Video Collections

Video Collections

Not all videos listed below are listed in either the Tripod or Franklin on-line systems. Please call individual libraries to inquire about specific video locations. To access videos at the University of Pennsylvania through Franklin, type co=music video recordings. This will call up all videos available at the Ormandy Listening Center on the 4th floor of Van Pelt Library. Other videos are housed in other libraries and in various department offices, including those listed in this section.

Bryn Mawr:
Canaday Library

(Basil Davidson)
The Africans

Afrique, je te plumerai

AIDS in Africa

Asante Market Women

Baabu Banza

Becoming a Woman in Okrika

Black Athena


The Lost City of Zimbabwe

Lumumba, la mort du prophete

Maids and Madams


La vie est belle

Warrior Marks


Zan Boko


Haverford College Libraries:
Magill Library

The Africans

Algeria 1954

The Battle of Algiers

Black and White in Color

Glimpses of West Africa


Imbalu: Ritual of Manhood of the Bagisu of Uganda

In a Time of Violence


Kumekucha (From Sunup): Women of Tanzania

Mammy Water: In Search of the Water Spirits in Nigeria


Monday's Girls

The Priest and the Nganga: The Traditional Medicine of Douala

Prophet Healers of Northern Malawi

Quartier Mozart

Spirits of Defiance

Sur les Traces du Renard Pale

Three Tales from Senegal

To Be a Woman in Burkina Faso

Tunisia and Morocco

Weapons for the Ancestors

Yaaba Soore: The Path of the Ancestors

Yoruba Ritual

African Drumming

Atumpan, the Talking Drums of Ghana

McCabe Library

The Africans: A Triple Heritage

Afrique, je te plumerai

Ancient Lives

Bahia: Africa in the Americas

Banquza Timbila

Battle of Algiers

Dagbamba Praise Name Dances: Stories and Drummed Language

Dance Like a River

Egypt, Quest for Eternity

The Falashas

Family Across the Sea


Herdsmen of the Sun

In Darkest Hollywood: Cinema and Apartheid

JVC Video Anthology of World Music and Dance, vols. 17, 18, 19

Kemoko Sano Teaches African Dance: From the Republic of Guinea

The Long Search, vol. 10: African Religions

Lumumba, le mort du prophete


Out of Africa

Sango Malo



Underill Library

Chuck Davis: Dancing Through West Africa

JVC Video Anthology of World Music and Dance, vols. 17, 18, 19

University of Pennsylvania:
Ormandy Listening Center, Van Pelt

The 1973 Mgodo wa Mbanguzi

Allah tantou

Bahia, Africa in the Americas

The Black Music of Brazil

Curing Ceremony

Dagbamba Praise Name Dances


Jali Nyama Suso: Kora Player of the Gambia

The JVC Video Anthology of World Music and Dance, vols. 17, 18, 19

Konkombe: Nigerian Music

Legacy of the Spirits

Lumumba, la mort du prophete

Mbira Music: the Spirit of the People

Music of the Mande

Quartier Mozart

Repercussions: A Celebration of African-American Music

Rhythm of Resistance: the Black Music of South Africa

Rhythms of the World

Songs of the Adventurers

La vie est belle

Yoruba Ritual

Department of Folklore
(Contact Persons: Stephanie Wardwell and Lars Jenner)
The Folklore Department has two audio-visual cassettes of African events held at Penn: Xhosa oral poetry and Alhaji Ba Kente's Kora playing, as well as a thirty minute tape of a Senegalese griot and an Ethiopian story-teller put out by the National Federation of Community Broadcasters in Washington, D.C.

Department of History
(Contact Person: Lee Cassanelli)
Afrique, je te plumerai

Allah tantou

The Ashanti Kingdom

Battle of Algiers

Black Sugar


Zan Boko

Middle East Center

(Contact Person: Mary Martin)

Al Aragouze


Between Two Worlds

Cairo: The City Victorious

Dreams of Hind and Camelia

Egyptian Peaks

Egyptian Village: Guezeret Eldahab

Hyenas Under the Sun

Letter from Morocco

Merchant of Art


Routes of Exile: A Moroccan Jewish Odyssey

Qahir al-Zalam

Quranic School in a Changing World

Studying Literacy in Morocco

Ways of Faith

Folk Music of Libya

Price of Change

Saints and Spirits

Veiled Revolution

School of Arts and Sciences Audiovisual and Media Center
(Contact Person: Luke Sullivan)
The SAS audiovisual center has audiovisual tapes of all performances taking place on the Penn campus. It also has Swahili and Amharic language tapes and Kenyan news programming.
Ancient African Music

Benin Kingship

Coup de Torcheron

University Museum
Film Archives

(Contact Persons: Charles or Jean Kline)
The film archives contain negatives and films. The negatives are catalogued by number which can be obtained by consulting the catalogue in the main archives. The catalogue is organized by nation-state with subheadings indicating the material and function of the objects depicted. The Kintner Film Collection contains fifty-seven reels of 16mm film depicting "natural" scenes and artisanal activities. Each film is approximately ten minutes in duration. The films are in color but without sound. There are three reels on Zanzibar (1952), seven reels on East African game parks and the Maasai (1952), eight reels on Niger (1967), three reels on Chad (1967) and thirty-six reels on Ethiopia (1969). There are an additional sixteen movies which the Museum owns and the Basil Davidson BBC series. These films date from 1916 to 1970. The films are catalogued and accessible to researchers.

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