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Issue No. 6 Fall 2006
October 3, 2006


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October 4, Wednesday

"Hausa table" every Wednesday round-table discussion with Professor Ibro Chekaraou.Hausa-phones in the Lansing/East Lansing area meet to practice Hausa, 11:30-12:30, MSU Union-(UB Lake Michigan Rm). Direct inquiries to:; or call 353-0746.

October 4, Wednesday

"The Senegalese Family as Seen Primarily in Serer Rural Communities," Special presentation by Abdou Ngom, Faculty, (University of Cheikh Anta Diop, Senegal), 12:00 noon, Room 201 International Center.

October 5, Thursday

"Islamic Brotherhood and Religious Tolerance in Senegal," African Studies Center Brown Bag talk with Abdou Ngom, Faculty, (University of Cheikh Anta Diop, Senegal), 12:00 noon, Room 201 International Center.

October 6, Friday

"Evaluating Freedom in an Emergent Global Economy: Reconstructing Africa's Third Wave," CASID/WID Friday forum with Rita Edozie, Faculty (James Madison College, MSU), 12:00 noon, Room 201 International Center.

October 12, Thursday

"Impact of an Education Policy on Female Pupils' Classroom Behavior and on Female Parents' Attitude towards Their Children's Schooling in Two Niger Elementary Schools," African Studies Center Brown Bag talk with Ibro Chekaraou, Faculty (Linguistics, MSU), 12:00 noon, Room 201 International Center.

October 19, Thursday

"The Neuropsychology of Cerebral Malaria in Ugandan Children," African Studies Center Brown Bag with Michael Boivin, Faculty, (Neurology & Ophthalmology and Psychiatry, MSU), 12:00 noon, Room 201 International Center.

October 19, Thursday

The MSU College of Law extends an invitation to the opening of it's latest art exhibition. A two-part, combined exhibition with a common opening reception at 4:00 p.m., 4th floor atrium of the Law School. (See details below under MSU announcements).

October 26, Thursday

"The Future of the United Nations: How the U.N. Will Continue to Pursue Reform as it Addresses Issues in Lebanon and Darfur and as it Selects a New Secretary-General," seminar with William Davis, Director (United Nations Information Center, Washington, DC), 9:00 a.m., Room 252 Erickson Hall. Refreshments will be served.

October 26, Thursday

"Ethics and Development: Recognizing the Responsibilities of Everyday Bystanders," African Studies Center Brown Bag with Stephen Esquith, Dean (Residential College Arts and Humanities, MSU), 12:00 noon, Room 201 International Center.


Agricultural Higher Education in Africa, Staff Paper available

Professor Carl Eicher's seminar paper on "Agricultural Higher Education in Africa" is now available as an MSU Staff Paper at the following web address:

MSU College of Law, two-part Art Exhibition

The following exhibitions will be on display from
October 19th through the end of November, 2006 on the 3rd floor and 4th floor atrium of the MSU Law School:

Building Islam in Detroit: Foundations, Forms, Futures

A Collaborative Research Exhibition with Photography Installation by Elshafei Mohamed. This part of the exhibition will be displayed in the 4th floor atrium of the Law School. Comments by Sally Howell, exhibition
organizer and the artist will convene at 4:15 p.m. This project has received generous support from the
University of Michigan International Institute and the Rackham Graduate School. Additional support was
provided by the MSU College of Law. For a glimpse of what you will see in this exhibit, go to:

Displaced Sudan: The Cost of Silence

A Photographic documentary by Ryan Spencer Reed.
This exhibition includes 35 photographs and will be displayed on the 3rd floor exhibition area and the 4th floor (adjacent to elevators). Comments by Ryan Reed, the photo journalist will be at 4:30 p.m. in the 4th floor atrium. This project has received generous support from the MSU College of Law, and the MSU's Jewish Studies Program. To get a glimpse of what you will see, go to: For
additional information, contact: Nicholas Mercuro, Professor of Law in Residence, Michigan State
University College of Law, East Lansing, MI 48824; Tel: (517) 432-6978; e-mail:

Eddie Daniels, ANC member to visit MSU in October

South African Eddie Daniels will be at MSU on two
weekends in October and on weekdays, Friday, October 13th, Monday morning, October 16th, Thursday
afternoon, October 19th, and Friday, October 20th all day. Eddie Daniel's was a member of the African Nationalist Congress (ANC). He has written an autobiography
entitled, There and Back: Robben Island 1964 to 1979 (Third edition, 1998). He is a popular lecturer among young people and is being requested to speak in Haslett, Okemos, and other area high schools. If you would like to set up individual meetings with Mr. Daniels over the two weekends, please consult John Metzler, African Studies Center Outreach Coordinator at (517) 353-1700; or e-mail:

Extended Deadline for Compton Peace Fellowship

Michigan State University's African Studies Center (ASC) and Women and International Development
(WID) Program are offering Compton Africa Peace
Fellowships to graduate students from Sub-Saharan
Africa to support their dissertation field research in Africa. This program is an element of the MSU African Higher Education Partnerships Initiative (AHEPI).
These dissertation fellowship awards are made possible by a grant from the Compton Foundation through its Peace Fellowship Program for addressing peace,
conflict resolution, and security in Africa.

