MSU Tuesday Bulletin, 07/20/99

MSU Tuesday Bulletin, 07/20/99

Issue No. 2, Summer 1999
July 20, 1999
EAST LANSING MI 48824-1035
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Table of Contents:
In this Issue,
MSUFord Foundation Fellowships: Ethiopia . .
1999 MSU Africa Internet Connectivity Workshop
New African Courses. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Fourth Annual Midwest Graduate Student Conference in
African Studies at MSU.. . . .


Amharic Summer Institute
The Center welcomes participants to the MSU Amharic Intensive Summer Program which began on June 21, 1999. Attending the program are:Gertrude Croom, Professor of International Relations at Grand Rapids Community College; Valerie Eley, Howard Univ.; Cher Love McAllister, Temple Univ.; Leah Niderstadt, Oxford Univ.; Zakia Posey, Penn State Univ.; Leslie Rollins, East Tennessee State Univ.; Jill Rowe, Wayne State Univ.; Lahra Smith, UCLA; Vajra Watson, UCBerkeley; and Brian Zarzecki, Arizona State Univ.

MSUFord Foundation Fellowships With the support of the Ford Foundation, MSU announces the creation of three competitive fellowships for beginning graduate students in African studies interested for completing an M.A. and Ph.D. in an MSU academic department.

The Fellowship offers support for a 15-month African studies immersion program beginning June 1999 for the study of Ethiopia, consisting of

*five-weeks of intensive Amharic language and Ethiopian studies at MSU in summer 1999 (June 17-July 23)

*one semester at MSU in fall 1999 for a full load in Amharic and African studies, enrolled in a graduate department of one's choice and mentored by a Visiting Scholar from Addis Ababa University

*seven-months of immersion in Ethiopian and Amharic studies at Addis Ababa University January-August 2000 Additional fellowships for the study of East Africa and Zimbabwe beginning in fall 2000 will be announced in fall 1999.

The MSU African Studies Center extends congratulations to the recipients of the 1999-2000 awards.They are:

Leslie Rollins received her MA in History from East Tennessee State University (ETSU) and her BA in History from Spelman College.Ms. Rollins served as President of ETSU History Society and was instrumental in organizing a history conference, as well as helping to plan several other cultural programs.She is the author of an article, "Ethiopia, African Americans, and African Consciousness: The Affect of Ethiopia on African-Consciousness in 20th Century America," forthcoming in The Journal of Religious Thought at Howard University.Her studies in Ethiopia will focus on dissertation research concerning twentieth century slavery in Ethiopia and its abolition.Ms. Rollins plans to teach African history at the college and university level.

Jill Rowe received her MPH in Health Education from Tulane University School of Public Health and her BS in Criminal Justice from Georgia State University.Ms. Rowe has worked as a researcher on a medical anthropology grant, to study caregivers of people with HIV in the African American community in Detroit.While at Tulane, Ms. Rowe studied for one month in Cotonou, Benin at the Center for International Languages, University of Benin.In her own words, "This trip was, for me, a life changing event.""It deepened my interest in working towards making a positive contribution in developing both relevant and culturally sensitive international health programs there."Her time in Ethiopia is a step toward this goal.

Zakia Posey received her BA in Anthropology from Pennsylvania State University.Ms. Posey has researched pieces of Ethiopian cultural material from the 1950's while working as a volunteer for Pennsylvania State University's Matson Museum of Anthropology.The following year she created an exhibit entitled ìRural Ethiopian Craft Goods from the Mid-Twentieth Century.îMs. Posey has also studied abroad in Kenya, where she researched the settlement of the Northern Swahili coast from the 8th - 13th centuries AD.This trip prompted her to shift her academic focus to cultural anthropology.During her time in Ethiopia, she plans to use the results of her research to assist in the creation of new agricultural development policy for the region.

1999 MSU Africa Internet Connectivity Workshop MSU is continuing its third summer Africa Internet Connectivity Workshop on campus July 5-15 with nine visiting Zambian and South African scholars with support from the U.S. Information Agency.The program is a joint program of H-Net: Humanities and Social Science On-Line and the African Studies Center.

The nine specialists from Zambian and South African museums and archives are training in utilizing Internet and web technologies for democratic communications with a focus on archive and museum programs.After two weeks at MSU, the group will visit Washington, D.C. for a week to visit various national institutions and review their uses of the web technologies in public programming.

The participants in summer 1999 are:

Karunananda Chetty is Associate Director of the Documentation Centre and Librarian at the University of Durban, Westville, South Africa.He received a Masters of Arts in Computers/ Librarianship from the University of Natal.

Vesper Hichilombwe Chisumpa is a Lecturer in the University of Zambia's Social Development Studies Department.He received a Masters in Arts at the University of Ghana, and his major field was Population Studies.

