AFST187 - The Making of Modern South Africa: Becoming the Rainbow Nation

In its current post-colonial, post-apartheid incarnation, South Africa has become known as the Rainbow Nation: a place that encompasses all manner of diversity, situated at the meeting point of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. The site from which mankind first arose, South Africa has a long and varied history. This introductory course will trace this history in broad strokes, from pre-colonial times to the near present, focusing most attention on the period from the mineral discoveries of the late 19th century until now. Main themes will include colonial conquest and indigenous resistance, the creation of new racial and national identities, and the rise, life and demise of the aparthied state. Examining large historical processes, (often through the lens of individual lives) by way of novels, films and scholarly readings will enable a broader engagement with issues of race and racism as well as gender and generational conflicts. Course requirements will include exams and a short writing assignment.
Section 401 - LEC

TR 0300PM-0430PM