UIUC Outreach Materials Order List

UIUC Outreach Materials Order List

Date: Wed, 23 Feb 94 09:00:04 CST UIUC Outreach Materials


ORDER LIST Updated 1994

All orders must be PrePaid with a check or money order payable to University of Illinois mailed to:

Center for African Studies University of Illinois, 210 International Studies Blg. 910 South Fifth Street Champaign, IL 61820 (217) 333-6335

Purchasers of materials will be automatically placed on our mailing list to receive the quarterly newsletter Update, which advises of new publications.

The following titles, adaptable to K-12 levels, are of general interest.

Curriculum Materials for Teachers $19.00 (80 items with index contents below)

Outreach Series No. 1 African Names: People and Places $15.00

No. 2 African Games of Strategy $11.00 (board games)

No. 3 Good Tastes in Africa $10.00 (over 70 recipes)

No. 4 Religions in Africa $11.00

No. 5 L'Afrique En Francais $17.00 (204 page handbook for elementary French classes)

Curriculum Materials for Teachers Edition 2 Table of Contents

General Information African Countries, Capitals, Heads of Government, Official Language Changes in African Place Names First Heads of State, Independence Dates Map of Africa Our Human Ancestors Fact Sheet on Cameroon; Ghana: Ivory Coast: Kenya; Mozambique: Nigeria; Senegal: South Africa; Tanzania: Zaire; Zambia; Zimbabwe

Materials Evaluation & Guidelines Choosing and Using African Maps Guidelines for Evaluating Materials about Africa for Children Let's Combat Stereotypes About Africa

Government and Politics Limited Solidarity in Present Day African Communities in Zimbabwe Tanzania's Ujamaa Policy of Development Women's Role in National Development

Agriculture and Economic Development Cocoa Production & Marketing in Third World Development Theory & Reality: World Bank in Ivory Coast Hunger in Africa: Whose Problem? The Oil Palm in West & Central African Society Tourism & Economic Development in Africa/Travel Guides Transportation & Economic Development in Africa

Health, Science and the Environment The Colonial City in Africa Environmental Awareness in Rural Africa How Some Children Classify Insects Learning About Simple Soldering in African Schools Traditional Housing in Africa Traditional Medicine in Africa

Social Institutions Aging in Traditional & Changing Africa Education in Africa Electronic Media of Mass Communication in Africa Islam in Africa The Kola Nut in Traditional Igbo Society Thanksgiving & Christmas Celebrations in Africa: Kwanza

The Arts Adinkra Cloth African Musical Instruments An African Musician's Thoughts on Teaching Music in American Schools Batik Cloth National & International Anthems: Nkosi Sikeleli Afrika Tie-Dyed Cloth

Language and Literature African Oral Literature in Secondary School Curriculum Common Themes in American & African Proverbs/Poetry Creating New Anansi Stories The Cultureal Content of Chinua Achebe's Novels Developing Language Skills Through African Poetry Folk Tales from Sierra Leone Language in African Culture Lingala, "La Langue La Plus Chantee d'Afrique" Nigerian Folk Tales Plays & Other Activities with African Folk Stories Politics in Swahili Proverbs Structure & Function of Proverbs in African Societies Understanding African Folklore

Games Ethiopian Games I Have a Dog (Sierra Leone game) Popular Games for African Children Singing Games from Ghana Sports in Africa

Bibliographies Africa in French African Resources for Language Arts Audiovisual Materials Available Biographies/Writings of Africans Children's Materials on Africa, 3-7 Curriculum Units, 7-12 Information Sources/Resources on Southern Africa Instructional Units Available through ERIC Language in Africa: Bibliography Listening to African Music: Resources for Teaching About Nationalism Selective Resource List on Africa Bibliography of Books on Cameroon

Illinois contact for further information: Outreach Director, Center for African Studies, University of Illinois, 910 South Fifth Street, #210., Champaign, IL 61820.

Editor: Dr. Ali B. Ali-Dinar, Ph.D.
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