MSU Tuesday Bulletin- Summer No. 2, '94

MSU Tuesday Bulletin- Summer No. 2, '94

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   |  AFRICAN STUDIES CENTER       |      Academic Year         |
   |  100 INTERNATINAL CENTER      |      Summer No. 2          |
   |  EAST LANSING, MI 48824-1035  |      August 23, 1994       |

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September 1, Thursday, "Political Culture in an Unconsolidated Democracy:  Survey
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Results from Zambia" African Studies Center Brown Bag
with Mike Bratton (Professor, Political Science, MSU), Crossroads Cafeteria,
International Center, noon.

Sept. 5 - 10, Mon.-Sat., <> will be held at MSU.  The conference theme is
"Rethinking Ethiopian Studies".  For more information, contact, Dr. Harold
Marcus, Convener, TICES, Ethiopia Projects Office, 12 Linton Hall, Michigan State
University, East Lansing, MI 48824-1045  (see related article under MSU
Announcements section).

September 8, Thursday, <>, a national
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  traveling exhibit that explores the aesthetic traditions
of Ethiopia, will be on exhibit from July 24 - December 16, 1994 at the MSU
Museum and the Kresge Art Museum. For more information regarding the many exhibit
activities, call the MSU Museum (517) 355-7474, or Kresge Art Museum (517)
355-7631.  A Gallery Walk will be held September 8, 1994 at 7:00 p.m. in the MSU
Museum Galleries.  The public is invited to join museum interpreters on a tour
of the exhibit.    

September 15, Thursday, "An Introduction to the Histories of Ethiopia"  Ethiopia: 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    Traditions of Creativity seminar with Dr. Harold Marcus
(Distinguished Professor of African History, MSU), MSU Museum Auditorium, 7:30

September 18, Sunday, <> events include
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  "Enqutatash Ethiopian New Year" celebrate the Ethiopian
New Year with music, food, family events, and a tour of the exhibition with
curator Dr. Raymond Silverman, MSU Museum, 1-5 p.m. and the exhibit's opening
reception to be held from 2 - 4 p.m. at the Kresge Art Museum.

Sept. 27-29, Sat. - Mon., <> Educator's Open
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  House will be an informal opportunity for educators to
view the exhibition, gather resource materials and discuss ways to integrate
<> into the classroom curriculum.  September
27 - 29, 3 - 5 p.m., MSU Museum and Kresge Art Museum.  For more information,
call (517) 355-2370.

Professor James Bingen has been named Center Acting Director by Dean Gill-Chin
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Lim, MSU Dean of International Studies and Programs. 
Dean Lim announced that James Bingen, Associate Professor in the Department of
Resource Development and Core Faculty member of the African Studies Center, will
serve as Acting Director of the African Studies Center from September 1994
through May 1995.  Bingen will join the Center as a half-time director to provide
leadership in cooperation with Assistant Director Dr. Yacob Fisseha during the
nine months of David Wiley's Sabbatical leave. 

Bingen brings broad experience to this appointment in French-speaking Africa and
more recent research and work in Senegal and Mali.  He has also coordinated the
MSU Thoman Fellowship Program in recent years.  His recent publications concern
agricultural research management and policy and democratization and agricultural

Wiley will spend his sabbatical in South Africa in a research program that has
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  been supported by the
Fulbright-Hays Program and the MSU All-University Research Initiation Grant

The Center staff welcomes Bingen and looks forward to a productive association
with him.

The Twelfth International Conference on Ethiopian Studies (TICES) will be held
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  at Michigan State
University from September 5 - 10, 1994.  This is the first time that this
triennial gathering has been held in the United States.  The conference theme is
<>.  In addition, conferees will be able to attend
two special sessions not offered at earlier conferences. The Ethiopian Scientific
Society will be organizing a special session on the topic "Science and Technology
Policy in Ethiopia: a Critical Review."  On Friday afternoon and Saturday there
will be panels and presentations organized by and for the Ethiopian-American

The Papers of the XIIth International Conference of Ethiopian Studies will be
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  published
in a multi-volume collection by The Red Sea Press and will be available in
advance of the conference.
Conference sessions will be held at the Holiday Inn-University Place in downtown
East Lansing. Conference registration is:  Presenters: $200, Graduate Students:
$100 ($40 without the pre-proceedings), MSU undergraduates (no pre-proceedings): 
$25, Spouses and non-presenters (no pre-proceedings):  $150; and $30 for those
who wish to attend the special day-and-a-half session sponsored by and for the
local Ethiopian-American community.  MSU students who would like to work on the
conference should contact Dr. Harold Marcus.  For more information, contact: Dr.
Harold Marcus, Convener, TICES, Ethiopia Projects Office, 12 Linton Hall,
Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824-1045.

