MSU Tuesday Bulletin (4), 02/08/'96

MSU Tuesday Bulletin (4), 02/08/'96



Major subheadings: events, MSU announcements, other announcements, Africa-related courses at MSU, conferences, grants, fellowships, scholarships, jobs


February 8, Thursday, "Language, Life, and Choice: A Study of Domestic Workers' Lives in Colonial Swaziland" African Studies Center Brown Bag with Sarah T. Mkhonza (Graduate Student, English Department, MSU) 12:00 noon, Spartan Room C, Crossroads Food Court, International Center.

February 15, Thursday, "Decentralization of Agricultural Decisions: Training of Ugandan Extensionalists in the Use of Oxen African Studies Center Brown Bag with Dick Roosenberg (Executive Director, Tillers International, Kalamazoo, MI) 12:00 noon, Spartan Room C, Crossroads Food Court, International Center.

February 15, Thursday, Morocco Summer Program Informational Session sponsored by the MSU Overseas Study Office, 4:00 p.m., Spartan Room E, Crossroads Food Court, International Center. Contact Cindy Chalou at 353-8920 for more information.

February 22, Thursday, "Community-Based Tsetse Control in Kenya" African Studies Center Brown Bag with Richard Bernsten (Faculty, Agricultural Economics, MSU) 12:00 noon, Spartan Room C, Crossroads Food Court, International Center.

February 29, Thursday, "French Political Theory and the Dilemmas of Malian Local-Level Governance" African Studies Center Brown Bag with Jamie Thompson (Consultant, Associates in Rural Development, Inc., Visiting Scholar, Indiana University), 12:00 noon, Spartan Room C, Crossroads Food Court, International Center.

March 7, Thursday, Spring Break - No African Studies Center Brown Bag this week.


African Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship applications for Academic Year 1996-97 and Summer 1996 are available at the African Studies Center. The MSU Intensive Summer Language Institute will be Amharic for 1996. Deadline for submission of all references, transcripts, and forms relating to the FLAS application is February 16, 1996.

CASID (The Center for Advanced Study of International Development) FLAS awards are made for all levels of Arabic, Portuguese, and Swahili and intermediate and advanced levels only of Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish. Additionally, applicants must have a strong international development focus. FLAS applications for Summer 1996 and academic year 1996 - 1997 are available in the CASID office, 306 Berkey. Deadline February 16, 1996.

1996-97 Thoman Fellowship Program applicants are being sought. Application forms are available from the Office of the Dean, International Studies and Programs, 207 International Center. Application deadline is March 1, 1996.


Applications are being accepted for the CASID/WID Fellows Program. Sponsored by The Center for Advanced Study of International Development (CASID) and the Women and International Development Program (WID), the competition is open to all faculty who are currently tenured members of the CASID or WID core faculty and who do not hold an administrative position. Applications for the Fellows Program are currently being accepted through March 1, 1996. Contact Gail Campana at CASID. Phone: (517) 353-5925. Fax: (517) 353-4840. E-mail:

Africana: Select Recent Acquisitions (No. 150 - December 1995) has been published by the MSU Africana Library. This quarterly publication contains bibliographical information on the Library's latest acquisitions on African religion, philosophy, history, geography, education, music and language. A copy is available at the Africana Library, and the African Studies Center.

Applications are being accepted for the Summer 1996 Intensive Amharic and Ethiopian Studies Program. Sponsored by the Consortium for Interinstitutional Collaboration on African and Latin American Studies (CICALS), qualified GLCA, HBCU, and ACM faculty and students are encouraged to apply for the summer 1996 program in Amharic with a closely coordinated seminar on Ethiopia. These programs will be coordinated through MSU's African Studies Center and the Department of Linguistics and Germanic, Slavic and African Languages. Up to 15 fellowships will be offered through grants from the Ford Foundation. The deadline for applications is March 11, 1996.


Kalamazoo College invites applications to participate in academic year study abroad programs in Nairobi, Kenya, and Dakar, Senegal. The deadline for the 1996-97 program is March 15. Contact: Michael Vand de Berg, Center for International Programs, 1200 Academy Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49006-3295. Phone: (615) 337-7133.

Tillers International has published its 1996 schedule of workshops and activities. Over 50 classes are being offered, teaching practical skills for working oxen, draft horses, low-capital farming, blacksmithing, woodworking, and overseas applications. Staff members, volunteers, and guest instructors bring deeper experience to these classes. The newest staff member is Dave Kramer, who has returned from 3 years of teaching woodworking and blacksmithing in Uganda.

Tillers has an interest in refining and sharing skills for international rural development, and therefore strives to better understand the farming and crafts which built America's rural communities.

February's classes include: "Yoke Building", "Animal-Powered Development Strategies", "Making Marking and Layout Tools", "Intermediate Smithing", "Draft Animal Logging", and "Sharpening Tools". March's classes include: "Woodcarving", "Blacksmith Primer & Demos", "Ox Driving Clinic", "Oxen Basics and Yokes", "Sharpening Hand Saws", and, "Hand Planes--Sharpening and Use".

