Uganda Embassy in the U.S.

UGANDA- Embassy of the Republic of Uganda

Chancery:  5909 - 16th St. NW. 20011 (726-7100, 7101, 7102 and 726-
Chancery Annex:  5911 - 16th St., NW. 20011.
(FAX 726-1727)

National Holiday:  Independence Day, October 9.

His Excellency Stephen Kapimpina KATENTA-APULI; Mrs. Alice Katenta
Ambassador E. and P.
5009 Loughboro Rd. NW. 20016 Tel. 364-0241

Mrs. Nimisha J. MADHVANI-CHANDRADIA; Mr. Kapoor Chanderia
First Secretary (Public Relations and Commercial)

Juilius MAGEMBE; Mrs. Florence Magembe
First Secretary

Mr. Richard Tumusiime KABONERO; Mrs. Grace Tumusiime Kabonero
Second Secretary (Financial and Administrative)