Government and Public Administration

Government and Public Administration

Breaking the Myth: Shehu Musa and the 1991 CensusNEW TITLE
Alada Yahaya
9782463191 140pp. 1997 Spectrum Books $13.75/Pound7.50

Grassroots Democacy for National Development. A Study of Local Government and Management in Five Countries with focus on Mauritius
Chit. D. Dukhira
9990301743 367pp. 1994 Editions de l'OcÈan Indien $25.00/Pound13.95

Government Accounting and Financial Control
Koleade Oshisami
9782461938 231pp. 1992 Spectrum Books $30.00/Pound16.75 S

Mauritius and Local Government Management
Chit D. Dukhira
8185473021 374pp. maps 1992 Editions de l'OcÈan Indien $25.00/Pound13.95

The Nigerian Public Service: In Search of Creative Excellence
Efiong Etuk
9782461563 257pp. 1992 Spectrum Books $30.00/Pound16.75

Parliament in Mauritius
Hansraj Mathur
9990300674 321pp. 1991 Editions de l'OcÈan Indien $35.00/Pound19.95

Politics and Administration in East Africa
Edited by Walter O. Oyugi
9966468943 548pp. 1994 East African Educ. Publ. $38.00/Pound21.50

Politics and Administration in Nigeria
Ladipo Adamolekun
9782461814 203pp. 1993 [reprint of ed. 1986] Spectrum Books $27.00/Pound14.95

The Politics of Administration. Understanding Bureaucracy in Africa
Jonathan N. Moyo
0797410864 151pp. 1992 Southern Africa Printing & Publ. House $21.50/Pound11.95

Politics of the National Purse. Public Budgeting as Public Policy in Zimbabwe
Jonathan N. Moyo
0797410945 108pp. 1992 Southern Africa Printing & Publ. House $10.00/Pound6.25

Post Conflict Uganda. Towards an Effective Civil ServiceEdited by Petter Langseth & Justus Mugaju9970021206 219pp. 1996 Fountain Publ. $18.00/Pound9.95 pap

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