African Languages

African Languages

Beyond the Spoken Word: An African Language Literature Experience
Olatunde O. Olatunji
9781212845 60pp. 1993 Ibadan Univ. Press $6.95/Pound3.75 S

Comparative Edoid: Phonology and Lexicon
Ben Ohi Elugbe
9782321125 253pp. 1987 Univ. Port Harcourt Press (Delta series, 6) $33.00/Pound18.50 S

A Comprehensive Course in Twi (Asante) for the Non_Twi Learner
Florence Abena Dolphyne
9964302452 145pp. 1996 Ghana Univ. Press $16.00/Pound8.95 pap

Elements of Modern Igbo Grammar
E. Nolue Emenanjo
9781540788 234pp. 1978 University Press, Nigeria $33.00/Pound18.50

English Swahili Pocket Dictionary
J.F. Safari & H. Akida
9976973047 271pp. 1991 Mkuki na Nyota Publ. $18.00/Pound9.95

English-Swahili Dictionary/Kamusi ya Kiingereza-KiswahiliCompiled and edited by The Institute of Kiswahili Research 9976911297 883pp. 1996 [publ. 1997] Mkuki na Nyota Publ. $108.00/Pound60.00 pap

Essentials of Yoruba Grammar
Oladele Awobuluyi
0195753003 158pp. 1982 [reprint of ed. 1978] University Press, Nigeria $18.00/Pound9.95 S

A Grammar of the Ibibio Language
Okon E. Essien
9782491535 171pp. 1990 University Press, Nigeria $18.00/Pound9.95 S

Igbo Language and Culture Vol. 1
Edited by F. Chidozie Ogbalu & E. Nolue Emenanjo
0195752813 216pp. 1975 University Press, Nigeria $38.00/Pound21.50 cased

Igbo Language and Culture. Vol. 2
Edited by F. Chidozie Ogbalu & E. Nolue Emenanjo
0195752759 237pp. 1987 [reprint of ed. 1982] University Press, Nigeria $25.00/Pound13.95

Influence of Arabic Language on Kiswahili, with a Trilingual Dictionary (Swahili-Arabic-English)
I. Bosha
9976602014 268pp. 1993 Dar es Salaam Univ. Press $21.50/Pound11.95

Introducing Ewe Linguistic Patterns. A Textbook of Phonology, Grammar, and Semantics
A.S. Duthie
9964302266 191pp. 1996 Ghana Univ. Press $18.00/Pound9.95

Language Crisis in TanzaniaNEW TITLE
Zaline M. Roy-Campbell & Martha A.S. Qorro
997697339X 182pp. Mkuki na Nyota Publ. $25.00/Pound13.95

Language and Community. A View from Accra
M.E. Kropp Dakubu
9964301944 31pp. 1996 Ghana Univ. Press $5.50/Pound2.95 S

Luganda-English Phrase Book for Tourists
Margaret Nanfuka
9970020633 49pp. 1995 Fountain Publ. $4.95/Pound2.75

Making A Virtue of Necessity: An Overview of the English Language in Nigeria
Ayo Banjo
9781212462 167pp. 1996 Ibadan Univ. Press $16.00/Pound8.95

Multilingualism, Minority Languages and Language Policy in Nigeria
E.Nolue Emenanjo
9782494194 312pp. 1990 Univ. Port Harcourt Press $33.00/Pound18.50 S

Nigerian Pidgin (Background and Prospects)
Ben Ohi Elugbe & Augusta Phil Omamor
9781291737 175pp. 1991 Heinemann Ed. Books (Nigeria) $12.50/Pound6.95

Nyakyusa-English-Swahili & English-Nyakyusa Dictionary
Knut Felberg
9976973322 304pp. 1995 Mkuki na Nyota Publ. $35.00/Pound19.95 cased

Phonological Theory: History and DevelopmentDavid P.B. Massamba9976602200 212pp. 1996 [publ. 1997] Dar es Salaam Univ. Press $18.00/Pound9.95 pap

Semantics and the Frontiers of CommunicationOzo-mekuri Ndimele 9782321974 143pp. 1997 Univ. Port Harcourt Press $11.50/Pound6.50 pap
Studies in Shona Phonetics: An Analytical Review

A.J.C. Pongweni
0908307128 172pp. 1990 Univ. Zimbabwe Publ. $21.50/Pound11.95

Swahili Made Easy
J.F. Safari
9976100124 173pp. 2nd ed. 1987 Tanzania Publ. House $12.50/Pound6.95

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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