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Meroitic List


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MEROITIC is a mailing list on topics and issues of interest in Sudanese Archaeology from the A-group through the Meroitic Period. Discussion is encouraged on all topics ranging from current digs to linguistics to virtual temples. It is intended to provide a medium for discussion among scholars and students actively engaged in research and study of this very specialized field. Subscription is open and unmoderated. However, postings are carefully scrutinized by the owner to ensure compliance to the rules. Information on how to subscribe follows at the end of this message. Active (on-list) participation in MEROITIC assumes an informed knowledge of ancient Sudan during this time period and knowledge of the rules posted at the URL above; you will also receive a copy of said rules upon subscription. The act of subscribing to the list signifies the agreement of the subscriber to follow the rules and to accept the adjudications of the moderator.

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NOTE: If you wish to remove your address from the list for any period of time, you must unsubscribe from the list. To do so, send the following single-line messages: unsubscribe MEROITIC your name in the body of e-mail to .

It is the obligation of each subscriber to include or remove his or her address from these lists.

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Kharyssa Rhodes
List Owner
University of Colorado
Department of Anthropology
1380 Lawrence Street #400
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Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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