MSU Tuesday Bulletin (6), 02/20/'96

MSU Tuesday Bulletin (6), 02/20/'96



Major subheadings: events, MSU announcements,
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February 22, Thursday, "Community-Based Tsetse Control in Kenya" African Studies Center Brown Bag with Richard Bernsten (Faculty, Agricultural Economics, MSU) 12:00 noon, Spartan Room C, Crossroads Food Court, International Center.

February 29, Thursday, "French Political Theory and the Dilemmas of Malian Local-Level Governance" African Studies Center Brown Bag with Jamie Thompson (Consultant, Associates in Rural Development, Inc., Visiting Scholar, Indiana University), 12:00 noon, Spartan Room C, Crossroads Food Court, International Center.

March 7, Thursday, Spring Break - No African Studies Center Brown Bag this week.

March 14, Thursday, "Work, Leisure, and Institutions in Peasant Agriculture" African Studies Center Brown Bag with Dejene Aredo (Faculty, Addis Ababa University, Visiting Scholar, MSU) 12:00 noon, Spartan Room C, Crossroads Food Court, International Center.

March 21, Thursday, "H. F. Verwoerd as an Academic" African Studies Center Brown Bag with Roberta Miller (Director, CIESIN, Saginaw, Michigan), 12:00 noon, Spartan Room C, Crossroads Food Court, International Center.

March 28, Thursday, "Botswana and Its New Financial Policy" African Studies Center Brown Bag with Leapetswe Malete (Graduate Student, Physical Education, MSU) and Scholar Puso (Graduate Student, Business Administration, MSU), 12:00 noon, Spartan Room C, Crossroads Food Court, International Center.


A warm welcome to Laura Arntson who has joined the staff of the African Studies Center as Coordinator of the Africa Media Program (AMP). Dr. Arntson will be responsible for the general administration of the AMP. Laura Arntson joins us from Berkeley, where she was affiliated with the Department of Anthropology and the Beatrice Bain Research Group at the University of California. Laura received her Ph.D. in Folklore (Ethnomusicology) from Indiana University in 1992. Her dissertation research focused on bala (xylophone) performance among Koranko and Maninka speakers in northern Sierra Leone. During 1993 and 1994, Laura was in the Sankaran region of Guinea, West Africa, studying women's marriage songs, notions of boundaries and identity, and the history of the Sankaran Maninka. Laura's research interests range from musical and verbal performances of history and identity to issues of ethnicity, social relations, and the role of local knowledge (including rumor) in refugee-host interactions. Laura is currently the Secretary/Treasurer of the Mande Studies Association and is more than willing to speak with others about research in Manden West Africa. We are delighted to have Laura as part of our Center and a member of the Africanist community at MSU. Laura will be located in the AMP office, Room 10 ISP.

Prof. Ken Harrow (English Department, MSU) is editing a special issue of Matatu, a European journal specializing in African literature. This issue deals with women and African cinema. He is seeking book reviews on any aspect of African cinema. The deadline is March 1st, 1996. For more information contact Ken Harrow, Department of English, Morrill Hall, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824-1036. Fax: 517-353-3755. E-mail:;


The 1995 issues of Pan African Development Information Systems (PADIS) Newsletter (Ethiopia) is now available from Penn Web site. The URL is:

Penn African Web site is now completely indexed and searchable.
The URL is: http://www/sas/

A Summer Study Program in Cote d'Ivoire which allows a firsthand exploration of the culture, traditions, and arts of West Africa is being offered by Drew University. Students will take courses in African studies, art, and art history, and are introduced to the ways in which art reflects the social, economic, and cultural changes taking place in modern Africa. Artists have a special opportunity to learn craft techniques by working with village artists. The program dates are from July 20 to August 17, 1996. Drew encourages applications from undergraduate and graduate students, college and K-12 faculty, and artists. Application deadline: April 1, 1996. For more information, contact: Drew in West Africa: Cote d'Ivoire, African-American/African Studies Program, Drew University, Madison, JN 07940. Phone: (201) 408-3013, or -3383.

A Research Affiliate Program for college and university faculty is offered by the Center for African Studies at the University of Florida. The program enables African specialists at institutions without adequate resources for African-related research to increase their expertise on Africa through contact with other Africanists on campus and by using the African-related resources of the University of Florida libraries. Two one-month appointments--each with an allowance of $1,500--will be available for the 1995-96 academic year. Recipients of the awards will present a seminar paper on the research conducted during their stay. Affiliates may begin their appointments any time after receipt of the award and complete it before August 11, 1996. Application deadline: April 15, 1996. For more information and an application, contact: Agnes Ngoma Leslie, Outreach Director/RAP, 427 Grinter Hall, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611-2037. Phone: (904) 392-2187. Fax: (904) 392-2435.

