Swahili Teaching Resources

Swahili Teaching Resources

SWAHILI RESOURCES West High School Instruction 11 October 1990


Johnson, Frederick. (1939). A Standard English/Swahili, Swahili/English Dictionary. Oxford: University Press. two volumes.

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Zawawi, Sharifa. (1971) Kiswahili Kwa Kitendo. NY: Harper & Row, 290p. 40 lessons, tapes, glossary by class, culture section. PL8702 Z3.


African Family Films, P.O. Box 1109, Venice, CA 90291 Jim Rosellini (213) 392-1020 or Ron Mulvihill (818) 881-8725 Ushirika ni Umoja, 1980, 23 min., $750 film. Arusi ya Mariamu, 1980, 36 min., $450 film.

BAVI, University Ave., Madison (old historical films in English) Africa Changes: A Young Leader in a Young Nation, 1970, 14 min. Africa's Vanishing Wildlife, 1967, 15 min. Dr. Leakey and the Dawn of Man, 1966, 52 min East Africa: Two Life Syles, 1970, 19 min. Industry in Africa, 1970, 13 min. Man of the Serengeti, 1972, 58 min. (Nat. Geo. Soc.) Seeds to Grow, 1973, 22 min. Tanzania: Path of a Nation, 1969, 28 min. White Man's Country, 1973, 51 min.

University of Illinois Film Center 1-800-367-3456 (free catalog).

Learning Support Services, 275/9 Van Hise, UW (slides & tapes) Arusi ya Mariamu, 1980, 36 min. From Sun Up, 1987, 28 min. Ushirika ni Umoja, 1980, 23 min.

Magdalena Hauner, Dept. of African Languages & Literature, 866 Van Hise Hall.

Maryknoll World Video Library, Maryknoll, NY 10545 (914) 941-7590 From Sun Up, 1987, 28 min. $20 video.

Pen Pals

Leo Bellantoni, 150 Langdon #D2, Madison, WI 53703 262-9964.


AFS International, 313 East 43rd St., New York, NY 10017 1-800-237-4636. $2450, age 15-19, 6-8 weeks in Kenya. The Experiement in International, Brattleboro, VT 05301 1-800-345-2929. $4725, age 17, 25 June - 23 August homestay-work camp. International Bicycle Fund, 4247-135th Place SE, Bellevue, WA 98006 (206) 746-1028. $2225 + air, 12 June - 2 July 400 miles of paved road.

Other programs

New Haven, CT: Secondary Schools with Yale University, Dr. Dow, Superintendent, New Have Public Schools. Eugene Vitelli, New Haven Board of Ed. (203) 787-8452. Mary Laury, Bilingual/Foreign Language Supervisor (203) 787-8685. Lonnie Garris, Principal,& Kenya trip (203) 787-8492. Bryant Carter, Language Coordinator, Yale University (203) 432-3424, 432-3414. Dennis Chapman, instructor 1987-88. Ahmad Lali Omar, instructor 1988-89 (203) 772-4462. Ann Biersteker, African Language Coordinator, Yale University (203) 432-3436/38.

Columbus, OH: Middle school and Ohio State University, Ivan Dihoff, Dept. of Judaic & New Eastern Lang. & Lit. (614) 292-9255. Cathy Calahan, instructor. Mifflin International Middle School, 3000 Agler Rd., Columbus, OH 43219 (614) 471-0680.

Editor: Dr. Ali B. Ali-Dinar, Ph.D.
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