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Rwanda -- Health

Health services are provided by the government-assisted National Welfare Fund and by religious missions. Rwanda's health infrastructure is slowly being rebuilt after severe challenges during the recent crises. Thirty-four hospitals are now operating, together with at least 200 health centers and 70 dispensaries. The last decade has seen a high turnover in trained personnel; nearly 60% of current personnel was forced to flee in 1994.

Rwanda's principal health problems are kwashiorkor, infectious hepatitis, dysentery, malaria, and tuberculosis. Only 50% of the population has access to safe drinking water. Recently, the spread of AIDS has become a further health problem. Trauma has been a major health issue in Rwanda during the last decade. The Ministry of Health published a statement that psychiatric illnesses had increased by 1,000% since the genocide. Aid agencies are struggling to respond to the crisis. UNICEF has trained teachers and health workers to work with over 70,000 children; other agencies operate smaller programs.

Source: Taylor, C.C. 1995. Rwandans. In Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life.


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