New IRIN "pagernews" pager service 1998.4.30

New IRIN "pagernews" pager service 1998.4.30

U N I T E D N A T I O N S Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs Integrated Regional Information Network for Central and Eastern Africa

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IRIN - Central and Eastern Africa is pleased to announce a new service.

IRIN-CEA "pagernews" can be delivered by pager to subscribers in Kenya. One-sentence "news flashes" will announce breaking humanitarian news, time-sensitive headlines or exclusives from the IRIN-CEA news and information network. In order to receive this service, you will need to already have a pager. Presently, the IRIN "news flashes" are available only to subscribers of Kenya's Paging Services Limited, but we would be happy to make similar arrangements with other paging companies in the region or further afield, to provide a broader service. If you are interested in receiving this free - and unprecedented - service, please contact us by e-mail, phone or fax with your pager number.

You may also review your currrent subscriptions and request any of the following services at any time.

irin-cea-weekly IRIN-CEA weekly round-ups plus special features irin-cea-updates IRIN-CEA daily Updates irin-cea-extra IRIN-CEA list for press releases, other reports etc irin-cea-graphics IRIN-CEA graphics and maps via e-mail and fax irin-cea-pagernews IRIN-CEA newsflashes delivered to pagers irin-cea-francais-bulletins IRIN-CEA bulletins quotidiens en francais irin-cea-francais-hebdo IRIN-CEA rapports hebdomadaires et speciaux irin-wa-weekly IRIN-WA weekly Round-ups and special reports irin-wa-updates IRIN-WA daily updates on West Africa irin-wa-extra IRIN-WA list for press releases, other reports etc irin-wa-francais-bulletins IRIN-WA bulletins quotidiens en francais irin-wa-francais-hebdo IRIN-WA bulletins hebdomadaires en francais irin-cea-somalia IRIN-CEA list for documents on Somalia

UN readers should contact IRIN for details of subscriptions to newswire and news monitoring services.

Best regards,

IRIN-CEA Nairobi Kenya

[The material contained in this communication comes to you via IRIN, a UN humanitarian information unit, but may not necessarily reflect the views of the United Nations or its agencies. UN IRIN Tel: +254 2 622123 Fax: +254 2 622129 e-mail: for more information or subscriptions. If you re-print, copy, archive or re-post this item, please retain this credit and disclaimer. Quotations or extracts should include attribution to the original sources. IRIN reports are archived on the WWW at: or can be retrieved automatically by sending e-mail to Mailing list: irin-cea-weekly]

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