Mitch's K-12 Internet Resources by Topic [Sprague]

Mitch's K-12 Internet Resources by Topic [Sprague]

For the past year, I have been collecting Internet resource information to help Mendocino Unified School District teachers in their collaboration with NASA's K-12 Internet Project.

At this point around 500 files containing text descriptions of the sources and their addresses are cataloged by subject area with more to come. While the list is in no way intended to be comprehensive it does contain some excellent resources.

These resources have been collected from the Gopher Jewels mailing list and NEWNIR-L list as well as other sources. They provide information primarily about gopher and world wide web sites but contain some telnet and ftp information as well.

The resources are now publicly available via the NASA Quest gopher server.

      3.  Internet Resources
     -->  3.  Mitch's Internet Resources by Topic
              1.  About Mitch of Mendocino
              2.  Agriculture
              3.  Art
              4.  Astronomy
              5.  Biology
              6.  Business
              7.  Chemistry
              8.  Economics
              9.  Education
              10. English Journalism
              11. Environment
              12. Foreign Language
              13. Health Science
              14. Internet
              15. Library
              16. Math
              17. Media
              18. Science
              19. Social Studies
              20. Weather
              21. White House

Name=Mitch's Internet Resources by Topic
URL: gopher://

Please mail comments about the resources to:
Mitchell Sprague, Mendocino Middle School
P.O. Box 226, Mendocino, CA 95460

[moderator note: David Riggins, Gleason Sackman and I were able to get together last week and meet. One of the unexpected and greatest pleasures we've gotten from our off-hours projects is the knowledge that we are in some small part actively contributing to K-12 education and curriculum. We are talking sixth grade here! -Bruce]

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