Penn Faculty with Research on Health in Africa

    Penn School of Arts and Sciences

  • Sandra T. Barnes, Anthropology
    Professor of Anthropology, Dr. Sandra T. Barnes is co-founder and co-director of the Africa Health Group. The African Health Group forges interdisciplinary links for students and faculty of the Penn School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Medicine who share interests related to health in Africa. Speaking of this group's important interdisciplinary approach, Sandra Barnes said, "If you're not taking account of the social context in which medical problems are being dealt with, your solutions aren't going to work."
  • Steven Feierman, History and Sociology of Science/ History
    Dr. Steven Feierman has a joint appointment in the Departments of History and History and Sociology of Science. He has also studied with, and been apprenticed to, "traditional" healers in eastern Africa. His special areas of research include the history of health and healing in Africa, the content and uses of orally transmitted knowledge, and the place of knowledge about Africa in the social sciences.
  • Ellen Foley, History and Sociology of Science
    Dr. Ellen Foley has been engaged in research over the past ten years on community organization and public health in Africa. She currently teaches the courses: "Health and Diseases in the Developing World" and "Women and Health" as part of the Health and Societies program of the School of Arts and Sciences
  • Rebecca Huss-Ashmore, Anthropology
    Dr. Huss-Ashmore is a Medical Anthropologist. She has research experience in Lesotho, Kenya and Swaziland. In all of these projects, her aim has been to assess the ways in which access to resources influences health and biological well-being.
  • Susan Watkins, Sociology
    Susan Watkins, Professor of Sociology, leads the Malawi Diffusion and Ideational Change Project of the Population Studies Center. For this project, she has traveled to rural areas in Kenya and Malawi to research the effects of gossip on the dissemination of information about AIDS. Read more about this research project in the following article To read an article published related to her longitudinial studies of AIDS in Malawi and Kenya search for her name in the Online journal: Demographic Research .

    Penn School of Nursing
  • Susan Gennaro, Penn School of Nursing
    Dr. Gennaro received her Doctor of Nursing Science degree from the University of Alabama. Dr. Gennaro's research has focused on physiologic and psychologic antecedents and consequences of preterm birth. She is also involved internationally in improving maternal and infant health outcomes and has conducted research to promote Safe Motherhood both in Malawi and Uganda.
  • Loretta Sweet Jemmott, Penn School of Nursing
    Dr. Jemmott is one of the nation's foremost researchers in the field of HIV/AIDS prevention among African American adolescents, having been involved with $74 million in federal funding devoted to this issue during the course of her career. She is also a Co-Investigator on seven other randomized controlled trials, including a NIMH funded HIV risk reduction study for South African youth.
  • Linda Aiken, Penn School of Nursing
    Dr. Aiken is directing a project on international nurse migration through AcademyHealth and the organization recently received a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation to hold a conference in Bellagio, Italy in July 2005 focusing on 3 receiving countries (US, Canada, UK) and 6 sending countries/regions (Caribbean, Africa, Eastern Europe, Philippines, India, China).

Penn School of Medicine

  • Donald Silberberg, Penn School of Medicine
    Dr. Donald Silberberg of the Mahoney Institute of Neurological Sciences, is actively involved in establishing student exchanges in the developing world. He is also an active member of the Africa Health Group. Dr. Silberberg's research and clinical activities have focused on multiple sclerosis and related disorders, and on metabolic causes of neonatal injury. A parallel, and increasing focus has been on behalf of clinical neurosciences in the developing world.
  • Harvey M. Friedman, Penn School of Medicine
    Dr. Harvey M. Friedman, of the Infectious Diseases Program, is particularly interested in HIV/AIDS in Botswana, and is affiliated with Penn Med's Global Health Program in Botswana . He is working on research projects related to antiretroviral therapy- effectiveness, and predictors of failure and success.
  • Stephen Gluckman, Penn School of Medicine
    Dr. Stephen Gluckman, of the Infectious Diseases Program at Penn Med is interested in travel/tropical medicine; HIV; parasitic diseases, and general medicine issues in resource-poor parts of the world. He has worked and taught in Liberia, Afghanistan, Haiti, China, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, and India. Currently he is working with the Penn Medicine Program in Botswana .
  • Rob Roy MacGregor, Penn School of Medicine
    Dr Rob Roy MacGregor of the Infectious Diseases Program at Penn Med is interested in the control of the HIV epidemic, and the interaction of HIV with TB. He has recently worked in Gabarone, Botswana teaching and caring for HIV infected patients. While in Botswana, he began a project examining immunologic effects of active TB on course of HIV infection.
  • Timothy Rebbeck, Penn School of Medicine
    Dr. Timothy Rebbeck of the Abramson Cancer Center has research interests related to prostate cancer in West Africa. He has worked with urology and oncology collaborators in Dakar, Senegal, and Accra, Ghana, and is currently working on a research project on the genetics of prostate cancer in Dakar, Senegal.
  • Kwaku Ohene-Frempong, Penn School of Medicine
    Dr. Ohene-Frempong of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia specializes in pediatrics and hematology. He has founded the Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center at CHOP as well as a sickle cell clinic in Ghana.
  • Robert Gross, Penn School of Medicine
    Dr. Gross's research is focused on addressing the problem of adherence to therapy in HIV. He has experience at the University of Witswatersrand, Johannesburg and the Chris Hani Baragwaneth Hospital in Soweto. He is actively involved in a South Africa HIV research group and a clinical trial of community use of antiretroviral therapy.
  • Jeffrey Weiser, Penn School of Medicine
    Dr. Jeffrey Weiser of the Cell and Molecular Biology Graduate Group is interested in vaccine development and infectious disease. He collaborates with the PATH program in Malawi and with the Gates Foundation.
  • Nicolas Stettler, Penn School of Medicine
    Dr. Stettler of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia has research interests in the area of child nutrition, obesity, and epidemiological transition. He has research experience in the Gambia, Seychelles, Congo and Senegal and is currently involved in research into the prevalence and risk factors for obesity and hypertension in children from Seychelles.
  • Daniel A. Albert, Penn School of Medicine
    Dr. Albert of the Rheumatology Division of the Department of Medicine is interested in direct patient care and education. He has worked with Care, Americares, Health Volunteers Overseas, Global Volunteers, and Helping Hands in Nepal, Afghanistan, Armenia, Uganda, Rwanda, and Ecuador.
  • Barbara J. Turner, Penn School of Medicine
    Barbara J. Turner has particular interests in HIV, women's health, prenatal care, adherence to treatment, and traditional vs. western medicine. She has global Health experience and contacts in Kenya based in a program run by Indiana University. Though she is currently based only in the United States she is now trying to put together a Center for International Research on Women's Health in Africa with Susan Gennaro.
  • Maureen Maguire, Penn School of Medicine
    Dr. Maureen Maguire of the Penn Eye Care Center is currently engaged in reserach at the Center for Preventive Opthamology and Biostatistics. She is interested in eye disease throughout the world and maintains contact with the Dana Center for International Epidemiology and Preventative Ophthalmology. Though not currently engaged in this area, in the past she has served as chair of a data and safety monitoring committee of a clinical trial on surgery for trachoma in Ethiopia.