MSU Tuesday Bulletin [8], 10/22/96

MSU Tuesday Bulletin [8], 10/22/96




October 22, 1996 EAST LANSING MI 48824-1035







Please submit information on Africa-related events or news seven to 10 days in advance of the day it should appear in the Tuesday Bulletin. Submissions may be brought, faxed, or e-mailed to the African Studies Center, Room 100, Center for International Programs, Michigan State University. Telephone: (517) 353-1700 Fax: (517) 432-1209, E-mail:


October 22, Tuesday

The Department of fisheries and Wildlife announces "Biodiversity of Lake Malawi: Fish Taxa and Behaviors" presentation by ichthyologist, Dr. Jay Stauffer(Visiting from Penn State University ). The presentation will take place at 7:30pm in room 128 of The Natural Science Building.

October 23, Wednesday

Dr. Stauffer will also present "The Use of Fish Predators to Control Vectors of Parasitic Diseases: Schistosomiasis in Lake Malawi--A Case History" Department of Fisheries and Wildlife Brown Bag, 12:10pm Room 338 Natural Resources.

October 23, Wednesday

"The Robben Island Years and the South African Struggle for Freedom," The Hon. A.M. Kathrada, Member of Parliament and Special Counselor to President Mandela - In this informal address, Mr. Kathrada will reflect on the Robben Island Experience of himself, President Mandela, and others in the ANC and other non ANC political prisoners. 4:00pm, MSU Library, North Conference Room W449 (West Wing Elevators).

October 24, Thursday

U.N. Flag Raising Ceremony, City Hall Speaker: The Hon. A.M. Kathrada, Member of Parliament & Special Counselor to President Nelson Mandela (Kathrada is currently on campus visiting MSU), 10:00am, City Hall, Downtown Lansing. Music provided by Sexton High School Band. Entertainment performed by Lansing area elementary schools. Color Guard will be presented.

October 24, Thursday

"Runyakitara: Uganda's 'New' Language" African Studies Center Brown Bag with Janice Bernsten (Faculty, English, University of Michigan, Flint); 12:00 noon, Spartan Room C, Crossroads Food Court, International Center.

October 24, Thursday

"Reflections on Two Years in the New South Africa and Future Prospects," Hon. A.M. Kathrada, Member of Parliament and Special Counselor to President Mandela. 3:30 pm, Spartan Rooms B & C, Crossroads Food Court, International Center (followed by a reception).

October 24, Thursday

As part of the Fall 1996 Epidemiology Seminars, Jeanne Courval, Ph.D. will present: "Analysis of Open Randomized Trials Comparing Artemether to Quinine for the Treatment of Cerebral Malaria in African Children", 4:30pm, C-102 East, Fee Hall-Patenge Room.

October 28, Monday

United Nations Day Dinner and Reception Honoring Gillian Sorenson. Reception and dinner will be in the Big Ten Room of the Kellogg Center, beginning at 5:30p.m., dinner served at 6:30 p.m. Gluna awards will be presented. Tickets are $16.00, which includes parking. To purchase tickets, contact: UNA Center & Market Place at (517) 485-4324 or Ann Fouts at (517)332-1226.

October 31, Thursday

"Local-Level Rural Associations and the Consolidation of Democracy in Mali" African Studies Center Brown Bag with John Uniack Davis (Graduate Student, Dept of Political Science, MSU); 12:00 noon, Spartan Room C, Crossroads Food Court, International Center. MSU ANNOUNCEMENTS

United Nations Day Observance

Saturday, October 26, 10:00a.m. to 4:00p.m. United Nations International Booths and Exhibits will be at the Frandor Shopping Center. Booths and exhibits will feature colorful displays. Also, ethnic arts, crafts, sweets and goodies will be for sale.

Community Volunteers for International Programs

The Scholarship Committee of the Community Volunteers for International Programs will sponsor the World Gift Shop at the Global Festival, Sunday, November 10, which will be held at the MSU Union Building from noon to 5:00p.m. All proceeds go to the Scholarship Fund. The World Gift Shop is asking for donations in the form of handicrafts and other articles that you may have received on your travels. For example, coins, dolls, carvings, jewelry etc. The items must be received by Thursday October 31. Items may be left at the following location with a list of what is being donated and the countries of origin: CVIP Office, room 103, MSU, Center for International Programs (1-5pm). For further details, contact: Avis Butler at 332-4596 or Lois Sollenberger at 349-1862.


WARNING National Library of Poetry

In Tuesday Bulletin #5, October 1, we transmitted an advertisement for cash prizes for poets who submit poetry on any subject to the National Library of Poetry, which advertises itself as "the largest poetry organization in the world."

