BDPA Philadelphia NIIT Announcement

BDPA Philadelphia NIIT Announcement


BDPA Philadelphia is proud to present the New Innovators in Information Technology (NIIT) Challenge. NIIT is a cooperative effort by BDPA Philadelphia with the Core Committee support of the Franklin Institute, Paths Prism, Philadelphia School District Division of Education Technology, CRCM, Kelly Woodland (Temple University), Doug Petits (National Society of Black Engineers, Greater Philadelphia Alumni Extension) and Gwynne Smith (ConRail).

The NIIT Challenge will be held May 13, 1995 with an awards reception on May 14, 1995, both at the Franklin Institute. NIIT is intended to provide minority youths interested in Information Technology with a positive educational experience toward academic excellence.

This program challenges students to invent or redefine projects within the scope of information technology. It is BDPA's goal to help minority youth succeed at superior levels of scholastic achievement.

The NIIT Challenge will be held within three age categories: elementary, middle and high school students. The full scope of the program will be implemented for each category. Five students in each category will be selected by the NIIT Feasibility Team to participate on May 13, 1995 at the NIIT Challenge. Students will be recognized and rewarded for their level of excellence.

All applications must be postmarked by January 6, 1995 and must adhered to the student project guidelines. This challenge will be open to all BDPA members, West Philadelphia and Strawberry Mansion school clusters and identified churches and community organizations with appointed liaisons for the NIIT Challenge.

Some components leading up the Challenge are:

  1. School Cluster Focusing
    a. In-school coaching\facilitating
    b. Evolution of a project into IT
  2. Philly BDPA Mini-Conference Presentation and Teacher Workshops
    a. NIIT Roll-Out to Public - October 15, 1994
  3. Career Day Scripts for members about NIIT
  4. Advisors for the 15 project finalists
    a. Effective Presentation Workshops
    b. Reference\Research Advisors
  5. Designated Technology Centers for Student project development
    a. Philly BDPA Technology Center
    b. School Cluster Technology Center
  6. Hotline for NIIT information and resources
    a. Same as Philly BDPA Technology Center
  7. Funding\Proposal -Kelly Woodland (formerly Franklin Inst. PACTS)

Programs of this nature are needed to assist and nurture youth in identifying fields of interest, career opportunities, and to expose them to professionals in various IT disciplines. These programs also allow youth to make more informed decisions as to their curriculum in situations where alternative forms of guidance are inadequate. It is proposed that this preparation will lead to higher rates of application, attendance, scholastic scores, and retention in schools of higher education. By making heroes and heroines of dedicated young African-American and minority youth more minorities will realize they are capable of excelling at academic disciplines. It is the intention of BDPA NIIT to:

1. Enable youth to sharpen and display talents relative to the IT industry by working on innovative projects.

2. Develop presentation and communication skills to prepare youth for "Corporate America" and entreprenuership.

3. Provide an opportunity of exposure in a p rofessional competitive environment.

4. Promote the continuation of studies in the field of information technology.



Leave your name, address and telephone number and ask for the NIIT Student Kit. Or locally, call Pamela White on (609) 858-5904 or Cecilia Spivey, Education Chairperson, on (609) 756-0434.

OR WRITE: P.O. Box 2254, Philadelphia, PA 19103

If you are unsure of what is Information Technology, please respond via BBS or as noted above. The student kit explains Information Technology and all the procedures. You can also obtain the definition on some CD-ROM dictionaries. (note: CD-ROM is a part of information technology)

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