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  • Somalia
      The index has been created by The Norwegian Council for Africa, as part of its comprehensive effort to strengthen the knowledge of Africa and African affairs. The projects has been developed in cooperation with the information company Gazette, and wit h financial support from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Somalia (Karen Fung)
      Resources represents part of Karen Fung's "Africa South of the Sahara Electronic Guide". It covers: news, history, geography, etc..
  • Somalia @ Wikipedia
      Comprehensive resources on Somalia provided by Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia.
  • UN Somalia
      This website provides news about latest developments on Somalia and the wider Horn of Africa region, UN comment, detailed geographical and population maps, online information databases - including the Somalia Telephone directory, and links to other Somalia resources.
  • Languages of Somalia
      The Ethnologue is a catalog of the world's languages including information on alternate names, number of speakers, location, dialects, linguistic affiliation, and other sociolinguistic and demographic information. This database represents the 12th edition of the Ethnologue, published in 1992.
  • Greater Horn of Africa Initiative
      This website details USAID's efforts in the African Horn.
  • Somalia - A Country Study
      Country study done by the Library of Congress, covers history, geography, politics, culture, etc.
  • SomaliNet
      Extensive resources on different aspect of Somali life at home and the diaspora.
  • ReliefWeb: Somalia
      News on war and peace from various news agencies.
  • HRW: Somalia
      Human rights situation in Somalia, documented by Human Rights Watch.
  • Somalia Watch
      Currents news about Somalia, and links to different resources related to Somalia.
  • Removing Barricades in Somalia - Options for Peace and Rehabilitation
      A publication conducted by the United States Instiute of Peace by Hussein Adam, Richard Ford, Ali Jimale Ahmed, Abdinasir Osman Isse, Nur Weheliye, and David Smock (1997)
  • Banadir.Com
      News and web links to information about Somalia, in Somali and English
  • Black Hawk Down
      In May 1997, Mark Bowden and Peter Tobia journeyed to Mogadishu to chronicle what had become of the city since the American troop pullout in 1993.
  • Banknotes of Somalia
      Photographs of Somali banknotes, 1962-1991
  • Bird Stamps of Somalia
      Photographs of bird stamps of Somalia, 1950-2001
  • USAID: Somalia
      USAID Somalia strives to improve local governance and conflict mitigation and to increase opportunities for more productive livelihoods.
  • ABYZ News Links: Somalia
      News about Somalia, from various news agencies, worldwide.
  • Somalia: Images of Dry Tropical Habitat
      Most of these images were taken by plant collector Frank Horwood, who visited Somalia several times.
  • The music of Somalia
      This website provides information about popular Somali music.
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