Two U.S. academics have urged us to indicate to readers that they believe this organization misrepresents itself and, at a second stage, requests very high fees and book purchase orders from authors. The African Studies Center is seeking to contact the organization directly and will report the results of our conversations in the next issue of the Tuesday Bulletin.

The African Studies Association ASA Deadlines

The African Studies Association (ASA) would like to remind members and friends of the up-coming deadlines for the 39th Annual Meeting in San Francisco 23-26 November 1996.

October 18, 1996 is the deadline for PRE-REGISTRATION. You may fax your form if you charge fees to your Mastercard or Visa account Phone: 404-329-6433.

October 23, 1996 is the last day to make RESERVATIONS at the Embarcadero Center Hyatt and receive the meeting discount. Please call 1-800-233-1234, the hotel is filling up fast.

October 1, 1996 was the last day to reserve for DAY CARE. This deadline has been extended. Please call 415-474-0450 or E-mail ( Day care will NOT be available on a drop in bases you must make advance reservations and if enough people do not reserve it will not be available.

For more information, local arrangements, and the video showings please consult our web page,, or contact: Chris Koch, ASA Executive Director, Phone: (404) 329-6410; Fax: (404) 329-6433; E-Mail:

Operation Crossroads Africa - 1997 Summer Program

...Living/Working/Traveling in Africa; The Forgotten Human Side of Africa; Moving into the 21st Century...Applications are due immediately for program dates beginning the end of June through mid-August. This is an INTENSE living, work and learning experience at the grassroots level in Africa where some of the modern conveniences, taken for granted in Western countries, may not be present. Crossroads participants include students, professionals, persons with skills, persons of goodwill..and others. Operation Crossroads Africa sponsors several categories of projects. The staff and alumni offer a hand to participants in raising the necessary funds for travel and living expenses. Contributions made in behalf of participants are tax-deductible. There will be a several-day Orientation in New York prior to leaving. Brochures and Applications are now available on-line. E-mail your request (with your full snailmail address) to Both: "Summer Info", and Brochure/Application" or for further assistance, contact: LaVerne Brown, Operation Crossroads Africa, Inc. Phone: (212) 870-2106 M-F 10am-4pm EST, Fax: (212) 870-2055, E-mail:

International Workshop - November 11-20, 1996

(CAAS) Center for Afroamerican and African Studies at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor will sponsor a 1996 International Workshop on "Transformations of Power and Culture in Africa"

Across the disciplines, scholars of Africa face the challenge of grasping the significance of culture within broader processes of change. African culture has often been set against the supposedly universal characteristics of modernity, as the world's most striking representation of what used to be called "primitive" or more recently "traditional." Deep assumptions about African culture that derive from late nineteenth and early twentieth century interpretations and representations of Africans and Africa by Europeans, have been serially and powerfully reproduced by nationalists, patriarchs, and others within Africa, and by experts in such globalizing fields as population, the environment, and development. This workshop will question the assumptions inherited by the field of African studies from its colonial and anti-colonial past. Proposals are invited for presentation at the workshop. Among the topics that may be addressed, are the following:

* Literature, Art, and Power

* Culture and Colonialism

* African Representations of Power and Culture

* Assumptions about "African Culture" in Politics, Economics, and Development

* Values, Governance, and Intergenerational Ties

* The African Family--Culture and Social Change

* Power and Accountability in African Communities

* Conflicting Representations of Males and Females in African Societies

Art Exhibition - October 11 to November 22

The DePree Gallery of Hope College is pleased to announce an exhibition of work by Lamidi Olonade Fakeye one of Nigeria's foremost traditional sculptors. A Senior Art Fellow at Obafemi Awolowo University, Mr. Fakeye will be visiting Hope College as an Artist-in-Residence and Presidential Lecturer during the Fall 1996 semester.


1997 African Literature Association Conference...April 16-19, 1997

The twenty-third Annual Conference of the African Literature Association presents: "FESPACO Nights in Michigan: African Film and Literature" hosted by Michigan State University.

The conference will be held at the Kellogg Center. It will focus on recent developments in African film, although papers on literature will be welcomed. The deadline for submission of proposals is November 15, 1996. Plenary sessions will feature African and African American filmmakers, writers and critics, including Assia Djebar, Gaston Kabore, Tsitsi Dangaremgba, Flora M'mbugu-Schelling, Bassek Ba Kobhio, Ngozi Onwurah, Francois Woukouache, Manthia Diawara, Trin T. Minh-ha, Charles Burnett, and others. For more information regarding the conference, contact: Kenneth W. Harrow, Dept of English, Morrill Hall, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824-1036. Phone: (517) 353-7243; Fax: (517) 353-3755, E-mail:


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