Gabon Embassy in the U.S.

GABON—Embassy of the Gabonese Republic
Chancery: 2034 - 20th Street, NW. 20009, Suite 200
(797-1000) (FAX 332-0668)

National Holiday: August 17.

His Excellency Paul BOUNDOUKOU-LATHA
Ambassador E. and P.

Mr. Fidele Moussavou NGUEMBI; Mrs. Marie L. Dilindi

Mr. Pascal YOUBI-LAGHA; Mrs. Pauline Olivia Youbi-Lagha
Counselor (Economic)

Mrs. Alba BIFFOT; Mr. Tomas Sales
Counselor (Econornic)

Mr. Charles ESSONGHE; Mrs. Yolande Essonghe
Counselor (Financial)

Mr. Georges TIGALEKOU; Mrs. Clofilde Tigalekou (see First Secretary)

Mrs. Aline OBAME; Mr. J. Christian Obame

Ms. Marie-Clementine MOUNGALA

Mrs. Yolande ESSONGHE; Mr. Charles Essonghe

Mrs. Clotilde TIGALEKOU; Mr. Georges Tigalekou (see Counselor)
First Secretary

Lieutenant Colonel Anatole AUGOULA

Defense, Military, Navy, and Air Attache