Anthea Josias is the Coordinator of Collections and Computerization at the Mayibuye Centre in the University of the Western Cape, South Africa.She received a B. Bibl (Honours) degree from the University of Western Cape, and her major field was in completing the following modules: Research methodology; Library management; International and Comparative Librarianship; Information Technology; Mini Thesis: Digitizing Museum and Archival Collections, with special reference to the Mayibuye Centre, UWC.

Madelaine Meyer is the Principal Archivist in the Computer Processing Division, and Information Systems Division for the National Archives in Pretoria.She earned a Masters of Arts Degree in History from the University of Pretoria.

Tomaida Chilumbu Milingo is a Lecturer for the Department of Language and Social Sciences Education at the University of Zambia.She is a representative from CIVITAS Zambia - a network of civic education NGOs. She received a Masters in Arts from the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom, and her major field was Education. Her research interests include gender, religion, and education and women.

Khwezi Mpumlwana is the Manager of Education at Robben Island Museum, Cape Town, South Africa.He received a B. Bib. Degree from the University of Western Cape.His major fields are Librarianship, History and English, and Information Science.

Elizabeth Msadabwe has been the Chief Librarian of Zambia Library Service.After arriving in Zambia in 1968, she served as Chief Cataloguer for five years.After her marriage in 1973, she served as Provincial Librarian for the Western Province for 20 years, running a network of small libraries throughout the province.She received an Associate of the Library Association degree at the Manchester College of Librarianship, and her major field was Library Studies. Matongo Mugwagwa is a Statistician/Analyst for the Ministry of Education in Lusaka, Zambia.She received a degree in Geoinformatics from the ITC in the Netherlands. Her major field was cartography and GIS.

Zanele Riba is an ANC Archivist, in Johannesburg, South Africa.She received a Bachelors in Social Science at the University of Cape Town.Her major field is Industrial Sociology and Personnel Management.

Visiting Scholar Professor Asmerom Kidane, Dean of the College of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Asmera, Eritrea will be on MSU campus until mid to late-August.His field of interest is applied statistics and econometrics.While on campus, Professor Asmerom will be working on a book dealing with the quality of data of African macro-economic and price data.During his stay, he will be interacting with Professor John Strauss.Professor Asmerom may be contacted by calling Professor John Metzler in the African Studies Center; phone: 353-1700.

International Visitor in Agricultural Economics Moulaye Ely Diarra, data processing manager of the Malian Agricultural Market Information System (OMA Observatoire des MarchÈs Agricoles), visited the Department of Agricultural Economics in May and June, 1999.He worked with College of Agriculture and Natural Resource computer specialist Margaret Beaver, computer support staff Brian Hoort and Chris Wolf, as well as John Straatz and Youssouf Cisse (all with Ag Econ) on the development of improved data processing techniques for the OMA.MSU works closely with the Malian agricultural market information system as part of the activities undertaken by the MSU-USAID Food Security II Cooperative Agreement.

MSU Student Receives Research Grant The Rockefeller Foundation awarded a Rockefeller Foundation African Dissertation Internship to Mr. Blessing Maumbe, in support of dissertation research on the topic "The Economics of Smallholder Cotton Production and Pesticide Use in Zimbabwe," at Africa University in Mutare, Zimbabwe.The 12 month internship began May 1, 1999.

Publication "Ethiopia: Traditions of Creativity" has been edited by Raymond A. Silverman and published by Michigan State University Musuem, in association with the University of Washington Press, Seattle and London. This publication presents the work of fifteen contemporary Ethiopian artists and artisans, and essays on Ethiopia's visual traditions by twelve scholars from various countries and academic disciplines.If ordered before August 1, 1999, there will be 30 percent off the cover price.For details, contact: Publications, Michigan State University Musuem, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824-1045, Phone: (517) 432-5124; Fax: (517) 353-0676; email:

Faculty News Gerry Adams (Botany & Plant Pathology) recently returned from a one-year sabbatical in South Africa working on molecular and applied research on forest tree diseases.He attended the opening ceremony and then began his work at the Center for Excellence in Forest Pathology, known by the name of Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute. Adams completed research on a canker disease of Eucalyptus in Indonesia, South America, Australia, and the Congo.He also discovered several new pathogens in the South African forest plantations and has completed research on some aspects of these.Additionally, he discovered and researched an organism that he hopes to patent with MSU as a new biological control agent for tree diseases.

Course Announcements AEC 861"Agriculture in Economic Development" AEC 861 is normally offered in Fall Semester, and taught by Prof. Tom Reardon. Since Prof. Reardon will be on sabbatical leave this Fall, Prof. Rick Bernsten has agreed to teach the course. To give Prof. Bernsten enough time to prepare for this, we need to know very soon how many students would be interested in taking the course.Please let Prof. Bernsten, or Sherry Rich, know as soon as possible if you are definitely interested in taking AEC 861 this Fall. The next scheduled offering of the course will be Fall 2000.

