Association of Nigerians Abroad (ANA)

Association of Nigerians Abroad (ANA)

Please find below some useful information on a network-based association binding Nigerians abroad.

What Is ANA?

The acronym ANA stands for Association of Nigerians Abroad, a body of talented and highly skilled Nigerians in diaspora formed out of Naijanet to address the wishes of these patriotic Nigerians and friends of Nigeria towards achieving the economic, educational, technological and democratic goals of Nigerians. The body itself is not a political grouping but has served in the recent past as a medium of expressing the opinions of Nigerians abroad to our home government. By its formation, we recognise the needs of our people and their expectations, looking out to their sons and daughters in diaspora to use their unique opportunities to help build the motherland and to establish her among the community of nations.

During the last quarter of 1993, a maiden membership drive was initiated by electronic mail. This facilitated a wide coverage and contacts with many Nigerians living in different parts of the world. As at the August 1994, members were drawn from USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Norway, Finland, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, South Africa, Hong Kong and Russia.

1. What are the objectives and status of ANA?
The Objectives of the ANA as stated in ANA Charter includes the 

   (a) To contribute actively towards the social, economic, educational,
       technological, and political development of our country, Nigeria.

   (b) To promote mutual understanding among the members of the Association
       and work together as a group for the advancement of Nigeria.

   (c) To promote and project a positive image of Nigeria and her cultural

   (d) To gather and disseminate information which is pertinent to Nigeria 
       and/or beneficial to Nigerians.

   (e) To promote mutual interaction between the Association and other
       Associations and agencies worldwide that share similar objectives
       with ANA.

   (f) To serve as a channel of communication with the people and government
       of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with respect to the opinions,
       wishes, and aspirations of members of the Association.

   (g) To inform and educate the citizenry of Nigeria on the political 
       process and democratic principles in Nigeria.

   (h) To explore, establish, and implement programs for the improvement of
       the educational system and institutions in Nigeria.

2.  The Status of the Association: 
    The Association is non-profit, non-ethnic, non-religious, and 
    non-partisan in all its dealings with the people and Government of the 
    Federal Republic of Nigeria and the outside world. However, the Association 
    when necessary, advocates for democratic ideals, human rights,
    the rule of law, fairness, justice, and equity in Nigeria and for all
    Nigerians. The composition of the Association reflects the rich ethnic
    and cultural diversity of Nigeria.

3. Who and How to subscribe for membership?
a)  Every Nigerian Citizen above 18 years may apply for membership.
    Associate membership status may be granted to Non-Nigerian citizens with 
    genuine interests in participating in and contributing to the activities 
    of the Association. 
b)  Application for membership shall be in writing to the Secretary of the 
c)  Each application is reviewed by the Executive Council
    to ensure that the applicant is a Nigerian.
d)  An active member of the Association shall be a non-Associate member who is
    not delinquent in payment of membership dues. 

    Subscription for membership is through the Secretary of the Association. 
    At this moment our secretary is Dr Obi Taiwan.
    To subscribe to ana, send a one line request to:

    Through our auto-responder, you will receive in less than an hour of 
    requesting a set of information on ANA and a membership form that takes
    less than 3 minutes to fill and mail. Individuals who may have problems 
    doing this should write directly to; or  for help.

4.  Membership Rights and Obligations.
a)  Access to the ANA net (email address:
b)  Participation in ANA deliberations. 
c)  Active members shall vote, or be voted for into elected offices, 
    or appointed to any vacancies or committees
    provided the requirements stipulated in Article 4-3 are met. Associate 
    members are eligible to participate in committees but are not eligible for
    elected offices or to be parties to the public pronouncements of the 
d)  To maintain the quality of discussions in ANA net, members are required
    to maintain a high level of restraint and maturity in commenting on postings
    and on their own contributions to the net.
e)  As a minimum requirement, members are solicited to read and adhere to net 
    etiquettes as detailed in ANA Etiquettes.

5.  Membership Fees.
a)  Members with jobs - $50 (US) annually.
b)  Student members - $25 (US) annually.
c)  Associate members are at the moment exempted from paying fees.
The posting of this material has been authorized by Dr Johnson I. Agbinya
(Chair, ANA Public Relations Committee). Further enquiries should be directed
to Dr Johnson (jagbinya@rp.CSIRO.AU) or


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Subject: Join Hands With ANA to Build A New Nigeria
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