Management and Business Administration

Management and Business Administration

Bank Audit
Edited by Wole Adewunmi
9780170480 99pp. 1992 Univ. Lagos Press $16.00/Pound8.95 S

Business Performance Improvement through Cost Management
Edited by Ade T. Ojo
9780170413 182pp. 1992 Univ. Lagos Press $25.00/Pound13.95 S

Financial Statement Analysis. A Handbook
Nimi Wariboko
9782461970 163pp. 1993 Spectrum Books $16.00/Pound8.95 S

Fundametals of Business Ethics. A Developing Country PerspectiveJ.M. Elegido 9782462888 416pp. 1996 [publ. 1997] Spectrum Books (LBS Management series) $25.00/Pound13.95 pap
A Guide to Cement Industry and Quality Control in Nigeria

V.E. Agbazue
9781562838 56pp. 1992 Fourth Dimension Publ. $7.50/Pound3.95 S

A History of Accounting in Nigeria
Daniel Pele S. Asechemie
9782321494 175pp. 1992 Univ. Port Harcourt Press $16.00/Pound8.95 S

Labour Relations in Nigeria. Vol. 1
Edited by Dafe Otobo
9782601918 236pp. 1992 [publ. 1993] Malthouse Press $25.00/Pound13.95

Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Nigerian Economy: 1888-1988
Edited by Olukunle Iyanda
9782030015 230pp. 1989 Bookcraft $38.00/Pound21.50 cased

Nigerian Securities Market
Dennis Odife
9782601624 142pp. 1993 Malthouse Press $13.75/Pound7.50

Principles and Practice of Bank Analysis and Valuation
Nimi Wariboko
9782462233 190pp. 1994 Spectrum Books $16.00/Pound8.95 S

Projit not for Profit' Sake. History & Business Culture of African Entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe
Volker Wild
090831194X 324pp. 1997 Baobab Books $25.00/Pound13.95

Real Estate Valuation Handbook. With Special Reference to Kenya
Paul M. Syagga
9966846263 231pp. 1994 Nairobi Univ. Press $18.00/Pound9.95 S

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