About African Flags Archive

ABOUT AFRICAN FLAGS ARCHIVE ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

These flags encompass both current and recently deceased flags for the countries involved. They were drawn using studio/8 in 256 colors on a Mac IIsi 5/80, using the system palette and saved in a PICT format.

If you find these flags useful or just like them very much I would appreciate a modest tithe of $5.00 ($ U.S.) payable in cash, check or a money order (foreign currency welcome!). I would also appreciate any comments, requests, and particular demands for certain flags along with your pecuniary correspondence. I intend, if there is shareware community interest, in putting out a complete, with text, set of all world flags (some 400!) in the future. I have found commercial products to be very expensive and inferior for a supposedly public product.

Please Send Your Gratitude to:

T.K. Merry Flag Boy Box 1396 Duxbury, MA 02331


P.S. Thank you to the Flag Research Center in Winchester, MA for inspiration!