Ethiopia:  Traditions of Creativity, a national traveling exhibit that explores
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  the aesthetic traditions of Ethiopia, is
scheduled to open at MSU on July 24, 1994 in conjunction with the Twelfth
International Conference of Ethiopian Studies.  Dr. Ray Silverman (Art History)
is the project director and curator of this exhibit, which will run until
December 30, 1994.  The exhibit will feature about 300 artifacts from European,
Ethiopian, and U.S. museums and private collections as well as material recently
collected in Ethiopia specifically for the exhibit.  Artifacts will focus on the
works and lives of living artists and artisans representing various Ethiopian
aesthetic traditions.  

"Ethiopia, Traditions of Creativity">>, will be on exhibit from July 24 through
December 16, 1994 at the MSU Museum and Kresge Art Museum.  Many public programs
will be offered in conjunction with the exhibit, including special lectures, a
film series, guided tours of the exhibit, and a Visiting Artists Program, with
several of the Ethiopian artists featured in the exhibit.   

For more information, call the MSU Museum at (517) 355-7474 for recorded
information,  (517) 355-2370 for further information, or (517) 355-2373 for
information on tours and resource materials. Or call the Kresge Art Museum at
(517) 355-7631 for recorded information, or (517) 353-9834 for guided tour

The MSU Press has published the first issue of <> (ISSN 1073-4600), a new multidisciplinary
journal to be published three times a year.  It will focus on contemporary rural
and urban Africa including:  Urban society, urbanization, urban and regional
planning, and the urban institutions of the world's most rapidly urbanizing
continent; and Rural Africa, the rural society and economy, agriculture, and the
institutions of the world's most rural continent.  The journal has replaced
<> and <>, which was published by the
African Studies Center.  Editorial inquiries and manuscripts may be sent to the
Editor, <>, African Studies Center, Michigan
State University, 100 International Center, East Lansing, MI 48824-1035.  Phone: 
(517) 353-1700.  Telex:  650-277-3148 MCI.  Fax:  (517) 432-1209.  E-Mail: 

The Press will also take over publication of <>, the
first issue of which will be published before the end of the year.  <> (ISSN 0740-9133) is the major North American academic journal
concerning the Horn of Africa.  Published three times a year, it consists of
scholarly articles and reviews as well as items of general political interest on
Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia, and northern Kenya.  Manuscripts (4
copies and one electronic version--preferably in WordPerfect or Microsoft Word)
may be sent to The Editor, Harold G. Marcus, NEAS, Department of History,
Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824-1036.  

One year subscription rates are as follows:  U.S. individual:  $30.00; U.S.
institution:  $40.00; International individual:  $50.00; and International
institution:  $60.00.  There is an $18.00/year charge for international airmail.
For more information and for a copy of the MSU Press' most recent catalog,
contact:  Michigan State University Press, 1405 South Harrison, Suite 25, Manly
Miles Building, East Lansing, MI 48823-5202. 

Africana:  Select Recent Acquisitions No. 144 - June 1994 has been published. 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  For a copy, contact:  Africana Library,
Michigan State University Library, East Lansing, MI 48824-1035.  Phone:  (517)

The Africana Library is seeking to obtain a copy of, <>, by Uma Lele, 1979 or 1985 edition, with a
new postscript by the author, Baltimore:  Johns Hopkins University Press, 276
pages.  The library has a copy of the first edition, printed in 1975, 246 pages. 
Please contact Onuma Ezera or Joe Lauer at (517) 355-2366.

The African Studies Center has a new fax number as of July 22, 1994.  The new
number is:  (517) 432-1209.

Michael Bratton (Professor, Political Science, MSU) has been invited to serve as
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  a member of the Selection Committee for the International
Doctoral Research Fellowship program of the Joint Committee on African Studies
for a one-year term beginning August 1, 1994.  He was selected by the Board of
Directors of the Social Science Research Council, in consultation with the
American Council of Learned Societies.

Memorial Fund for Dr. Kapola Fred Sipula has been established by Dr. James D.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Shaffer.  Contributions will be
delivered by Dr. Shaffer to Dr. Sipula's wife, Pamulo, in Zambia.  Make checks
out to James D. Shaffer, and send to:  Professor J. Shaffer, Department of
Agricultural Economics, MSU, East Lansing, MI 48824.  Phone:  (517) 355-1695.

Issues and Methods of Social Science Research in Africa, Asia, and Latin America
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  and the Caribbean, a
multidisciplinary seminar for Fall semester, 1994:  Issues of Social Science
Research:  Concept, Method, and Praxis, will be held Thursdays from 5:30 - 8:20
p.m. in 309 Berkey Hall.  (See flyer inserted in this bulletin for a complete
description of this course.)

