OLS Southern Sector Update, 10/23/96

OLS Southern Sector Update, 10/23/96

OLS SOUTHERN SECTOR UPDATE 96/42, 23 October 1996

A weekly report on major developments concerning relief operations in southern Sudan

MSF-HOLLAND BEGINS NEW PROGRAMME IN LANGKEN... Medecins sans Frontieres (MSF) -Holland began a new health programme on 14 October in Langken to treat the high number of kala-azar cases reported in the area. The programme will focus on testing and treatment of kala-azar and TB, and assisting with local primary health care. The area has been without consistent health care for a year and a half.

OUTBREAK OF MEASLES REPORTED IN UPPER NILE... An outbreak of measles has been reported in the Witchok/Leek areas of western Upper Nile. UNICEF has met with concerned OLS NGOs to coordinate a response which will include community mobilization and immunization in the affected areas. A similar outbreak took place earlier in the year and health education and immunization programmes have been ongoing. A coordination meeting will be held on 25 October in Lokichokio with the NGOs involved in the intervention.

SOME NORTHERN UGANDAN ROADS NOW OPEN... The roads between Kitgum-Labone and Kitgum-Ikotos were reopened on 19 October after having been declared unsafe by the Ugandan authorities in late September. OLS staff using these roads should contact local authorities for current security information before traveling.

ACF STAFF RELOCATED FROM AKAK... Three staff of the OLS NGO Action Contre la Faim (ACF) were relocated from Akak on advice from local counterparts due to insecurity. ACF has been working in Akak since early 1996 with health programmes focusing on guinea worm and primary health care.

OLS PROGRAMMES UPDATE... - WFP delivered 150mt of food for 18,500 beneficiaries in Pochalla, 7mt to Agaigai, and completed distribution of 59mt for 5,800 beneficiaries in Narus. An additional 5mt was distributed to OLS NGOs for use in supplementary feeding, in-patient feeding, and medical training programmes in Akobo, Atar, Baar, Billing, Langken, Leer, Manajang, and Mankien.

- WFP is conducting a population figure assessment in Agaigai of the displaced from the Lietnhom area, and an assessment with UNICEF in Lokutok of the Loronyo displaced.

- Dr. Stephen Blakeway, a UNICEF/OLS veterinary consultant, has traveled to Tonj County as part of a three-month ethno-veterinary study being conducted in southern Sudan. The study will focus on Sudanese livestock perception and practices with a view to upgrade OLS vet training and programmes.


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