Fall 1999 HST 362 "West Africa and the African-American Connection" is being offered by Professor David Robinson. Classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday from 1:00 to 2:20 p.m. This course is designed as a foundation for Comparative Black History and as a key to understanding African history. It examines the politics, economy and culture of West African societies during the period from about 1500 to the end of the precolonial period.For more details contact Professor David Robinson, 104 Berkey or 318 Morrill Hall; phone:353-8898; email: hours are Wednesday, 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.

Virtual University Class (Every Semester) RD 876, "International Rural Development" is a course designed for people who care about improvement in human condition in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.It is offered as a web-based course every semester.This "live" seminar is taught by Professor George H. Axinn, Professor Emeritus. The course is offered as a graduate credit course, for three credit hours, and as a non-credit course.Individuals in development agencies in Africa, who have access to the Internet, are encouraged to enroll.Preview the class on the web at: or contact Professor Axinn via email at:; or fax: (517) 353-8994.

Fall 1999"African Literature" and Spring 2000"Literature Studies African and Diaspora" ENG 363 "African Literature," a course on African, Caribbean and African American Literature is being taught this fall on Tuesday and Thursday, 3:00 - 4:20 and ENG 463"Literature Studies Africa and Diaspora," will be taught spring 2000 on Tuesday and Thursday, 12:40 to 2:00 p.m.For details contact the instructor, Professor Salah Hassan, Dept of English, 201 Morrill Hall, email:

Course Revision EC 414, "Economic Analysis: SubSaharan Africa," taught by Professor John Strauss has been moved from Fall 1999 to Spring 2000.For more information about this change, contact: Professor John Strauss, Economics Department, 102 Old Botany; phone: 355-1863; email:

Fourth Annual Midwest Graduate Student Conference in African Studies at MSU The MSU graduate students in African Studies and the African Studies Center invite graduate students to the 4th Annual Midwest Graduate Student Conference in African Studies.The conference will be held on September 10-12, 1999 at Michigan State University. This is an interdisciplinary conference meant to provide graduate students from all over the country, especially those from the Midwest, with an opportunity to present their work in a collegial and friendly atmosphere. For more information about registration and accommodation write to: 4th Annual Graduate Student Conference, African Studies Center, Michigan State University, 100 International Center, East Lansing, MI 48824-1035.Further queries may be directed to: Tim Carmichael,, Ghislaine Lydon,, or Manelisi Genge,

MSU International Photography Competition MSU Office of International Studies and Programs and the MSU Alumni Association are sponsoring the First Annual International Photography Competition.They are in search of good, quality photos that artistically depict connections between MSU's mission and the rest of the world.Entry deadline is Wednesday, September 15, 1999.For more information, official competition rules, and entry form contact: MSU Office of International Studies and Programs, Michigan State University, 207 International Center, East Lansing, MI 48824-1035; Phone: (517) 355-2350; website:

OTHER ANNOUNCEMENTS African Studies AssociationAnnouncement Loree D. Jones has been appointed as Executive Director of the African Studies Association (ASA), the largest scholarly association for the study of Africa.The appointment was announced by David Wiley, ASA President. Wiley commented, "Ms. Jones brings to the position an outstanding record of interest in Africa, graduate study about Africa, experience in West Africa, involvement in African studies in the U.S., and proven administrative experience in NGOs.After an exhaustive search, she was the unanimous choice of our ASA Search Committee."

Jones will join in organizing the Association's Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, PA this year, November 11-14. Details on the meeting may be found at: http// ASA_Menu.html.She can be contacted at the ASA Secretariat at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ or c/o her email address:

South African Historical Journal, Issue on Gender History The South African Historical Journal is soliciting articles for a special issue on gender history in South Africa. Manuscripts that address a wide range of gender related topics, including theoretical aspects as well as specific case studies are being sought. The issue will appear in November 2000.The deadline for submissions is June 30, 2000.

For more details on the submission policy, see the Guidelines for Contributors in the most recent issue of the South African Historical Journal or email further inquiries can also be directed to Louis Grundlingh, Rand Afrikanns University, co-editor at this email address.