Tillers has an International Rural Development Series, including classes concentrating on analysis of strategies: "Animal-Powered Development Strategies" (Feb. 3), "Economics of Draft Animals" (Oct. 12), "Micro-Enterprises in Rural History" (Nov. 23). Classes applying low-capital technologies include: "Refining Animal-Power -- A Package", "Powering International Projects with Draft Animals", "Building Village Infrastructure", "Powering International Projects with Draft Animals", and "Powering Overseas Projects with Animals". Other classes concentrating on practical tools for development are: "Making a Road Grader", "Making A Water Drum Cart", and "Agricultural Tools and Implements".

Students from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Botswana, and Lesotho may qualify for 2 weeks support from the WK Kellogg Foundation. This is a great opportunity to examine the potential of low-capital techniques for increased rural production for use in the student's home economy. Contact Tiller's International for more information.

For a 1996 Catalog of Workshops and Activities, contact: Tillers International, 5239 South 24th St., Kalamazoo, MI 49002. Phone and Fax: (616) 344-3233.

The University of Minnesota offers academic year study abroad programs for undergraduates and graduate students in Kenya and Senegal. For details, contact MSID, The Global Campus, University of Minnesota, 106M Nicholson Hall, 216 Pillsbury Drive SE, Minneapolis, MN 5455-0138. Phone: (612) 625-3379. Deadline for priority consideration is February 15.

"Folklore and Instruction in Africa." is the title of a special issue of the journal, "The Folklore Forum". There is a call for papers for this special issue, which will explore the uses, abuses and transformation of folklore in formal, informal, and non-formal instruction in Africa. The submission deadline is March 15, 1996.
Contact: Lisa Gilman and Ernest Okello Ogwang, Folklore Forum, 504 N. Fess, Bloomington, IN 47405. Phone: (812) 336-0426. Fax: (812) 855-4008. E-mail:

"Africa" is the title of a business newsletter-magazine about Africa to be jointly produced by U.S.-Africa Chamber of Commerce and The Marek Enterprise, Inc. (MAREK). This publication will provide American and African perspectives about the trends in economic development among the countries of Africa, the trends in commerce and trade between the U.S. and the countries of Africa, and it will highlight emerging business opportunities. Contact: The U.S.-Africa Chamber of Commerce, 1899 L Street, NW, Fifth Floor, Washington D.C. 20036 USA. Phone: (202) 331-7053. Fax: (202) 331-1809. Or contact: The Marek Enterprise, Inc. 11733 Bowman Green Dr., Reston VA 22090. Phone: (800) 575-2735. Fax: (703) 709-6328. E-mail:


Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships for 1996-1997 are being offered through the Center for African Studies at The Ohio State University. Funded by the U.S. Department of Education under the FLAS (Title VI) program, Summer Quarter (for 1996 Intensive language study) and Academic Year (1996-97) fellowships will be awarded. Awards are available for applicants proposing to study Arabic, Hausa, Swahili, Yoruba, or Zulu. The deadline for receipt of applications for academic year fellowships is May 17, 1996, and for summer fellowships is March 29, 1996. Contact: The Center for African Studies, The Ohio State University, 314 Oxley Hall, 1712 Neil Avenue, Columbus, OH 43210-1219. Phone: (614) 292-8169. Fax: (614) 292-4273.

UNDP/World Bank/WHO Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Disease (TDR) and the International Development Research Centre of Canada (IDRC) have developed a joint initiative to encourage and support operational research on the most efficient means of promoting, implementing and sustaining IIBN interventions in different settings. Proposals should describe the objectives of the research and how they will be evaluated, the type of implementation and promotion that is proposed or under way in terms of both financing and delivery. Proposals should be submitted by February 28, 1996. Application forms are available at the address below. Proposals will be reviewed in March 1996 by the Task Force on Insecticide-impregnated Bednets. Contact: Dr. J. Cattani, WHO/TDR, 1211 Geneva 27, Switzerland. Phone: (+41) 22-791-3737. Fax: (+41) 22-791-4854. E-mail:


Call for Papers for the 39h Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association to be held in San Francisco, California on November 23 to 26, 1996. The complete Call for Papers for the 1996 Annual Meeting is now available on the ASA web site. The print version will appear in the next issue of the ASA News which should reach the membership by the end of January. Members are encouraged to use the forms in the ASA News for the submission of proposals, or they can use the forms available from the web site. Proposals are due by March 15, 1996 and they will not be accepted by fax or e-mail. Membership dues must be paid by the time of your submission. Nonmembers must preregister or seek exemption with their submission. ASA Web Page URL: tml

Africa 96 is the title of a conference on "Business, Trade, Investment Opportunities and Expo on Africa" to be held on April 10-13, 1996 at the Phoenix Civic Plaza, Phoenix and organized by AMI Consultants. Further information is available in Room 202 Agriculture Hall at Michigan State University. Information cannot be given over the phone.


Central Washington University is seeking applications for a position in African history, with a specialty in sub-Saharan Africa, and complimentary fields in either Islamic or South Asian history. Applicants are expected to have attained their Ph. D. or to have earned it by September 15, 1996. For further information, contact Dr. Beverly Heckart, Chair, Department of History, Central Washington University, 400 E. 8th Ave., Ellensburg, WA 98926-7553. E-mail: Phone: (509) 963-1655.

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