Sudan Embassy in the U.S.

SUDAN—Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan
Chancery: 2210 Massachusetts Ave. NW. 20008
(338-8565 to 8570) (FAX 667-2406)

National Holiday Independence Day, January 1.

His Excellent Mahdi Ibrahim MOHAMED
Ambassador E. and P.

Mr. Mirghani Mohamed SALIH; Mrs. Nadia Awad Ahmed Salih
Minister, Charge d' Affaires ad interim (August 1, 1995)

Mr. Eltayeb Ali AHMED; Mrs. Buthayna Ahmed

Mr. MAHMOUD Y. AHMED; Mrs. Rahamt Ella
First Secretary

Mr. Elsadig Bakheit Elfaki ABDALLA; Mrs. Amira Elfadil

Attache (Information)

Mr. Azhari ELAMIN

Attache (Administrative)

Mr. Mustafa E OSMAN; Mrs. Hala Mahgoub
Attache (Financial)

Office of the Cultural Counselor
2210 Massachusetts Ave. NW. 20008 Tel. 338-8565

Office of the Information Attache
2210 Massachusetts Ave. NW. 20008 Tel. 797-8863, 466-6281
(FAX 745-2615)