Perceptions of Africa- T/F Exam

Perceptions of Africa- T/F Exam


True of False?  (circle one)

1. Much of Africa consists of a rain forest. T F 2. Most African economies are based upon agriculture. T F 3. Few modern/technological cities exist in Africa. T F 4. All Africans are "black." T F 5. Most African nations are governed by white regimes. T F 6. Africa has an abundance of mineral wealth. T F 7. Traditional African religions are prominent in Africa. T F 8. Africa is a country with Nelson Mandela as president. T F 9. Africa changed little until its contact with the West. T F 10. Most African nations received their independence in the 1960s. T F 11. Africa is the same size as continental United States. T F 12. One can see snow in Africa. T F 13. Most African men tend to marry more than one wife. T F 14. Africa is a place of great physical danger from wild animals which roam freely through the countryside. T F 15. Most African art forms such as carved masks would never be used for decoration in an African's home. T F 16. Divination is a popular form of traditional religion. T F 17. Drums are the primary form of communication used in Africa. T F 18. Swahili is a major language spoken in Africa. T F 19. Most Africans speak several languages. T F 20. African political and economic affairs have little interest to the rest of the world. T F

Editor: Dr. Ali B. Ali-Dinar, Ph.D.
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