RD 876 International Community Development is a seminar for graduate students
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  concerned with rural community
organization and development as practiced through agricultural extension and
research, production credit for rural women, watershed management, community
forestry, farming systems research/extension, integrated rural development, pond
aquaculture, and other activities.  Analysis utilizes comparative,
interdisciplinary systems approaches to sustainable, gender-sensitive policies,
strategies, programs, and projects currently found in Africa, Asia, the
Caribbean, and Latin America.  It is designed for students who have had or seek
practical field experience in domestic or international development activities. 
This 3-credit seminar will be held Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, Room 306,
Natural Resources Building, 2:40 - 4:00 p.m.  Instructor:  Dr. George H. Axinn,
Professor, Department of Resource Development.  Contact Dr. Axinn, 313 Natural
Resources Building.  Phone:  353-1913; E-Mail 22331GHA.  Or, information is
available at The Center for Advanced Study of International Development (CASID)
in room 307 Berkey Hall.  Phone:  353-5925.

The Development of Semi-Arid Lands is a regional seminar (GEO 850) that will
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  focus on issue of development of semi-arid
lands, with a particular focus upon Africa.  The theoretical approach will be
Political Ecology.  This graduate research seminar will be held on Wednesdays,
3:00 - 5:00 in 140 Natural Science.  Contact Professor David Campbell at

Africare calls for Aid to Rwandans.  Africare is the oldest and largest
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  African-American non-profit organization
assisting Africa and it has launched a major response to the crisis in Rwanda and
calls on concerned Americans to help.  Since the middle of May, Africare has
provided emergency aid to Rwandan refugees in the camps of Tanzania.  Africare's
emergency aid continues and it is preparing to help the refugees start anew once
they are able to return home.  Contributions should be sent to:  Rwanda Emergency
Fund, Africare, 440 R Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20001.  For more
information, concerned people can call Deborah Clayborne or Alameda Harper at
1-800-AFRICARE or (in the Washington D.C. area) 202-462-3614.  Contributions to
Africare are tax-deductible to the extent provided by the law.

Tillers International 1994 Fall Workshops are as follows:  Small-Scale Forage
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Production, September 13-17; Ox
Driving, October 1-2; Introduction to Blacksmithing, October 1-2; Timber Framing,
October 3-8; Raising Timber-Frame Structures, October 8; Blacksmithing for
Toolmakers, November 1-5; and Oxen Basics, November 15-19.  For more information,
contact:  Tillers International, 5239 South 24th Street, Kalamazoo, Michigan
49002.  Phone:  (616) 344-3233.  Fax:  (616) 385-2329.

International Workshop on Trade and Business with Africa will be held  at the
Milwaukee Hyatt ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Regency
Hotel.  The sponsors, International Business and Commerce, Inc., Marquette
University College of Business Administration, and the African American Chamber
of Commerce of Greater Milwaukee, in cooperation with Wisconsin Manufacturers and
Commerce, are determined to help U.S. firms understand the potential of African
nations as trading partners.  This workshop will bring American companies face
to face with African business executives and trade officials.  Many African
nations will be represented at the conference, including South Africa, Zimbabwe,
Botswana, Namibia, Malawi, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Senegal, Niger, Nigeria, Kenya,
Zambia, and Gabon.  About 200 U.S. companies will participate.  Contact:  Chidi
Nwachukwu, Executive Director, International Business and Commerce, Inc., P.O.
Box 17063, Milwaukee, WI 53217.  Phone:  (414) 961-4913.  Fax:  (414) 961-4923.

Fall 1994 Grant Application Deadlines for 1995-96 Graduate Awards: 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Fulbright-Hays
Doctoral Dissertation Abroad - October 1, (campus deadline); Fulbright (IIE)
Graduate Study Abroad (including dissertation research) -  October 1 (campus
deadline); SSRC Doctoral Dissertation -  November 1; SSRC-IPFP Predissertation
Awards:  First Draft -  October 12, Final Draft - November 8, Final Application
- December 2, Mailed to SSRCC circa January 1, 1995; MacArthur Foundation, Peace
and Security Dissertation Awards - December 1; L.S.B. Leakey Foundation (research
on human origins, behavior, and survival, with emphasis on evolution - August 15
and January 2; Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research - May 1;
Joseph L. Fisher Dissertation Awards (from Resources for the future for
dissertations in economics on issues of the environment, natural resources,
energy-3 awards) - April; and the National Science Foundation Awards:  General
Deadline - December 11, Science in Developing Countries - December 1 and March
1, Geography and Regional Science - December 1, and Sociology - October 15 and
May 1.

