Environment and Biotechnology

Environment and Biotechnology

Advances in the Ecology of Lake Kariba
Edited by Jacques Moreau
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Balancing Rocks. Environment and Development in Zimbabwe
Edited by Carlos Lopas
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Directory of Environmental Information & Organisations in Southern Africa Vol. 1 SADC Region, Botwsana, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe
Southern African Res. & Doc. Centre & The World Conservation Union
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Environmental Challenges of Sub-Saharan Africa
Akin Mabogunje
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Environmental Development: Facing all Sides...
Edited by Gideon Prinsler Omolu, GrÈgoire Huni et al.
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Geosciences and the Environment
Issac O. Nyambok & Theo C. Davies
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The Greening of Africa. Breaking Through in the Battle for Land and Food
Peter Harrison
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An Introduction to Environmental Education
J.E. Otiende et al.
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Lake Chivero. A Polluted Lake
Edited by N.A.G. Moyo
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Man and Forests: Towards a Popular Management of Our Common Heritage
Edited by Jean-Pierre Perrier, Gideon Prinsler Omolu et al.
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Man and Waste: Popular Recycling Activities in the Third World
Edited by Carla Atkinson et al.
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Media and Environment in Africa. Challenges for the Future
Kwame Boafo
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Philosophy, Humanity and Ecology. Philosophy of Nature and Environmental Ethics. Vol. 1
Edited by H. Odera Oruka
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The Practice of Smallholder Irrigation. Case Studies from Zimbabwe
Edited by Emmanuel Manzungu & Pieter van der Zaag
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Replenish the Earth and Subdue It
J.B. Aladekomo
ISSN 01897845 28pp. 1995 Obafemi Awolowo Univ. Press (Inaugural Lecture series, 98)
$6.95/Pound3.75 S

Soil and Water Management and Biotechnology in Africa. Report of the Fact-Finding Mission
The African Academy of Sciences
9966831037 87pp. 1989 Academy Science Publ. $10.00/Pound6.25

State of the Environment in Southern Africa
Edited by Munyaradzi Chenje & Phyllis Johnson
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Turkana Dogs and Diseases. Traditional Lifestyles and Health
Patricia Bifani
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Water in Southern AfricaEdited by Munyaradzi Chenje & Phyllis Johnson0797416722 238pp. 1996 [publ. 1997] Southern African Res. & Doc. Centre $38.00/Pound21.50 pap
Zimbabwe's Environmental Dilemma. Balancing Resource Inequities

Edited by Sam Moyo
0797409971 165pp. 1991 Southern Africa Printing & Publ. House $25.00/Pound13.95 S

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