Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences

Development Plant Physiology
A.J. Tesha
997660226X 91pp. 1993 [publ. 1994] Dar es Salaam Univ. Press $8.50/Pound4.95 S

An Introduction to the Larger Fungi of South Central Africa
L. Ryvarden, G.D. Piearce et al.
0908311524 191pp. 1994 Baobab Books $30.00/Pound16.75

Lake Chivero. A Polluted Lake
Edited by N.A.G. Moyo
0908307608 134pp. 1997 Univ. Zimbabwe Publ. $12.50/Pound6.95

Performance and Nutritional Management of Draught Cattle in Smallholder Farming in Zimbabwe
L.R. Ndovu & J. Francis
0908307624 99pp. 1997 Univ. Zimbabwe Publ. $11.50/Pound6.50

The Mangrove Ecosystem of the Niger Delta. Proceedings of a Workshop
H.B. Wilcox & C.B. Powell
9782321435 357pp. 1986 Univ. Port Harcourt Press $33.00/Pound18.50 cased S

Nutritive Value of Foods of Zimbabwe
Irene C. Chitsiku
0908307179 31pp. 1991 Univ. Zimbabwe Publ. $4.00/Pound2.25 S

Vegetation Loss in Rural Settlements: Causes and Remedies with Examples from Tanzania
Robert R. Kiunsi
997660209X 54pp. 1994 Dar es Salaam Univ. Press $6.95/Pound3.75 S

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