues relevant to relief work in southern Sudan. Prospective participants must submit their names to the OLS Security Advisor in Lokichokio by 9 October.

NORTHERN UGANDAN TOWN ATTACKED BY AIR... On 22 September, it was reported that the northern Ugandan town of Moyo was bombed. Reports vary regarding the exact location and nature of the attack. No OLS personnel were in the area, and there were no reports of casualties.

OLS PROGRAMMES UPDATE... CMA is conducting a household and nutrition surveys in Manajang which should be completed by the end of the week. CMA began health programmes in Manajang on August 15 after taking over from IRC who previously had a mobile health programme in the area.

WFP delivered 313 metric tonnes of food aid commodities to approximately 109,250 beneficiaries during the week of 15-21 September. This included distributions of 16mt to 21,000 beneficiaries in Ajiep, 81mt to 21,000 beneficiaries in Baar, 16mt to 5,000 beneficiaries in Pagak, 111mt to 38,750 beneficiaries in Panyagor, and 19mt to 5,000 beneficiaries in Maiwut. The distribution of 70mt to 18,500 beneficiaries in Thiek Thou was interrupted when WFP staff had to relocate due to insecurity. An additional 5mt was delivered to 833 beneficiaries for hospital in-patients, food for work, and training programmes in Narus, Bor, Leer, Atar, Maridi, Yambio, Mankien, Aliap, and Chukudum.

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