About SAD?

About SAD?

SAD is an independent electronic newsletter of critical and progressive thinking on political, cultural, social, and economic life in Sudan and Africa. Critical and progressive thinking mean that which tends to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and understanding of alternative visions for a better future for Sudan, Africa and the World. SAD aims to assist activists in their efforts to attain better future.

SAD will feature on regular basis one or more texts by Sudanese and non- Sudanese writers that the Editor believes it would contribute to the development of critical culture in Sudan and Africa. Comments and responses about one of these texts will be compiled in another sperate text to be produced as a new edition of SAD. Your active participation would make this ambitious forum of dialogues possible.

To subscribe to SAD send mail to : with the words Subscribe SAD as your subject. To mail a response send a message to the same address with the words "response SAD(X)" where (x) is the number of the volume.

You are free to post all or part of this newsletter to other relevant places in electronic or printed forums with acknowledgement.


Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar

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