Medicine and Health

Medicine and Health

An Atlas of Paediatric Surgical Problems in the Tropics. An Illustrated Clinical Manual for Doctors, Nurses and Students
Joseph K. Shija
9966469761 113pp. 1992 East African Educ. Publ. $27.00/Pound14.95

Before You See a Doctor. Understanding Your Body and It's Ailments
Medi Kawuma
9970021044 103pp. 1997 Fountain Publ. $13.75/Pound7.50

Chemistry, Biological and Pharmacological Properties of African Medicinal Plants. Proceedings of the First International IOCD-Symposium. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, February 25-28, 1996
Edited by K. Hostettmann & F. Chinyanganya et al
0908307594 336pp. 1996 Univ. Zimbabwe Publ. $38.00/Pound21.50 pap

The Chemotherapy of Human Parasitic Disease
V. Bozech & P. Mason
0908307268 220pp. 1992 Univ. Zimbabwe Publ. $27.00/Pound14.95 S

Dangerous Love
Int. Planned Parenthood Fed.
Illustrated by Andrew Zankanani
0908311265 34pp. ill.1990 Baobab Books $4.95/Pound2.75

Disease Control in Ghana
Gilford A. Ashitey
9964301960 34pp. 1994 Ghana Univ. Press $8.50/Pound4.25 S

Essentials of Medico-Legal Autopsy
G.C. Ejeckam
9781561076 79pp. 1992 Fourth Dimension Publ. $10.00/Pound6.25 S

Fertility Regulation in Developing Countries
O.A. Ojo
9792495158 82pp. 1995 [publ. 1996] University Press, Nigeria $12.50/Pound6.95 pap

Good Drugs don't Grow on Trees, or, Do They?
David T. Okpako
9781212950 30pp. 1994 Ibadan Univ. Press $5.50/Pound2.95 S

Handbook of the Cardiac Patient
S.K. Surrun
9990302057 92pp. 1995 Editions de l'OcÈan Indien $17.00/Pound9.50 S

Hydatid Disease. With Special Reference to Kenya
G.B.A. Okelo, A.K. Chemtai et al.
9966846182 84pp. 1991 Nairobi Univ. Press $17.00/Pound9.50 S

Impact of Socio-Economic Development on Populations of Some Parasites and Vectors in Ghana - Its Medical Implications
W.A. Chinery
9964301782 55pp. 1990 [publ. 1993] Ghana Univ. Press $10.00/Pound6.25 S

An Introduction to Clinical Diagnosis in the Tropics
A.O. Falase
9782462861 202pp. 2nd rev. ed. 1997 Spectrum Books $27.00/Pound14.95

Law and Medicine in Zimbabwe
G. Feltoe & T.J. Nyapadi
0908311087 141pp. 1989 Baobab Books $16.00/Pound8.95

Man, Microbes, Machines and Medicine
S.K. Owusu
9964302096 24pp. 1996 Ghana Univ. Press $5.50/Pound2.95 S

Manual of Emergency Surgery
Edited by H. Olusanya Adeyemi-Doro
9780170103 256pp. 1991 [publ. 1992] Univ. Lagos Press $30.00/Pound16.75 S

Mental Health and Disease in Africa
Tolani Asuni, Friderun Schoenberg et al.
9782461873 330pp. 2nd rev. ed. 1994 Spectrum Books $30.00/Pound16.75

Neurosurgery in Africa

A. Adeloye
9781211932 386pp. 1989 Ibadan Univ. Press $75.00/Pound42.00 S

Non-Communicable Diseases in Nigeria. A Manual for Primary Health Care Workers
Edited by O.O. Akinyanju
9782461792 76pp. 1993 Spectrum Books $12.50/Pound6.95 S

Paediatric Surgical Care for Developing Countries
Joseph K. Shija
9966468773 154pp. pl. 1989 East African Educ. Publ. $21.50/Pound11.95

Pesticides in Zimbabwe. Toxicity and Health Implications
Edited by Charles F.B. Nhaci & Ossy M.J. Kasilo
0908307497 115pp. 1996 Univ. Zimbabwe Publ. $13.75/Pound7.50

Prevention and Control of Parasitic Diseases in Tropical Africa. The Main Issues
F.M.A. Ukoli
9782493589 199pp. 1992 University Press, Nigeria $30.00/Pound16.75

Principles and Practice of Surgery, Including Pathology in the Tropics
Edited by E.A. Badoe, E.Q. Archampong et al.
9964103247 1196pp. 1986 Ghana Publ. Corp. $71.00/Pound39.50 cased S

Proceedings of an International Conference on Traditional Medicinal Plants
Edited by Keno E. Mshigeni
9976602294 365pp. 1991 Dar es Salaam Univ. Press $43.00/Pound24.00

Principles and Practice of Public Health in Africa. Vol. 1
G.O. Sofoluwe & R. Schram et al
Edited by &
9782494887 530pp. 2nd ed. 1996 University Press, Nigeria $47.50/Pound26.50 pap

Some Facts About Drugs and Drug Abuse
Cyril E. Fiscian
9964302487 27pp. 1996 Ghana Univ. Press $4.00/Pound2.25 pap

Surgery in Tanzania
Joseph K. Shija
9976600283 64pp. 1990 [publ. 1991] Dar es Salaam Univ. Press $5.50/Pound2.95 S

They Made My Day. Reflections of a Children's Surgeon
Joseph K. Shija
997660193X 36pp. 1993 [publ. 1994] Dar es Salaam Univ. Press $6.95/Pound3.75

Towards a Rational Scientific Basis for Herbal Medicine. A Phytochemists Two-Decade Contribution
Ivan Addae-Mensah
9964302029 63pp. 1992 [publ. 1994] Ghana Univ. Press $8.50/Pound4.95 S

Traditional Medicine in Africa
Edited by Isaac Sindiga, Chacha Nyaigotti- Chacha et al.
9966465480 197pp. 1995 East African Educ. Publ. $30.00/Pound16.75

Traditional Medicine in Modern Zimbabwe
Gordon L. Chavunduka
0908307403 115pp. 1994 Univ. Zimbabwe Publ. $13.75/Pound7.50

The Use of Models in Estimating Disease Prevalance
R.B. Biritwum
9964302339 13pp. 1996 Ghana Univ. Press $4.00/Pound2.25 pap

The War Against Mosquitoes and Mosquito-borne Diseases in Tanzania. Some Lost Battles
W.L. Kilama
9976600828 25pp. 1994 Dar es Salaam Univ. Press $5.50/Pound2.95 S

Yoruba Religion and Medicine in Ibadan
George E. Simpson
9781210680 195pp. 1991 [reprint of ed. 1980] Ibadan Univ. Press $21.50/Pound11.95

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