Newspapers and Periodicals Currently Received

Newspapers and Periodicals Currently Received

Listed here are newspapers and periodicals currently received by one or more of the Consortium libraries.
The location of each title is designated by the following letters: B (Bryn Mawr), H (Haverford), P (University of Pennsylvania), and S (Swarthmore). Some Caribbean and Black studies titles have also been included. For a list of African American journal and newspaper titles, please search under s=Afro- Americans--periodicals in any of the on-line catalogues.

AED: Africa Economic Digest H (1989-1993)
ALA Bulletin: A Publication of the African Literature Association
S (1991-date)
Africa Contemporary Record
H (1968-date), P (1985-date), S (1968-date)
Africa Economic Digest
H (1990-date)
ASA News: A Quarterly Newsletter for African Studies Association Members
H (current issues only),
(latest 2 years only) , S (latest 1 year only)
Africa: Journal of the International African Institute
B (1951-date), H (1951-date), P (1928-date),
Africa Confidential
[biweekly] H (1989-date), P (1965-66, 1969, 1985-88, 1990-date), S (1994-date)
Africa Contemporary Record
P (1968-69, 1980-82, 1988-date), S (1968-date)
Africa Development
H (1992-date)
Africa News
[weekly] H (1990-1993)
Africa Recovery
B (1991-date), P (latest 2 years), S (1994-date)
Africa Report: America's Leading Magazine on Africa
[bimonthly] B (1956-1967, 1988-date),
(1960-date), P (1956-date), S (1960-date)
Africa Research Bulletin. Economic Series
[monthly] H (1986-date), P (1989-1992)
Africa Research Bulletin. Economic, Financial and Technical Series
P (1992-date)
Africa Research Bulletin. Political Series
H (1986-1991)
Africa Research Bulletin. Political, Social and Cultural Series
[monthly] H (1992-date), P (1992-date)
Africa Today
B (1962-1965, 1971-date), H (1954-date), P (1955-date), S (1954-date)
African Affairs: The Journal of the Royal African Society
H (1951-1977, 1983-date), P (1901-date),
African Arts
H (1967-date), P (1967-date), S (1967-date)
African Concord
[weekly]B (1989-date)
African Development Review/Revue Africaine de Developpement
S (1994-date)
African Economic History
P (1976-date), S (1976-date)
African Environment
P (on order)
African Farmer: The Key to Africa's Future
S (1989-date)
African Review: A Journal of African Politics, Development and International Affairs
H (1971-date),
African Rural and Urban Studies
H (on order)
African Studies
H (1952-date), P (1942-date)
African Studies Review: The Journal of the African Studies Association
H (1970-date), P (1970-date),
African Technology Forum
S (1993-date)
Africana Marburgensia
P (1968-date)
Afrika Zamani
P (on order)
Afrique Magazine
P (1990-date)
Antiquités africaines
B (1967-date)
Asian and African Studies
H (1965-1970), B (19665-1967, 1982, 1984-1988) P (1965-date)
Aziia I Afrika Segodnia
P (1961-present)
Beyond Relief
P (current issues only)
Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
S (1939-62, 1969-date)
CSIS Africa Notes
[monthly] H (1984-date)
Cahiers d'Etudes Africaines
H (1960-date), P (1960-date), S (1960-date)
Canadian Journal of African Studies
B (1971-date), P (1967-date), S (1985-date)
Caribbean Quarterly
H (1980-date), P (1972-date), S (1961-date)
Caribbean Studies
H (1971-date), P (1961-date), S (1961-date)
P (1990-date), S (1985-date)
Estudios de Asia y Africa
P (1975-date)
Facts and Reports: International Press Cuttings on Southern Africa
H (1991-date)
P (1960-1969, 1971-date)
History in Africa: A Journal of Method
H (1974-date), P (1974-date)
International Journal of African Historical Studies
H (1968-date), P (1972-date), S (1972-date)
Internationales Afrikaforum
P (1965-date)
Issue: A Journal of Opinion
H (1971-date), P (1973-date), S (1971-date)
Jeune Afrique
[weekly] H (1992-date), P (1987-date)
Journal des Africanistes
P (1976-date)
Journal of African Economies
S (1992-date)
Journal of African History
B (1960-date), H (1960-date), P (1960-date), S (1960-date)
Journal of Asian and African Affairs
P (1989-date), S (1966-date)
Journal of Caribbean Studies
P (1980-date)
Journal of East African Research and Development
B (1989-date)
Journal of Ethiopian Studies
P (1963-date)
Journal of Modern African Studie
s: A Quarterly Survey of Politics, Economics, and Related Topics in
Contemporary Africa
B (1963-date), H (1963-1976), P (1961-date), S (1963-date)
Journal of Southern African Studies
S (1974-date)
Kenya Past and Present
P (1988-date)
Liberian Studies Journal
P (1968/69-date)
P (1990-date)
Middle Eastern Lectures
P (1995, no. 1)
Namibia Yearbook
P (on order)
New African
S (1978-date)
Notre Librarie
H (on order)
Okike: An African Journal of New Writing
H (on order), P (1971-1982), S (1971-78)
B (1969-date), P (1940-date), S (1960-date)
Quest: An International African Journal of Philosophy/Un Journal International Philosophique Africain

Race Relations News: Newsletter of the South African Institute of Race Relations
H (1952-1984, 1990-
Research in African Literatures
B (1988-date), H (1970-date), P (1070-date), S (1970-date)
Review of African Political Economy
H (1974-date), P (1974-date), S (1974-date)
Revista Internacional de Estudios Africanos
P (1988-date)
South Africa International
H (1970-1993)
South Africa Review Service
P (latest 2 years only)
Southscan: A Bulletin of Southern African Affairs
H (1992-date)
Taamuli: A Political Science Forum
H (1971-date)
Transafrican Journal of History
H (1971-date), P (1976-date)
H (1961-1976, 1994 to date on order), P (1991-date), S (1961-76, 1991-date)
Translations on Sub-Saharan Africa (FBIS)
S (1975-date)
P (1976-date), S (1970-date)
U.S. Imprints on Sub-Saharan Africa
H (1985-date), P (1985-date), S (1992-date)
[Narody Azii I Afriki] P (1991-date)
Weekly Mail and Guardian
(Johannesburg) H (latest year only), P (current 3 months only)
West Africa
[weekly] B (1964-date), H (1951-1971, 1974-1977), P (1957-date), S (latest three years only)
Western Journal of Black Studies
P (1989-date)

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