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From: VITA@GMUVAX.BITNET (Volunteers in Technical Assistance) Newsgroups: bit.listserv.devel-l Message-ID: Date: 9 Jul 93 15:27:00 GMT Sender: Technology Transfer in International Development Reply-To: Volunteers in Technical Assistance

Welcome to new subscribers and greetings to all others. Volunteers in Technical Assistance (VITA) appreciates your subscription to the DEVEL-L List and welcomes your postings. This bulletin reminds you how to get the greatest benefit from your subscription. I recommend that you keep it on hand.


In this way you will help your fellow subscribers to benefit from List membership. If you visit developing countries, attend meetings on international development, or find interesting announcements, professional opportunities, articles, or books, tell the rest of us about it. Post your questions, opinions, and so on, primarily related to the List's focus: Technology Transfer in International Development. This topic includes but is not restricted to renewable energy, food production, storage, and processing, health, distance education, water supply, irrigation and sanitation, small-enterprise development, credit programs and marketing, information management, disaster assistance, and rural communications systems. Argument is welcome. The List is not moderated.

Inappropriate postings include: off-topic messages, political activism, "flaming," discussions about the management of the List, replies to inappropriate postings (which should be sent privately to the originator), requests for changes in your subscription, messages to me or to the VITA staff.

To send a message to every subscriber, use the List address:

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ or . Please take care to use this address only to send a message to every subscriber. Use a Subject: tag for every message.

Please keep your messages short to conserve bandwidth and save the resources of subscribers who pay to receive messages. If your message is longer than about 20 kB or 8 pages, post a short summary and invite interested readers to request the complete version from you or from VITA's Distribution Service, described below.

Are you replying to a posting? Please make sure your reply goes to all subscribers if it should. If you use a REPLY command, your reply may automatically go to the original sender of the message but not to the List. It is usually important to send your reply to all subscribers, because the purpose of DEVEL-L is to encourage discussion.

If you have posted a question to DEVEL-L and have received answers that address your problem, please post a summary of replies back to the List.


Please send all changes to: or . Don't send them to the List or anywhere else. Here is what your e-mail message text (not the header) should say:

[To subscribe] sub devel-l [To unsubscribe] unsub devel-l

[To stop List mail temporarily] set devel-l nomail [To restart mail] set devel-l mail

If you are about to lose or change your e-mail address, please unsubscribe promptly. If you go on vacation, stop your List mail; please don't arrange for mail from the List to be acknowledged automatically. It will cause message loops and needlessly burden the system and VITA.


To send a message to the VITA staff, use or . Please include name of the addressee in the Subject line of the message, if you know the name.

You should send a message to VITA if you are having a problem with your subscription. Your message should explain the problem and what you have done to solve it. Please, never send such messages to the List.


If you missed and need a particular posting, send a note to VITA (address as below) with as much information as possible and a manual search will be made, resources permitting. Requests for single back issues of DevelopNet News will be fulfilled on the same basis.

Your List subscription automatically includes VITA's monthly electronic newsletter, DevelopNet News. If you unsubscribe to DEVEL-L, you can still receive the newsletter electronically. Just address an e-mail message to or . The message must say "SUB DNN-L " .

To better serve authors and subscribers, VITA offers a free Distribution Service for longer reports and papers. In this way, people who want the longer items can get them fast by Anonymous FTP request or a specially formatted e-mail message without burdening the system, the author, or VITA. It is important that you help maintain the Service by contributing documents to its archives. Please ask VITA to send details.

Dania Granados List owner, DEVEL-L Volunteers in Technical Assistance (VITA) or

VITA's other addresses: 1600 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 500, Arlington, Virginia 22209, USA; phone (voice) +1 703/276-1800; cable VITAINC; Telex 440192 VITAUI; fax +1 703/243-1865, 24-hour BBS +1 703/527-1086 [9600 baud or less, N-8-1]. FidoNet: 1:109/165.

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