Tobias International Essay Competition The Institute for the Study of Man in Africa at the University of Witwaterstrand, Medical School in South Africa is looking for contribution for its 1999 Phillip V. Tobias International Essay Competition.Submissions of no longer than 6,000 words on the topic ìThe City in Africa and the Challenges of Transitionî should be submitted no later than October 31, 1999.The double-spaced, original and two copies of the essay must be submitted in English.The essay should represent the results of original research or critical appraisal and should constitute a significant contribution to current debates on the topic.The contest winner will receive US$1,000 and the Institute's assistance in seeking a publisher.Send entries to The Institute for the Study of Man in Africa, Room 2B10, University of the Witwatersrand, Medical School, York Road, Parktown, 2193, SOUTH AFRICA, website:

CONFERENCES Southern African Media Workshop The Graduate Programme in Cultural and Media Studies (Univ of Natal, Durban, SA) and World Association for Christian Communication will host a seminar on "Political Economy of the Media in Southern Africa," April 24-29, 2000.

The 1990's decade has seen significant shifts in the political economy of the Southern African media - newspaper, broadcasting, cinema and telecommunications.Southern African governments have re-regulated the airwaves; in print, state-owned newspapers are now in competition with commercial ventures, some of which are funded by global interests; in telecommunications, South Africa's Telkom is playing a major role in systematising sub-continental infrastructures, and leading the trends towards privatisation. Despite considerable work being conducted in and on each of the countries which make up SADC, little of the work evidences a transnational regional emphasis, where the transnational interrelations are examined.

Call for Papers The committee seeks to have a critical and regionally integrated discussion on issues relating to the political economy of the Southern African media, and on methods of analysis, theory and transnationalism. Contributions from at least one scholar from each of the SADC countries: South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Mauritius and Mozambique are sought.Applicants are requested to submit an abstract by August 31, 1999.

For further details contact Professor Keyan G Tomaselli, Programme Director, Graduate Programe in Cultural and Media Studies, University of Natal, Durban 4041, South Africa; Phone: +27-31-260-2505; Fax: +27-31-260-1519; email:

Conference on Black Women in Africa and the African Diaspora - June 1-4, 2000. The Afro-American Studies and Research Program at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) will host an international and interdisciplinary conference on ìBlack women in Africa and the African Diaspora.î

The organizing committee is looking for panel and paper proposals that address the broad topics of identity, culture and politics in both the historical and contemporary lives of Black women in Africa and the African Diaspora.The conference goal is to foster cross cultural dialogues and discussions on Black women's research and further course development in Black Women's Studies.Send a onepage paper abstract and/or panel proposal to the conference chair by August 15, 1999.For more information contact Alice Deck at (217)-333-7781; fax: (217)-244-4809; email: a; or write to Professor Alice Deck, BWAAD Conference Chair, Afro-American Studies & Research Program, University of Illinois, 1201 West Nevada St., Urbana, IL 61801.

FELLOWSHIPS Peace ScholarDissertation Fellowships 2000-01 The United States Institute of Peace invites applications for Peace Scholar Dissertation Fellowships offered by its Jennings Randolph Program for International Peace.These fellowships are intended to support the research and writing of dissertations addressing the sources and nature of international conflict and the full range of ways to prevent or end conflict and to sustain peace.All disciplines are welcome. Applicant must be a doctoral student at a U.S. university who will have completed all requirements for the doctoral degree except the dissertation by September 2000. Citizens of any country are welcome to apply. The application deadline is November 15, 1999.For application or inquiries contact: United States Institute of Peace, Jennings Randolph Program for International Peace, 1200 17th Street NW, Suite 200, Washington, DC 20036-3011; phone: (202) 429-3886; fax: (202) 429-6063; email:; web:

The American University in Cairo (AUC) African Graduate Fellowship2000-2001 The African Graduate Fellowship program is a competitive fellowship program for bright, highly motivated African students interested in pursuing a Master's degree at the American University in Cairo (AUC).Application forms and required documents should be received on or before February 1, 2000. For specific details or an application package contact your home institution or write: c/o The American University in Cairo, 113 Kasr El Aini Street, PO Box 2511, Cairo, Egypt; tel: 20-2-357-5530; fax: 20-2-355- 7565; email:; web site:

JOBS Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) The UUSC is a non-profit, non-sectarian organization that works for justice and human rights in the United States and overseas.It serves as a multi-cultural constituency around the world and seeks a staff that reflects that diversity. Qualified individuals are invited to apply for the following two openings:

Program Associate The Program Associate for Africa will be part of a team working on international human rights issues in a program combining support for grassroots human rights agencies overseas with public policy advocacy and constituency education in the United States.Must have lived in a developing country in Africa for at least three years, worked on human rights issues (including women's rights), preferably in Africa, have solid knowledge of human rights issues, and speak fluent French.Must also be willing and able to travel to Africa periodically.


The Writer position is created to handle the increasing volume and variety of writing and to bring in-house some work that had been previously contracted out.Must have demonstrated ability to write everything from speeches to newsletter articles to fund-raising appeals.Candidates may apply by sending a resume to the attention of: Louise Vrande, 130 Prospect St, Cambridge, MA 02139-1845; tel:(617)- 868-6600; fax: (617)-868-7102; email:


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