The goal of the Compton Fellowship Program in Peace and Security is to strengthen intellectual capacity in Sub-Saharan African nations and institutions that can address the challenges of conflict resolution, peace, and security issues intra- and internationally. The
fellowships will support exceptional Ph.D. degree
candidates at MSU from Sub-Saharan Africa who intend to return to their country or region of origin after completing their studies. A secondary goal is to promote the integration of environment, peace, and/or population issues in graduate-level study and research.
The Compton Foundation's peace and security program focuses on a variety of activities and issue areas which include: resolving and avoiding international and
regional conflict; reducing the threat from weapons of mass destruction; and broadening the definition of national security to include environmental and
population aspects. Students eligible for the Compton Africa Peace Fellowship Program at MSU must:

  1. Be citizens of a nation in Sub-Saharan Africa and not be seeking citizenship or residency abroad.

  2. Be enrolled in a Ph.D. program at Michigan State University.

  3. Be candidates for the Ph.D. degree in any of a variety of disciplines, such as political science, sociology, anthropology, history, public policy, criminal justice, social work, communications, economics or agricultural economics, and law and pursuing an eligible research topic (see next section).

  4. Provide evidence that all requirements for the Ph.D. degree (including comprehensive examinations and departmental approval of the dissertation proposal) will be completed except for the dissertation fieldwork and write-up by the time they plan to begin fieldwork with the Compton funding.

  5. Be pursuing a dissertation that requires fieldwork in Africa for a minimum of six months and a maximum of 12 months for collection of qualitative or quantitative data.

For Information on eligible research topics and
application forms please visit:

Completed application forms must be submitted by mail and e-mail to: MSU-Compton Fellowship Committee,
c/o David Wiley, African Studies Center, 100
International Center, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan 48824-1035; Tel: 517-353-1700;

Fax: 517-432-1209; e-mail: The
application deadline is November 15, 2006,
beginning in the 2007 calendar year.
for research

MSU Global Festival, Nov. 19th, MSU Union

Come Travel around the World in a Day at the Annual MSU Global Festival, Sunday, November 19, 2006,
from 12:00 noon to 5:00 p.m. in the MSU Union.

MSU international student organizations and area
nationality groups, representing dozens of countries around the world, will share their cultures with exhibits, performances of ethnic dances and music; fashion
shows; and demonstrations of native games and crafts. There will be an entire floor of children's activities.

Enjoy delicious foods found at the international café between 12:00 and 3:00 p.m. or ala carte available all afternoon. Purchase gifts at the Global Gift Shop. All proceeds are used for scholarships for spouses or
international students. Admission is free. More details found at:

The African Education Research Group (AERG)

The AERG has been active in the college for years, and welcomes any students and faculty who have an interest in education in Africa. AERG sponsors a number of activities such as discussions by MSU Africanists and visiting scholars on topis related to education in Africa, "practice" sessions for students who are preparing for professional presentation or a doctoral defense to get feedback, films on different aspects of education in Africa, opportunities for linkages with scholars from other institutions, and social interaction with people who share similar interests in education in Africa.

The AERG is looking forward to several visits by
African educators and community activists this
semester. The film, "Shooting Dogs," a film about Rwanda, has been scheduled. The film has been
heralded by a number of organizations who have
recognized the importance of the film as a valuable tool in raising awareness of contemporary genocide. A
current visitor from Rwanda will be available to lead a discussion on the film, which has not been released in the U.S., yet.

Anyone interested in participating with the AERG may send their name and e-mail address to: Hilda Omae, e- mail:


Travel Mother Earth First Annual Essay Contest

Travel Mother Earth is a unique international
organization that blends world travel with personal and spiritual development. An invitation is being extended for students to participate in the Travel Mother Earth First Annual Essay Contest, the general theme of which is "Why I Would Love to Go to Africa."

There is no entry fee for this contest for essays received on or before November 14, 2006.

Essays submitted after that date will incur a $10
processing fee. The deadline for entry is December 1, 2006.

Contest Requirements:

  • Participants must be enrolled in either, an accredited college or university, throughout the academic year 2006 2007.

  • Essays should not be less than 1000 words and must not exceed 2500 words. (Essays longer than 2500 words will not be considered.)

  • Essays must be submitted electronically, using the following link:

  • Essays must be submitted no later than November 14, 2006 to qualify for free entry.

All submissions are final and cannot be revised once they are received. Participants are asked not to contact Travel Mother Earth regarding the status of a
submission. The winner(s) will receive an all-expense paid trip to Senegal, in spring/summer 2007. The goal in creating this contest is to encourage our next
generation of leaders to expand their vision for change and growth, personally as well as globally, while
exploring the rich inner journey to be gained from a travel experience with Travel Mother Earth.

Complete contest details, as well as a full orientation to Travel Mother Earth, are available at:


Physicians for Human Rights (PHR)
Health Action AIDS Kenya Program Associate

Physicians for Human Rights (PHR), an international NGO based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is hiring for a new staff position, to support their AIDS advocacy networks in East Africa.

PHR has partnered with the Kenya Human Rights
Commission to expand their network model to Kenya. PHR is looking for a dynamic person with experience in Africa and a passion for AIDS advocacy and community empowerment to provide support to the Kenyan
leadership team.

To read more about this position and view the job
description, visit:

Page Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar, Ph.D.

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