OLS Weekly Update: 09/10/96

OLS Weekly Update: 09/10/96

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A weekly report on major developments concerning relief operations in southern Sudan

OLS STAFF RELOCATED FROM AKOBO... Staff of OLS NGOs Medecins sans Frontieres-Belgium and ACROSS were relocated from Akobo on 8 September as a precautionary measure after they had requested relocation on 2 September due to mounting tension and threats of fighting in the area. A wet and unlandable airstrip delayed relocation. MSF-Belgium and the Association of Christian Resource Organizations Serving Sudan (ACROSS) have medical programmes in Akobo. Veterinaires sans Frontieres is also working in Akobo, but did not have staff in the area during the relocation.

ANNUAL NEEDS ASSESSMENT CONTINUES... The annual OLS needs assessment continued this week with six teams working in various areas of southern Sudan. - The mobile assessment team, with staff from UNICEF, WFP, SRRA, and the Catholic Relief Services (CRS), have completed an assessment in Napotpot, Eastern Equatoria and are currently in Lotukei.

- Team one, with staff from UNICEF, Save the Children Fund - UK (SCF-UK), SRRA, World Vision International (WVI), NPA and WFP, has completed an assessment in Akop and is in Wullu from 9-12 September.

- Team two, comprised of staff from WFP, SRRA and UNICEF, completed an assessment of Ajiep on Monday, but is unable to travel to Akon, as it was denied flight clearance for September. The team's visit to Maper was also postponed due to security concerns. The team is scheduled to work in Madhol from 10-13 September.

- Team three, with staff from WFP and RASS, was in Mading and has moved to Manajang for assessments. The original plan was to move from Manajang to Nhialdiu to Mading. However, the schedule had to be altered as both Manajang and Nhialdiu were unlandable on the scheduled dates.

- Team four, with staff from WFP, RASS and FRRA, has been in Aburoc and is scheduled to move to Mogok today.

- Team five, with staff from WFP, SRRA and UNICEF, has completed its assessment in Paluer and is in Atar until 11 September. Following that the team plans to move to Poktap.

- Team six, with staff from CARE, WFP and SRRA, will be in Tambura around 19 September.

FLIGHT SCHEDULE FOR SEPTEMBER... OLS has received clearance from the Government of Sudan for the September 1996 flight schedule into southern Sudan with the following exceptions:

- The zone south of the Kapoeta-Torit-Juba and Juba-Yei-Kajo Keji lines.

- Abuong, Akak, Akon, Boma, Chukudum, Ikotos, Labone, Loronyo, Nimule, Nyamlell, Pariang, Pochalla, Yomciir and Yei.

- Lietnhom, Akon and Mayen Abun can be accessed from Khartoum only.

OLS has requested that the September flight ban on Pochalla be lifted to complete the delivery of urgently needed relief items and to continue monitoring emergency inputs of relief food and non-food items. The precarious nutrition/health status of some 18,500 people affected by earlier flooding continues to be of major concern.

Clearance for the September flight schedule has been granted without exception by both RASS and SRRA.

HEALTH COORDINATION MEETING HELD IN NAIROBI... A health coordination meeting, led by OLS NGO Medicines sans Frontieres-Holland, took place in Nairobi on 5 September to discuss health care planning in RASS areas. Discussion centered around NGO cooperation at the ground level, development needs for extending the health programmes over the coming years, issues of standardization, training of health personnel, capacity building activities, and other issues aimed at building the relationship between NGOs and RASS. The meeting was attended by most of the OLS NGOs working in RASS areas.

REUNIFICATION OF 185 UNACCOMPANIED CHILDREN UNDERWAY... The reunification of 185 unaccompanied children with their families is scheduled to begin 10 September. Family tracing activities have taken place and the children are scheduled to move from New Cush to their home areas of Tonj, Rumbek, and Yirol during the next three days. This will be the first reunification to take place in an SPLA-held area.

OLS PROGRAMMES UPDATE... UNICEF will be hosting the quarterly Health Coordination Meeting in Naro Moru on 18-20 September. The workshop will cover planning for 1997 health activities as well as dealing with issues encountered during 1996.

WVI reports that two new water pumps have been installed and one replaced in Thiet with the assistance of UNICEF personnel.

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