New List for High School History Teachers

New List for High School History Teachers

H-Net has just launched its newest list, H-High-S.

The primary purpose of H-High-S is to facilitate an ongoing discussion of curriculum, instructional strategies, and educational resources involved in teaching history, social studies, and related subjects in American secondary schools. H-High-S is particularly interested in the interdisciplinary curriculum and the use of computers, multimedia, the Internet, and other new technologies.

H-High-S is intended for teachers and soon-to-be teachers, administrators, and other educators. The list is not for high school students. Subscriptions are currently free.

We are pleased to welcome you to this list, this virtual community. Like a real community, a mailing list can provide sources of new ideas, a sounding board for feedback on old (or new) problems, an arena for debate, and perhaps most importantly a network of support, sustenance, and good cheer.

to subscribe, send this one-line message to

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H-High-S is co-moderated by Matthew Hermann, San Ramon Valley High School, Danville, California (, Paul Buelow, University of Illinois at Chicago, (, and Louis Garaventa, Canisius High School, Buffalo, New York (

H-Net sponsors 56 other lists in history, the humanities and social sciences, aimed primarily at scholars. EdTech subscribers will be especially interested in H-Mac, the daily newsletter of the Macintosh and History Society. To subscribe, send this to

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From: patricia s kuntz [
Date: Sun, 11 Dec 1994 11:17:24 EST
From: Richard Jensen, H-Net Central [CAMPBELLD@LYNX.APSU.EDU
Subject: New list for high school history teachers

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