The National Foreign Language Center Institute of Advanced Studies has announced
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  its 1995
Research Fellow Competition.  The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation provides funds for
Fellowships that enable faculty and students to work at the Institute on their
own projects and to participate in on-going policy discussions at the National
Foreign Language Center.  The Institute of Advanced Study is soliciting proposals
for a limited number of faculty and student fellowships for spring semester,
1995, and for collaborative fellowships for the summer of 1995.  Applications for
faculty and collaborative fellowships will be accepted from junior and senior
faculty members, as well as from researchers not affiliated with academic
institutions.  All applicants should have a demonstrated interest in issues
related to foreign language competence and a record of research capability and
scholarship.  For more information, contact:  Institute of Advanced Studies,
National Foreign Language Center, Fourth Floor, 1619 Massachusetts Ave., N.W.,
Washington, D.C. 20036.

The Population-Environment Fellows Program is sponsored by the United States
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Agency for International Development
(USAID) and administered through The University of Michigan.  The
Population-Environment Fellows Program provides assistance to overseas agencies
that address population-environment dimensions of development.  Fellows are
placed in two-year assignments with host institutions in developing countries,
providing assistance and technical support.

The PEFP supports the capacity of host country institutions to respond to
development problems in an integrated way and develops a cadre of future leaders
with expertise in population and environment issues.  Qualified applicants must
have United States citizenship or permanent resident status; hold a graduate
degree in a relevant area; and have course work or experience demonstrating both
population and environment expertise.

Although applications are reviewed on a rolling basis they should be submitted
as soon as possible.  Contact:  The Population-Environment Fellows Program, SPH
II, Room M M2240, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2029.  Phone: 
(313) 747-0222.  Fax:  (313) 747-4047.

The Rockefeller Foundation African Dissertation Internship Awards for Doctoral
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  students from sub-Saharan Africa are invited to apply
for dissertation research support from the Rockefeller Foundation.  The program
enables Ph.D. students enrolled in U.S. and Canadian universities to return to
Africa for extensive research in involving field observation or use of primary
sources available only in Africa.  Priority is given to research topics in the
fields of agriculture, health, population, life sciences, environment, and
schooling.  Applicants are responsible for arranging affiliation with an African
institution able to provide needed research support, such as laboratory
facilities, access to study sites, and technical advice.  The candidate's 
faculty adviser, the host institution in Africa, and the agency with primary
responsibility for financing the student's graduate work must all send letters
of endorsement.  Deadlines for applications are October 1, 1994 and March 1,
1995.  Candidates should apply well in advance of the expected field work
starting date.  Contact:  African Dissertation Internship Awards, The Rockefeller
Foundation, 420 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10018-2702.

The World Bank is offering a twelve-month fellowship for 1995.  The fellowship
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  covers research costs only and does not support degree studies. 
For a copy of the announcement, contact:  Kim Miller, CASID, Phone:  (517)
353-5925.  Fax:  (517) 353-4840.  E-mail:

The United States Institute of Peace is offering fellowships for the 1995-1996
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  year.  The fellowships are normally twelve
months beginning in september, and support practitioners and scholars working on
projects concerning the sources and nature of international conflict and the ways
of managing conflict and sustaining peace.  The application deadline is October
17, 1994.  Contact:  United States Institute of Peace, Jennings Randolph Program
for International Peace, 1550 M Street N.W., Suite 700F, Washington, D.C.
20005-1708.  Phone:  (202) 429-3886.  Fax:  (202) 429-6063.  TTD:  (202)
457-1719.  Internet:

International Studies Funding sources are listed on "Grants Info," one of the
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  options on the Bulletin Board portion of EMC2. 
Some of the files available include International Studies, Africa, Asia, Latin
America, Europe, Mideast, and Developing Nations.  If desired, funding
opportunities on specific countries can also be supplied.  There are other files
available on Grants-Info that may be of interest.  For instance, the table of
contents from various newsletters such as Federal Grants and Contracts Weekly,
Federal Research Report, Grant Advisor, and ETC Newsbriefs are posted there. 
Notices of new publications in the Foundation Collection ar posted as well as
miscellaneous other notices related to grants and fundraising can be found as
well.  Grants Info is jointly sponsored by the MSU library and the
Vice-President's Office of Research and Graduate Studies.  If you have access to
the Internet, it is also possible to search the Catalog of Federal Domestic
Assistance (CFDA) by keyword. Contact Jon Harrison for further information on how
to access the CFDA.  Jon Harrison, Grants Specialist, WGIG Main Library, Ph: 
355-6669.  E-mail:

Director, Center for African Studies position is open at the College of Liberal
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Arts and Sciences, University of Illinois
at Urbana-Champaign.  The Center is a Title VI National Resource Center
administering an interdisciplinary MA program and an undergraduate minor;  it
supports instruction in numerous African languages, Foreign Language and Area
Studies fellowships, an outreach program, a faculty in over twenty disciplines,
and an outstanding library collection.  For more information, contact:  Professor
Ronald Sousa, Chair of the African Studies Director Search Committee, College of
Liberal Arts and Sciences, 294 Lincoln Hall, 702 S. Wright St., Urbana, IL 61801. 
Phone:  (217) 333-1350.

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar

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