OLS Weekly Update: 9 July 1997

OLS Weekly Update: 9 July 1997


A weekly report on major developments

concerning relief operations in southern Sudan


The Government of Sudan has approved the July 1997 flight clearance lists for Lokichokio-based flights into southern Sudan with the following exceptions:

Yei, Tali, Maridi, Yirol, Rumbek, Tonj, Warrap and Kongor.


A joint Radda Barnen/UNICEF/SRRA training of psychosocial support supervisors for Bahr el Ghazal is currently taking place in Akot. The objective of the three-week course is to train supervisors to develop psychosocial support in schools and communities and to follow-up reunified minors in the Bahr el Ghazal region. The 15 trainees (including five women) were selected by the SRRA and include seven of Radda Barnen's local assistant social workers. The content of the training includes understanding and addressing children's psychosocial needs, developing school-based and community-based psychosocial support, understanding and addressing the needs of children with disabilities, dissemination and implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and learning interview skills for the follow-up of reunified children. UNICEF support to the programme includes psychosocial training modules, mosquito nets, purchase of training materials, bicycles and payment of salaries for the supervisors. Radda Barnen is responsible for training, supplying supplementary training material and supervision of the follow-up activities. WFP is providing food for the duration of the training.


Fourty-eight students graduated from two nine-month training courses held in Billing, Lakes District, which was facilitated by trainers of the International Rescue Committee (IRC). Twenty-four of the students (from Marial Bai, Nyamlell, Turalei, Panthou, Madhol and Adior (are now certified community health workers and will serve their home communities in conjunction with OLS NGOs Action Contre la Faim (ACF), Medecins sans Frontieres (MSF)-Belgium, ACROSS and IRC. The remaining students (including two women) passed the nine-month hospital auxiliary course and will be working in hospitals in Billing, Adior and other areas

around southern Sudan.

OLS STAFF RELOCATED FROM AYOD... Four staff of OLS NGOs Medecins du Monde (MDM) and Veterinaires sans Frontieres (VSF)-Belgium were relocated by air from Ayod to Lokichokio on 4 July due to fighting in the town. Gunfire was reported by the OLS staff and the aircraft's crew as the plane departed the area. No other details were available.


In an effort to address the current funding crisis in UNICEF/OLS, a cost-recovery system began on 1 July in the Lokichokio camp. The following meal rates will apply on a sliding scale basis for all (UN and NGO) permanent stayees and UNICEF transitees, and also for those transitees who choose to eat all their meals in the UN camp:

Minimum No. Cost of three meals per Cost per casual meal (US$)

Overnight day (in any order of B/F Lunch Dinner


Less than 100 US$ 13.05 3.85 4.60 4.60

101 to 130 11.80 3.60 4.10 4.10

131 to 160 10.80 3.10 3.85 3.60

161 to 180 10.05 2.85 3.60 3.60

On the basis of projected usage, it is expected that the rates quoted for the scale of 131 to 160 will generally apply. The cost of casual meals for transitees and visitors are as follows: Breakfast US$ 3.60, Lunch US$ 4.10, Dinner US$ 4.10.


WFP continued food deliveries during 1-5 July to locations in southern Sudan by air and road, with a total of 345 metric tonnes (mt) delivered to about 83,240 beneficiaries. In Bahr el Ghazal, 38mt was delivered to 22,650 beneficiaries in Akoc. Deliveries were incomplete due to a technical problem with the Hercules C-130 aircraft. In Jonglei/Upper Nile, deliveries were completed to Pibor, while deliveries and distributions were ongoing to Kolmerek. In Mankien, deliveries are ongoing to 4,737 displaced and 8,000 residents. In Equatoria, WFP delivered a total of 185mt to 31,991 beneficiaries in Narus, Natinga and Yei town.

During 1-5 July, WFP delivered 2.7mt of food to 862 beneficiaries in support of NGO programmes in southern Sudan. Eighty malnourished children and adults were given 0.3mt of cereals, pulses and vegetable oil through a supplementary feeding programme run by MSF-Holland in Langken. WFP provided 1.06mt of relief food to 156 medical and water trainees in courses conducted by the Diocese of Torit (DOT) in Narus, IRC in Ganyliel, Aktion Afrika Hilfe in Yei and Christian Mission Aid in Langken. Food was provided in support of education programmes for 500 pupils of DOT in Narus. For the capacity building of village communities, DOT was supported with 0.14mt of food for 50 trainees. Finally, in support of agricultural programmes, 0.11mt was provided to 76 beneficiaries for NSCC in Akobo and DOT in Narus.


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