About Lion Lager Beer

From: jqdoumen@is3e.vub.ac.be (DeJean) Newsgroups: alt.binaries.pictures.misc Subject: S-cans004.tif {Beercan} [sh] "South-African Wild Life series: Leopard" Date: 8 Mar 1994 12:49:53 GMT Organization: Brussels Free Universities VUB/ULB Message-ID: <2lhs9h$ffn@rc1.vub.ac.be>

Series of scanned beercans.

--------------------------- *Lion Lager Beer - South-African Wild Life series - number 3: Leopard Ohlsson's Cape Breweries Ltd. - South Africa

--------------------------- TIFF, 8-bit, grayscale, 700x600, 81321 bytes


All cans are scanned on a HPIIc flatbed scanner, converted to grayscale and edited with Photostyler. They are part of a collection, and I welcome other collectors for exchange proposels.