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SUBJECT: JALAS&L Updates: Email and Papers!

The Journal of Afro-Latin American Studies & Literatures is a journal devoted to the scholarly exploration and study of cultural impact among the literary pursuits of Spanish, Portuguese, French, African and American peoples. For more information concerning the journal please contact us via Internet email or the USMAIL (see attached documents).

We are pleased to announce that our Editor, Prof. Rosangela Maria Vieira, of Howard University may now be reached through her new email address on the Internet: We do greatly appreciate your comments and interest in the Journal of Afro-Latin American Studies & Literatures :)

We have also edited our CALL FOR PAPERS for the Fall 1994 issue of the journal to specify that submitted papers should be approximately 15-20 pages, double spaced and with bibliography. Please find an adjusted CALL FOR PAPERS attached to this message. We would ask that you POST a hardcopy of the CALL FOR PAPERS in a prominent place in your institution.

Regards, Kathy King, Technical Editor, JALAS&L PLEASE POST


The Journal of Afro-Latin American Studies and Literatures ISSN 1051-1865

Fall 1994

We invite you to submit a scholarly paper in a literary, historical, sociological, or political field of Afro-Latin American studies to be considered for publication in or Fall 1994 issue. We also welcome the submission of original lyrical, and fiction work, i.e., short stories, by writers of African ancestry.

Scholarly contributions from your outstanding graduate students, whose work you think merits publication, is also encouraged.

Approaches to any topic should be through the reality of the lives of blacks in Latin America. Although originality in theory and technique is highly recommended, great importance on quality will also be emphasized. To insure anonymity, only the title page should appear attached to the manuscript itself. Your cover letter (containing authorship information and institutional affiliation), should be a separate enclosure.

Please send us a 300 word abstract, as soon as possible, upon receiving or seeing this post. Your final paper should be submitted in duplicate (2 hard copies), and be limited to 15-20 double-spaced pages, plus bibliographies. Strict MLA guidelines should be followed, and the paper should be submitted by March 30, 1994 to either of the following professors:

Rosangela Maria Vieira, Editor of JALAS&L Dept. of Modern Languages and Literatures Howard University, 2400 6th St., N.W. - Locke Hall Washington, D.C. 20059, USA


Manuel Garcia-Castellon, Associate Editor of JALAS&L Foreign Language Department University of New Orleans, Lakefront New Orleans, LA 70148 USA

We also ask that you, please, send us a third copy of your paper on an IBM compatible diskette in WordPerfect 5.1 format. You may also consider submitting your Abstract, and/or final paper and bibliography, through the Internet ( or If you do not have access to a computer you may use a typewriter and submit your paper in duplicate.

JALAS&L (as we informally call the Journal of Afro-Latin American Studies and Literatures), was conceived of three years ago to promote scientific investigation and awareness of the many issues that have confronted African-Latin American citizens from colonial times to the present. Most importantly, this publication is unconditionally committed to underscoring the significance of the rich and diverse contributions of peoples with African ancestry to the life, culture, and the arts of the Americas.

Our journal has received a tremendously positive response from our academic community. We are very confident, indeed, that it will be a great tool for scholars in their research and classroom teaching of graduate and undergraduate students alike. Some of the most respected and well-known writers, critics, and scholars in the field, from the US and abroad, participate directly, or indirectly, in the life of this journal.

Our annual publication dates are March 30th and September 30th. Our subscription rates, payable in US dollars only, are as follows:

Graduate Students $ 8 Faculty/Independent Scholar $ 20 Foreign Subscribers $16 Subscription Agencies $ 35 Institutions $45

(All persons living outside the US, please add US$5.00 for S&H.)

Additional subscription information and subscription forms may be obtained from, or by mail from Prof. Rosngela Maria Vieira. Please mention the name of Prof. Vieira's department in _all_ your inquiries: "Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, Howard University....".

Technical Editor, JALAS&L: Internet (Rev 1-5-94)

Here is the subscription information you requested:

The Journal of Afro-Latin American Studies & Literatures



___ Faculty, Independent Scholar .....$ 20.00 ___ Grad. Student ....................$ 8.00 ___ Foreign ..........................$ 16.00 ___ Institutions .....................$ 45.00 ___ Subscription Agencies ............$ 35.00

Payable in US$; foreigners please add $5 S&H. Please make checks and money orders payable to the journal.

Name ____________________________________________________________ LAST FIRST MIDDLE INITIAL

AFFILIATION (Institution & address): _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ Phone:______________________________

Home address: _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ Phone:______________________________


Send your check or money order together with this slip to:

Prof. Rosangela Maria Vieira, JALS&L Dept. of Modern Languages and Literatures << Important Howard University 2400 6th St., N.W. - Locke Hall Washington, D.C. 20059 U.S.A. TEL: (202) 806-6758

Please be sure to include Prof. Vieira's department at Howard Univ in ALL correspondence. Thank You! (Prof. Vieira email:

Email subscription contact: Kathleen P. King, Technical Editor, Internet:

Editor/Founder: Prof. Rosangela Maria Vieira-King
E-Mail Address:;
Office Address: The Journal of African and African-Latin American Studies 
and Literatures, JAALAS&L
                        c/o Vieira Institute
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                        Silver Spring, MD 20910
                        Phone: 301.588.7130
Subscription:     Done exclusively through EBSCO.
2004 Issue:       Race, Class, and Globalisation in Africa and Latin America
Past Issues:      Provided upon availability and reprinting.
Questions:        To be addressed exclusively to Prof. Rosangela Vieira-King

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