'Africa 96' is the title of a conference on business, trade, investment opportunities, and Expo on Africa to be held April 10 - 13, 1996 at the Phoenix Civic Plaza, Phoenix, Arizona. In addition to the expo, there will be workshops and panels/roundtables with a number of invited speakers and dignitaries in attendance. For more information, contact: 'Africa 96', c/o AMI Consultants, 3030 N. Central Ave., Suite 601, Phoenix, AZ 85012. Phone: (602) 279-7278. Fax: (602) 279-7703.


Two special summer courses in International Development Cooperation will be offered for graduate credit in the Summer Semester 1996. "International Development and Sustainability" (RD826, PLS826, or FOR 826; 3 credits; May 13 - June 3, 1996) is designed to help students understand the concepts of development and sustainability in an international development setting. The course is divided into five primary modules: International Development and Sustainability, Natural Resources and Sustainability, Natural Resource Economics and Sustainability, The Political Context for Development and Sustainability, and, Social and Cultural variables Affecting Sustainability. Instructors: Dr. Scott Witter and Dr. George Axinn (Resource Development), Dr. Karen Potter-Witter (Forestry) and Dr. Jeffrey Riedinger (Political Science).

"Administration of International Development" (RD878; 3 credits; June 4 - 27, 1996) is a comparative international course focused on administration and implementation of sustainable rural development in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. It is designed to help students increase their understanding of such management functions as planning, organizing, staffing, financing, and directing international development activities; their appreciation of the role of women in international development, of interdisciplinary systems approaches; of the collaborative mode in international cooperation; their awareness of the United Nations specialized agencies, national government bilateral organizations, non-governmental organizations, foundations, etc; and their ability to describe, analyze and compare development projects and programs. Instructor: Dr. George Axinn.
For more information, contact: Prof. Scott Witter: phone: (517) 353-6787.
E-mail:; or, Prof. George Axinn: phone: (517) 1913.

Special arrangements can be made for students not seeking credit or for students not enrolled at MSU to enroll in these classes through the MSU Lifelong Education Program or Fee for Service.


The American Forum for Global Education and The United Nations Association of the United States present "An International Conference on Global Education and the United Nations commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the U.N. and 25th Anniversary of The American Forum Bridges to the Future." The theme, "Bridges to the Future", will be used as a vehicle to analyze the current state of the world community and the contributions of global education to world understanding. More importantly, the theme will help understand the challenges of the future both for the United Nations, and for educators who are concerned with preparing young people for a changing world. The conference is designed to appeal to multiple audiences: educators, academics, administrators, and professional development individuals; and representatives from non-governmental organizations and institutions which address global perspectives. The conference convenes at the United Nations on Thursday, April 6, and at the Sheraton New York Hotel on Friday and Saturday, April 7 and 8, 1996. The hotel is offering a special rate of $140 (for a single) for reservations mentioning "The American Forum", to be booked by March 15 by calling 800-223-6550. Contact The American Forum for Global Education 120 Wall Street, Suite 2600, New York, NY 10005. Phone: (212) 742-8232. Fax: (212) 742-8752.
E-mail: ncode@lGC.ORG

Call for Papers Special Issue on Social Change in Southern Africa. "Critical Sociology" is planning a special issue which will explore emerging social trends in Southern Africa resulting from the various and crucial political transitions of the 1990s. Although special focus will be on South Africa, but papers which can illuminate central aspects of social change within or between neighboring states are also welcome. Topics include, but are not limited to: political realignment, ethnicity, community organizing, gender, labor, international relations, rural transformations, media and culture, education/health, migration, and family and politics and religion. Send completed manuscripts by April 1, 1996, or send an abstract/outline and a tentative schedule for completion. Send all manuscripts to Thembisa Waetjen, c/o Critical Sociology, Department of Sociology, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403. Phone: (217) 333 1950 (Department).
Fax: (217) 333-5225.
Print mail: Department of Sociology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 326 Lincoln Hall, 702 South Wright Street, Urbana IL 61801.


The Center for African Studies, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign seeks a Specialist in Education who will coordinate the Center for African Studies Outreach Program. Candidates should have an advanced degree in a humanities or social science discipline, with concentration in African Studies. Knowledge of a language spoken in Africa in addition to English, and experience with K-12 teaching and/or curriculum development are useful attributes. The position is currently half-time but it may develop to a full-time position. Appointment begins August 21, 1996. Continuation of this position is dependent on funding from the U.S. Department of Education. Applications are due by March 31, 1996. Contact: Center for African Studies, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 210 International Studies Building, 910 S. Fifth Street, Champaign, IL 61820. Phone: (217) 333-6335. Fax: (217) 244-2429.

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