The Flag of Zambia

THE FLAG OF ZAMBIA, hoisted for the first time at midnight, 23rd October, 1964, symbolizes patriotism and the nation's wealth. Its basic color is green with an orange colored eagle in flight over a rectangular block of three vertical stripes in red, black, and orange (left to right).

Red represents the struggle for freedom; black, the people of Zambia; orange, the country's mineral wealth; and green, the natural resources. The eagle in flight symbolizes the freedom in Zambia and the ability to rise above the country's problems.


Much of Zambia and the country's way of life is symbolized in the coat of arms. The black and white wavy bars in the shield represent the Victoria Falls while the hoe and pick above shield represent the labors of the people in agriculture and mining. As on the flag, the eagle represents the freedom of Zambia and its ability to rise above its problems.

The man and woman symbolize the Zambian family. The man is dressed in bush shirt and shorts, the clothes of a worker and the woman is in traditional dress. The maize cob, the mine shafthead and the zebra imposed on the national color (green), symbolize natural resources- -agriculture, minerals, game, and the land. The scroll carries the national motto--"One Zambia, One Nation".