Women's Studies

Women's Studies

Building Technical Capacity and Gender Advocacy of Young Professional African Women
Edited by Annalee Ng'eny-Mengech
Illustrated by Nelson Mwanga Komeri
9966831169 87pp. 1994 Academy Science Publ. $11.50/Pound6.50

Coming on Strong. Writing by Namibian Women
Edited by Margie Orford & Nepeti Nicanor
9991631429 134pp. 1996 New Namibia Books $10.00/Pound6.25

Education and the Changing Economic Role of Nigerian Women
Patrick K. Uchendu
9781564032 148pp. 1995 Fourth Dimension Publ. $21.50/Pound11.95

The Emancipation of Women. An African Perspective
Florence Abena Dolphyne
996430188X 107pp. 1991 Ghana Univ. Press $16.00/Pound8.95

For Want of a TotemNEW TITLE
Vivienne Ndlovu
0908311982 80pp. 1997 Baobab Books (Turn About series) $7.50/Pound3.95

Gender Relations and Women's Images in the Media
Edited by Dorothy A. Mbilinyi & Cuthbert Omari
9976602855 223pp. 1996 Dar es Salaam Univ. Press $25.00/Pound13.95 pap

Gender in Southern Africa. Conceptual and Theoretical Issues
Edited by Ruth Meena
0797411623 201pp. 1993 Southern Africa Printing & Publ. House $25.00/Pound13.95

Independence is Not Only for One Sex
Kathy Bond-Stewart
0949225509 128pp. 1987 Zimbabwe Publ. House $10.00/Pound6.25

Lakshmi's Legacy. The Testimonies of Indian Women in 19th Century Mauritius
Marina Carter
9990301689 282pp. 1994 Editions de l'OcÈan Indien $27.00/Pound14.95

The Legal Situation of Women in Southern Africa. Women and Law in Southern Africa. Vol. 2
Julie Stewart & Alice K. Armstrong
0908307152 241pp. 1990 Univ. Zimbabwe Publ. $21.50/Pound11.95

Nigerian Female Writers: A Critical Perspective
Edited by H.C. Otokunefor & O.C. Nwodo
9782601098 160pp. 1990 Malthouse Press $13.75/Pound7.50

Nigerian Women and the Challenges of our Time
Dora Obi Dhizea & Juliet Njoku
9782601691 100pp. 1991 [publ. 1994] Malthouse Press $13.75/Pound7.50

Nigerian Women in Historical Perspective
Edited by Bolanle Awe
9782030074 167pp. ill. 1992 Sankore Publ. $17.00/Pound9.50

The Role of Nigerian Women in Politics. Past and Present
Patrick K. Uchendu
9781563680 124pp. 1993 Fourth Dimension Publ. $13.75/Pound7.50

A Song in the Night. A Personal Account of Widowhood in Zambia
Norah M. Mumba
9982300741 90pp. 1992 Multimedia $8.50/Pound4.95

Struggling over Scarce Resources. Women and Maintenance in Southern Africa
Alice K. Armstrong
0908307276 157pp. 1992 Univ. Zimbabwe Publ. $18.00/Pound9.95

To Live a Better Life. An Oral History of Women in the City of Harare, 1930-70
Terri Barnes & Everjoyce Win
0908311354 230pp. 1992 Baobab Books $27.00/Pound14.95

The Unsung Heroines
Edited by Magdalene K. Ngaiza & Bertha Koda
9987882013 232pp. 1991 Dar es Salaam Univ. Press $30.00/Pound16.75

Women and the Family in Nigeria
Edited by A. Imam, R. Pittin et al.
[no ISBN avail.] 165pp. 1985 CODESRIA $13.75/Pound7.50

Women and Gender Studies in Tanzania
Fenella Mukangara
[no ISBN avail.] 245pp. 1995 Dar es Salaam Univ. Press $27.00/Pound14.95

Women and Rape in Zimbabwe
A. Armstrong
[no ISBN avail.] 31pp. 1990 Inst. of Southern African Studies (Human & People's Rights Project Monograph 10) $6.95/Pound3.75

Women in Ghana. An Annotated Bibliography
Elizabeth Ardayfio-Schandorf & K. Kwafo-Akoto
996490424X 427pp. 1990 Woeli Publ. Services $47.50/Pound26.50

Women in the Informal Sector
C.K. Omari
997660288X 43pp. 1995 [publ. 1997] Dar es Salaam Univ. Press $7.95/Pound4.25 pap

Women in Zimbabwe
Elinor Batezat & Margaret Mwalo
0797408932 73pp. 1989 Southern Africa Printing & Publ. House (Southern Africa Political Economy series, 2) $8.50/Pound4.95

Women, Land and Agriculture in Lesotho
Paul Kishindo

Women in Production: The Economic Role of Women in Nineteeth Century Lesotho
Elizabeth Eldredge

Women's Studies and Studies of Women in Africa During the 1990s
Amina Mama
ISSN 08508895 96pp. 1996 CODESRIA (Working Paper series, 5/96) $13.75/Pound7.50 pap

Marxism Versus the Patriarchy: Gender and Historical Materialism in Southern Africa
Marc Epprecht.
[no ISBN avail.] 89pp. 1993 Inst. of Southern African Studies (ISAS Working Paper series, 4-6) $7.50/Pound3.95 [Note: the above is a
single title]

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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