OLS Weekly Update: 25 June 1997

OLS Weekly Update: 25 June 1997


A weekly report on major developments concerning relief operations in southern Sudan

NEW UN SPECIAL ENVOY VISITS OLS... The newly appointed UN Special Envoy for Humanitarian Affairs for Sudan, Robert van Schaik, made his first visit to Khartoum, Nairobi, Lokichokio and southern Sudan on 6-19 June 1997. Accompanied by UN officials, Ambassador van Schaik held meetings with representatives of the Sudan Government and the principal southern movements, as well as with officials of neighbouring countries, UN agencies, international and indigenous NGOs and representatives from donor countries. He also visited project sites in southern Sudan.

In assuming the role of Special Envoy, Ambassador van Schaik's responsibilities include:

Review of the nature and extent of current humanitarian needs in all parts of the Sudan in light of assessment conducted by the United Nations and other organizations in OLS;

Review the ongoing and planned activities for humanitarian assistance to populations in need;

Identify the constraints on the delivery of humanitarian assistance to populations in need;

Undertake discussions with the concerned parties in order to secure the optimal implementation of OLS programmes in accordance with existing arrangements and agreements as well as the recommendations of the OLS Sudan Review Team as endorsed by United Nations Agencies in their September 1996 Position Paper on the OLS Review;

Consult and negotiate with all concerned parties on the ways and means of accelerating the delivery of humanitarian assistance to populations in need, including the extension or revision of existing arrangements and agreements on humanitarian access, OLS working conditions and the application of humanitarian principles;

Seek to assess and address the implications of humanitarian assistance on the conflict and on conflict resolution; Review the regional dimension of the problems.

The Ambassador will attend the International Advisory Committee (IAC) meeting in Geneva on 27 June to address donors and others on his comments and impressions following his initial visit.

UPDATE ON MALNUTRITION IN AREAS OF SOUTHERN SUDAN... OLS NGO Action Contre la Faim (ACF) recently completed an assessment of the nutritional status of 353 children in Twic County, Bahr el Ghazal. They report a high rate of malnutrition, but only a few children are severely malnourished. Access to the area has been difficult, but ACF and UNICEF have been providing supplementary feeding where possible.

In a similar survey completed by Medecins du Monde (MDM) in Mankien and Ayod, Upper Nile, preliminary analysis suggested low rates of malnutrition, although the MDM report is not yet finalized. Assistance will be scheduled if needed.

In Eastern Equatoria, ACF and UNICEF are continuing therapeutic and supplementary feeding programmes to malnourished people in Mughale and Nimule.

Throughout southern Sudan, ongoing assessments and emergency feeding programmes have been consistently disrupted in 1997 by access and security constraints.


WFP continued food deliveries during 15-21 June to locations in southern Sudan, with a total of 489 metric tonnes (mt) delivered to 113,550 beneficiaries. In Bahr el Ghazal, ongoing deliveries to Ayein were interrupted following reports of insecurity around Gogrial. The team had distributed 32mt when they were relocated. Deliveries were resumed two days later. Distribution of 64mt was completed to 14,500 beneficiaries in Turalei. In Jonglei/Upper Nile, delivery and distribution of 192mt took place to 18,060 beneficiaries in Paliau. Deliveries were completed to 21,940 beneficiaries in Werinyol, while 47 of a total of 90mt was distributed to 18,000 beneficiaries in Leer. Heavy rains made Walgak and Waat inaccessible and an assessment planned for the area was postponed. In Eastern Equatoria, distribution in the Lopit Mountains is ongoing. Deliveries to a targeted 38,000 beneficiaries in Lokutok, Imehejek, Lohitojo and Iboni continue.

During 15-21 June, WFP delivered 48.57mt of food to 1,289 beneficiaries in support of NGO programmes in southern Sudan. This involved the Diocese of Torit, Radda Barnen, Norwegian Church Aid, Veterinaires sans Frontieres-Switzerland, International Rescue Committee, Christian Mission Aid, Medecins du Monde, UNICEF, MEDAIR, Medecins sans Frontieres-Holland, Comitato Collaborazione Medica and the Coordinating Committee for Voluntary Service in Narus, New Cush, Lokutok, Mankien, Nhialdiu, Ganyliel, Langken, Duar, Madhol, Aburoc, Atar, Billing and Ayod.


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