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Tanzania -- Sports, entertainment, and recreation

The most popular sports in Tanzania are soccer and boxing. Tanzania has also produced several world class runners.

For entertainment, Tanzanians enjoy music, dancing and storytelling. Socializing at coffee houses and visiting friends and relatives are important social customs. Young people play checkers and cards while older Tanzanians, especially on the coast play Mbao. This is a very popular game throughout Africa. It consists of one board with two rows of pits filled with seeds or stones. The object of the game is to "eat" all your opponents seeds. Mbao is similar to chess in that masters plan twenty moves in advance.

Movies are also an important form of entertainment. Action packed martial arts movies and Indian movies are some of the most popular. There are twelve AM and four FM radio stations. Tanzanians own more than 640,000 radio sets and they often keep them on all day long.

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