MSU Tuesday Bulletin- Spring No. 7, '94

MSU Tuesday Bulletin- Spring No. 7, '94


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^^^^^^ March 1, Tuesday, "Radical Empiricism as a Basis for Understanding ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ the Creative Process of Improvisation in Zimbabwe" Special Guest Seminar co-sponsored by the African Studies Center and the MSU School of Music, Linda Williams (Ph.D. candidate, Ethnomusicology, Indiana University), 201 International Center, noon.

March 3, Thursday, Sambizanga - An African film in the series ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Women Depicting Women," sponsored by International Studies and Programs. This is a Thursday series of international films about women, produced and directed by women. Room 206, Old Horticulture, 7:15 p.m. Free and open to the public. For more information, call 355- 2350.

March 3, Thursday "Employment Growth among Small Enterprises in ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Africa" African Studies Center Brown Bag, Donald Mead (Faculty, Agricultural Economics, MSU), 201 International Center, noon.

March 4, Friday, "Gender Issues, Land Tenure Policy Issues, and ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Environmental Decisions by Rural Women in the Gambia" Society for International Development (SID) Luncheon Seminar, Nanette Hegamin (Visiting Scholar, Department of Family and Child Ecology, MSU), 117C Crossroads Cafeteria, noon.

March 15, Tuesday, at U of M, "Majestic Rides into the Afterlife: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Coffins and Status in an African Community" University of Michigan's Center for AfroAmerican and African Studies (CAAS) Brown Bag, Nii Quarcoopome (Faculty, CAAS and History of Art, University of Michigan), Robert E. Hayden Lounge, 111 W. Engineering Bldg., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, noon. For information, contact CAAS at 764-5513.

March 17, Thursday, "Income Diversification for Food Security by ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rural Households in Africa" African Studies Center Brown Bag, Tom Reardon (Faculty, Agricultural Economics, MSU), 201 International Center, noon.

March 17, Thursday, "Relationship between Malaria Transmission ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Intensity and Disease Severity in Kilifi, Kenya" Epidemiology Seminar, John Beier (Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health), A-216 East Fee Hall Conference Room, 4:30 p.m.


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Harold Marcus (Faculty, History and African Studies Center) has ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ received a MSU 1993-94 Distinguished Faculty Award. His outstanding achievement was recognized at an awards convocation on February 15 at the Wharton Center. Congratulations Dr. Marcus' Education, Society and Learning in an African Context is a summer ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ course in Zimbabwe from June 30 - August 7, 1994 sponsored by MSU's African Studies Center, Department of Teacher Education, and the Office of Overseas Studies. The coordinators are John Metzler (African Studies Center and Teacher Education) and Anne Schneller (Education).

The program includes (i) lecture-discussion sessions on Zimbabwean society (history, culture, contemporary politics and economics) and a thorough examination of the educational system; (ii) visits to a wide variety of educational programs and institutions as well as trips to a cross-section of economic and cultural sites; (iii) two extended visits out of Harare to the major regions of Zimbabwe; and (iv) a week-long internship with an educational institution which relates closely to each participant's special area of interest.

In addition to earning credits in education (undergraduate or graduate), students have the opportunity to pursue independent studies in anthropology, English, geography, history, political science, and sociology. The program has also received the endorsement of the MSU Center for Integrative Studies/Social Science. As a result, participants will be able to fulfill part of their social science general education requirements. MSU credits earned through this program are transferable to other U.S. institutions. The coordinators would like to recruit practicing teachers. Practitioners can earn either graduate level credits or Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

For more information, contact either John Metzler at (517) 353-1700 or Anne Schneller at (517) 355-5522. Or, write to the African Studies Center, 100 Center for International Programs, MSU, East Lansing, MI 48824-1035. E-mail: 21248JM@MSU.EDU


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ PeaceNet World Service is an electronic mail news publication which ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ covers specific areas of the world, including Africa, and global issues such as aid and development, the environment, health, and human rights. Each day, three to ten articles along with a table of contents is delivered as a single E-mail message. PeaceNet World News Service is a non-profit, non-commercial service dedicated to a free and balanced flow of multi-sourced news featuring first hand international news. The anchor of PeaceNet World News Service is the Inter Press Service (IPS). IPS aims to improve South-South and South- North news flows. In addition to IPS, PeaceNet World News service includes sample articles from the PeaceNet (with selected stories from AfricaNews On-line) and EcoNet computer networks. Sources also include the Pacific News Service, the United Nations Information Centre, Third World Network Features and others.

