I would like to send my gratitude to the organizers of the Telematics Symposium, and especially to Dr. Nancy Hafkin- Chief of Pan African Development Information System (PADIS), and Ms. Julie E. Sisskind, University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Hafkin's willingness to provide the African Studies WWW with daily news of the symposium has allowed readers from all over the globe with internet conncectivity to keep in touch with the symposium. This opportunity would not have been successful without Dr. Nancy Hafkin, and the fabulous efforts of Ms. Julie Sisskind who negotiated this deal. We are quite grateful to both of them and all the staff of PADIS and CABECA. My gratitude extends to all individuals who contributed in making this information accessible to our readers in this format. In Addis I am thankful Julie Sisskind, and to PADIS staff specially to:

Dr. Nancy J. Hafkin
Makane Faye
Dr. Francis Inganji
Saddik Solbi
Dr. Lishan Adam
Lambert Jan Hogenhout
Frew Dubale
Teferra Woldeyes
Noelie Akande
Bethlehem Teshager
Asrat Tadelle
Hirut Mamo
Hirut Asrat
Rahel Abebe
Selome Kebede
Amha Tekle
Gebre E. Kiros

* I am also thankful to Mr. Ben Parker (Nairobi, Kenya), Mr. Cesare Dieni (London, UK), and to all the participants in the Symposium.

Ali Dinar