Malaria in Africa

  • AMREF- Malaria Intervention
    This site describes the Africa Medical and Research Foundation's (AMREF) strategies for reducing malaria.
  • MARA/ARMA - Mapping Malaria Risk in Africa
    The MARA/ARMA collaboration was initiated to provide an atlas of malaria for Africa, through the use of a Geographic Information System (GIS), by integrating spatial malaria and environmental datasets, and producing maps of the type and severity of malaria transmission. This website allows views to explore the MARA/ARMA maps and see other applications of a Geographic Information System in the medicine.
  • Malaria: The UNICEF-UNDP-World Bank-WHO Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases
    The Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR) is an independent global programme of scientific collaboration and has an informational website on malaria, its life cycle, reserach and treatment.
  • WHO: Malaria
    The World Health Organization's fact sheet on malaria is a collection of links with information on treatment and prevention and also the WHO's Roll Back Malaria program, which aims to reduce the malaria burden in complex emergency situations, especially when malaria is one of the main public health concerns.
  • IFRC: Malaria in Africa
    The International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies website on malaria in Africa provides some limited background on the disease and also information about its spread. The website also provides some examples of community based malaria control and also information on the IFRC's role in fighting malaria.
  • Health Communication Partnership- Malaria information
    Site provides information on prevention, research, treatment, conferences and other useful links related to tuberculosis. The Health Communication Partnership (HCP) links John Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, Save the Children and other organizations together to accomplish its goal of strengthening public health in the developing world through strategic communication programs.
  • SA HealthInfo- Malaria
    Information page on malaria, with current news and events related specifically to southern Africa. SA HealthInfo is a research knowledge translation tool and service to support innovation and improved decision-making in southern African health sectors. It is hosted by the South African Medical Research Council (MRC).
  • Tesito
    Tesito is a grass-roots organization founded in the Gambia in 2001 to fight malaria. One major project of the organization involes public health education and distrobution of mosquito nets.
  • Multilateral Initiative on Malaria (MIM)
    MIM is an alliance of organizations and individuals concerned with malaria. It aims to maximize the impact of scientific research against malaria in Africa, through promoting capacity building and facilitating global collaboration and coordination.
  • Malaria Foundation International
    The Malaria Foundation International web site was established in 1995 to provide an interactive, central location to access information about malaria. This information is updated continually and ranges from General to Scientific Newsworthy. This site brings together a wide variety of resources and is also the home base for information and electronic activities associated with the MFI's other projects.
  • KIT- Malaria Information and Links
    The Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) of the Netherlands is an independent center of knowledge and expertise in the areas of international and intercultural cooperation. This site provides access to both general and specialized information about malaria. Links to information on ongoing research projects in Kenya and the Sudan.
  • African Malaria Network Trust
    A non-profit network established in 1995 in Arusha, Tanzania. Its overall objective is to provide a forum for scientists and policy makers involved in the planning, coordination, and execution of malaria vaccination trials in Africa." The full text of their newsletter is online. The site posts workshop reports and a directory of potential institutions for the testing of malaria vaccines in Africa.
  • Africa Fighting Malaria
    Africa Fighting Malaria is a not-for-profit health advocacy group based in South Africa and in the United States and founded in 2000. AFM conducts research and writes commentary on the political economy of diseases and disease control in developing countries.
  • CDC-Malaria
    The CDC's malaria website has links to detailed background information on malaria, its impact, prevention, biology and also CDC activities and efforts to fight malaria.
  • Malaria-An Online Resource
    This website, which can be viewed in English, French or Spanish, is presented by the Division of Laboratory Medicine at Royal Perth Hospital. It is provided for Medical Practitioners and Laboratory Scientists. It is regularly updated and provides the generally accepted best current practice. There are also some extremely helpful links including a teach and test link that has some photomicrographs of thick and thin blood films to help brush up malaria identification skills.
  • Malaria Homepage
    Malaria is a French/English bilingual publication completely focused on malaria. The primary objective of this publication is to give African malariologists the opportunity to know each other, exchange views, find out who is doing what and to envisage the possibilities for south-south collaboration in research. The most recent issue and links to back issues and past conferences are available.
  • Malaria
    Information and links about Malaria for physicians and travelers. Content updated regularly.
  • Infections Associated with HIV
    This website from the HIV Insite The Center for HIV Information from the University of California San Fransisco provides links to numerous secondary bacterial, fungal, viral and parasitic infections often associated with HIV/AIDS, including malaria.
  • Malaria
    The Directors of Health Promotion and Education aim to strengthen, promote, and enhance the professional practice of health promotion and public health education within the United States. It offers some basic background information on malaria, its effects, prevention, transmission and symptoms of the disease. All information is in Q & A format.