Mauritius Embassy in the U.S.

MAURlTlUS- Embassy of Mauritius

Chancery: Suite 441, 4301 Connecticut Ave. NW. 20008.
(244-1491 and 1492) (FAX 966-0983)

National Holiday: March 12.

His Excellency Anund Priyay NEEWOOR; Mrs. Chandranee NEEWOOR
Ambassador E. and P.
9 Stapleford Hall Court, Potomac, MD 20854 Tel. 301-299-0110

Mr. Israhyananda DHALLADOO; Mrs. Ameeta Dhalladoo
First Secretary (Deputy Chief of Mission)

Mr. Mahammed Naguib SOOMAUROO; Mrs. Firdosse Soomauroo
First Secretary

Mr. Peter CRAIG; Mrs. Amrita Craig
First Secretary (Commercial)

Mr. Rajendrukumar KEJIOU
Attache (Administrative)