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Kenya -- Food

Kenyan cuisine includes ugali, chapati, githeri, goat, Nyama Choma, stews, samosas and sukuma wiki. Ugali is a maize meal, similar to American grits, which is simply cooked in boiling water until it has the same consistency and texture as bread dough. Although it is not very flavorful on its own, it is often eaten with saucy meals and dishes that have gravy. Take some ugali between two fingers and thumb and then scoop up some stew or vegetables and put them all together in your mouth. This way ugali is rather tasty.

Indian cuisine has influenced Kenyan food and several Indian classics have become very typical Kenyan dishes. For example, chapati, a flat bread, is a very common food on Kenya's dinner tables. Samosas, meat filled fried dumplings, are sold everywhere, from street-side vendors to fast food restaurants and they make a tasty snack. Githeri is a stew made from maize and beans. It is a hardy, filling dish to which many different vegetables and sometimes meat is added. Goat is a popular meat. But when it comes to nyama choma, meat roasted over a wood or charcoal fire, it is always beef. As with samosas, nyama choma can be found almost anywhere.

At the heart of every Kenyan meal is sukuma wiki. It is a leaf in the Kale family and is often cooked in a beef flavored gravy. Often, ugali and sukuma wiki is dinner. Sukuma wiki literally means to push the week in Swahili and it is an inexpensive and healthy food.

From Lake Victoria comes good fish such as the Nile perch and tilapia.

Kenya's brewery is Tusker and they produce several varieties of beer including a pilsner and a lager. Many homemade brews such as changaa can also consumed and are made from milk, honey, or other produce.

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