Current regional digests posted are: Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Eastern Europe (including Russia and CIS). Issue digests are: Aid and Development, International Environmental Issues, International Health Issues, United Nations, and Human Rights. The cost of the PeaceNet World News Service is $4 per month ($12 for three months) for one digest and $2 per month ($6 for three months) for each additional digest. Orders for a three month subscription will receive one month free. Subscriptions can be cancelled during that first free month for a refund. For more information, contact: Institute for Global Communications, PeaceNet World News Service, 18 De Boom St., San Francisco, CA 94107. Phone (415) 442-0220. Fax: (415) 546-1794. E- Mail:

Horn of Africa Bulletin is now available electronically on the ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Association for Progress Communications (APC) network under the conference title lpi.hab. For more details, contact: Everett Nelson at LIP, E-Mail:

Newspapers available online include Ghanian Chronicle from ~~~~~~~~~~ News@midnight. The Weekly Mail and Guardian is exploring the use of internet to make its files available on a pay to read basis. Contact: Philip Machanick (Department of Computer Science, University of the Witwatersrand) at

"Aid to Agriculture: Reversing the Decline" is a Food Policy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Report (December 1993, No. 17) from the International Food Policy Research Institute. This report and other publications are available free of charge. Contact: International Food Policy Research Institute, 1200 Seventeenth St., NW, Washington, D.C. 20036-3006. Phone: (202) 862-5600. Fax: (202) 467- 4439.

The African Archives and Museums Project aims to help strengthen ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ and invigorate the work of archives and museums in Africa. The program awards grants of up to $15,000 in support of activities that will preserve significant but especially endangered collections; document, catalog, and display special holdings; and enhance public access to museum and archival resources. It will also consider sympathetically any urgent collection activities for which time may be running out. This project is administered by the Joint Committee of African Studies of the Social Science Research Council and the American Council of Learned Societies with funding from the Ford Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation. Archives and museums in sub-Saharan Africa are invited to submit applications to this competition by the <>. Address inquiries to: African Archives and Museums Project, SSRC, 605 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10158. Phne: (212) 661-0280. Fax: (212) 370-7896.


^^^^^^^^^^^ The 25th Annual Conference on African Linguistics will be held ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ March 25-27, 1994 at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The Center has a copy of the schedule of presentations as well as information on housing, transportation and registration. (Mention <>.) Or, contact: Akinbiyi Akinlabi, Department of Linguistics, 18 Seminary Place, New Brunswick, NJ 08903. Phone: (908) 932-7289 or 932-8432. E- mail:

The Third International Sudan Studies Conference will be in Boston ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ April 21-24, 1994. For more information, contact: Richard Loban and Carloyn Fluer-Loban, Rhode Island College, Providence, RI 02908. Fax: (410) 456-8379. E- mail: FACLOBBAN@RIC.EDU


^^^^^^^^^^^ Miriam J. Kelley African Scholarship Grant Program is intended to ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ encourage MSU African students to study at MSU and in turn make a contribution to the development of their country. Women are strongly urged to apply. The scholarship makes at least two awards of $1,000 annually. The number of awards made and actual award amounts depend on the quality of proposals and the resources available. Applicants must be MSU African students in good academic standing. The grants have an emphasis toward educational enhancement of women. Applicants should be MSU students on a temporary visa. They must describe the factors which suggest the likelihood of returning to their home country, have demonstrated capacity to achieve their goals, and have the assertiveness to seek further opportunities to advance their education. Applications may be submitted at any time, but <>. Applications are available in the Office of International Education Exchange, 103 International Center.

Homer Higbee International Scholarships recognize one U.S. student ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ and one international student at MSU who emulate the attributes that Homer Higbee personified. Homer Higbee dedicated his professional life to international educational exchange in the 25 years that he served in MSU's Office for International Studies and Programs. The recipients will have made significant contributions to the enhancement of international and cross- cultural understanding and cooperation at MSU through service and activities. To apply or to nominate someone else, contact the Office for International Education Exchange for an application in 103 International Center. <>.

American University in Cairo (AUC) provides up to ten highly ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ competitive fellowships each year to students from throughout sub-Saharan Africa. The fellowships cover tuition fees and health insurance for students in any of AUC's 12 masters programs: Arabic Studies, with specializations in Islamic Art and Architecture, Arabic Language and Literature, or Middle Eastern History; Business Administration; Economics; Engineering; English and Comparative Literature; Mass Communication; Middle East Studies; Political Science; Political Science/Development; Public Administration; Sociology-Anthropology; Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language; or Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Fellowships do not cover living expenses and recipients are strongly encouraged to secure support from donor agencies in their home country. <>. For more information, contact: Mulki Sharmani, African Fellowship Program, Office of Provost, AUC, P. O. Box 2511, Cairo, Egypt. Phone: 20-357-6922. Fax: 20-355-7565. E-mail: OAS@EGAUC.BITNET


^^^^ African History joint visiting appointment is available from the ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Department of History and the Africana Studies Program at Bryn Mawr College. Candidates with research and teaching interests in any region of sub-Saharan Africa <> southern Africa are invited to apply. The appointment will begin in September 1994 at the level of assistant professor (must have Ph.D. in hand) or beginning associate level. Candidates should send a c.v., a cover letter describing research and teachng interests, a sample syllabus, and dossier or three letters of recommendation to Jane Caplan, Department of History, Bryn Mawr College, 101 N. Merion Ave., Bryn Mawr, PA 19010- 2899. <>. The committee cannot guarantee to review applications received after that date.


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Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar

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