Grants for Computer Technology at the K-12 Level

Grants for Computer Technology at the K-12 Level


The Time Magazine Education Program in partnership with AT&T is pleased to announce its first annual K-12 Internet Contest. The contest will award two grand prizes of $5,000 in computer equipment to the entries that demonstrate innovative use of technology in an educational setting. The two grand prize winners will be from K-8th and 9th-12th grades respectively; in addition, the judges will recognize and reserve the right to publish portions of up to 25 Honorable mention entries.

Founded under the auspices of Time magazine, the Time Education Program (TEP) and a new magazine, Time for Kids, are dedicated to bringing current events learning to the classroom. Directed by a team of educators, writers and editors, TEP publishes weekly 4-page social studies and writing curriculum teaching guides, along with a variety of original resource material, for high school and college teachers. Plans are underway for a new publication, TIME FOR KIDS that may be launched in the fall of 1995 for students and teachers in fourth through sixth grade. The new magazine, which features the same late-breaking types of stories as the "big" Time Magazine, will include charts, graphs, maps and photographs. Teachers who use Time for Kids in the classroom will also receive a weekly, 4-page teacher's guide.

For more information about subscribing to the Time Education Program please call 1-800-882-0852 and for more information about subscribing for Time for Kids, call 1-800-777-8600.


Judging Calendar
1. Call For Entries: NOW through April 20

General Guidelines

2. All entries should be brief, (with a maximum length of 1000 words.) and use the Entry Form at the end of this announcement.

3. Project entries can come from schools, classes, individual educators or educational community centers.

4. Projects must have been completed, not simply planned by the submission deadline date of Friday April 21, 1995.

5. Additional supporting materials may be submitted electronically for inclusion in the WWW site to showcase these projects. Send these to the same email address as you submit the Entry Form. The WWW site for the showcase of these entries will be:

6. Time reserves the right to publish parts of key projects in the Time Education Program teaching guides.

7. Projects may involve collaboration with schools outside of US/Canada, but the initiative for the project should have come from a school in North America.

8. The contest will be announced on AOL, other commercial networks and education listserves beginning on Wednesday, March 15, 1995.

Judging Criteria

It is understood that all entries will be judged, and a final winner will be selected, based on the following criteria. The entry will:

1.) use telecommunications technology in an original, interactive way (i.e. it is not just another "electronic information dispenser");

2.) empower students, through technology, to engage in creative and new forms of learning; does not simply apply technology to traditional teacher-directed learning;

3.) prepare students with skills for the 21st century by giving them direct access/experience with telecommunications;

4.) focus on the *application* of telecommunications technology to a curriculum project, rather than on the technology itself;

5.) be integrated into the standard "must-teach" curriculum.

6.) be designed so that it is all-inclusive of students and teachers who are at the lower end of technology and connectivity to the Internet (i.e. E-mail participation versus WWW-only access.)

7.) result in a product that can be shared with other teachers, students and educators;

8) be easily replicated by others- is not a cost-prohibitive or one-time project that requires unusual amounts of teacher time;

9.) be inclusive in nature--allowing for participation by students of diverse socio-economic backgrounds;

10.) be collaborative in nature, by which students work with students at another school(s) or with members of the community outside of schools;

11.) demonstrates:
* an awareness of current events in the areas related to projects;
* a potential for involvement in civic participation


  Janice Castro    - Time Magazine
  Linda Delzeit    - Academy One
  Ed Gragert       - I*EARN
  Robert Pondiscio - Time Educational Program
  Joshua Quittner  - Time Magazine
  Lucy Rector      - Time Educational Program
  Dan Wheeler      - University of Cincinnati & KIDLINK

Entry Form

Name of person submitting the project:

Zip code:
Telephone number (incl. area code):
Dates this project was done:
Curriculum area(s) of this project:
Description of the project:

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